Flatland (Flatware/KHE/S&M)

Odyssey Flatware Chase Gouin V2 Bar @ $125
Redesigned using slightly thicker tubing and a larger bending radius to greatly improve durability without affecting the bar’s proven shape and geometry. This bar made from 41-thermal tubing featuring an ultra low cross bar with a downward curve for more clearance. This bar comes in two versions. The backsweep version gives you a true frontwards and backwards, which adds to the essence of bar flipped tricks. Zero Backsweep has 3 degrees upsweep, 7 5/8 inch rise and 25 inch width. The backsweep version has 6 degrees backsweep and 6 degrees upsweep and this creates an 8 inch rise, and 26 inch width.

Odyssey Flatware Hobby Bar @ $100
The Flatware hobby bar is Terry Adam’s signature flatland bar made to have the look of a traditional 2-pc street bar, but with flatland inspired geometry. They are constructed from 41-thermal heat-treated chromoly for maximum strength to best accommodate your riding style.


Odyssey Frequency G Tyre @ $38
The frequency G is based of some of the most tried and true tires from years past, and bringing them to the modern age. With this tyre still being too new school for Chase, he demanded a 1.75 version and the high speeds and tight turns possible on such a skinny tire have been proven to the new school riders. Chase has successfully brought the 1.75 back. Designed by Chase, inspired by the original acs RL edge tyre, hard and durable rubber compound for fast spinning and long life, 1.75″ and 120 psi. Grippy tyre with cross logos.

frequency G tire

Odyssey Flatware Sprocket @ $60
Odyssey’s latest sprocket from their new flatware line. CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum featuring intricate machine work for a unique look with minimal weight. The sprocket uses a 9-sided drive interface that eliminates the need for a sprocket bolt. This innovative systems saves weight and allows for ultra-small sprocket sizes.


  1. Quamen G4 said

    Hi do you have any flatland Fork ??

    • jialong84 said

      I’m sorry but we have run out of stock for Flatland fork now.

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