Cult Hawk V2 Bar @ $95
The Cult hawk v2 bar is Chase Hawk’s signature handlebar made from 100% heat treated butted 4130 chromoly tubing that’s heat-treated and features a wide center box section to increases overall strength and durability. The version 2 hawk bar now measures up at 8.5″ tall and 29″ wide with a wrist friendly 4 degrees of upsweep as per Chase’s requests.

cult hawk bar blac'k
cult hawk bar chrome

Cult Stone Cold Bar @ $95
The Cult stone cold bar is Trey Jones’s signature handlebar made from 100% heat treated butted 4130 chromoly tubing that’s heat-treated and features a wide center box section to increases overall strength and durability.

cult stone cold bar black

Cult Death Row V2 Bar @ $105 (Made in USA)
The Cult death row v2 bars are made in the USA by Solid bikes, and is constructed from multi-butted heat-treated chromoly tubing with a 3/4″ crossbar for the perfect mix of strength and lightweight.

cult death row bar chrome

Cult Butter Bar @ $95
The Cult butter bars are Chase Dehart’s signature handlebar constructed from butted 4130 chromoly tubing with a 19mm crossbar, and fully heat-treated for maximum strength.

cult butter bar black
cult butter bar chrome

Cult Leader V2 Bar @ $95
The Cult leader v2 bars are made from revised Cult classic chromoly tubing that is heat-treated for increased strength and multi-butted to help save weight. The Cult leader bar is probably the last bar you ever buy. The 2 degree upsweep makes it feel super cush.

Fiend Team Bar @ $100
The Fiend team bar is Garrett Reynolds’s signature bar made from 4130 heat-treated chromoly with a 20mm crossbar and 13-butted to help keep weight down.


Odyssey Sand Bar @ $100
The Odyssey sand bar is Eric Lichtenberger’s signature handlebar constructed from multi-butted, and 41-thermal heat-treated chromoly tubing with a 22mm crossbar for maximum strength, and durability.


Odyssey Lumberjack XL Bar @ $100
The Odyssey lumberjack xl bar is made from multi-butted 41 thermal chromoly tubing for maximum strength, featuring a large 22mm crossbar, rust-proof coating, and larger geometry to accommodate taller riders.

odyssey lumberjack bar

Wethepeople Mad Max Bar @ $95
Max Gaertig’s first signature product, this 8.7″ rise bar is made from new magma heat-treatment process for incredible strength. Multi-butted, for weight reduction, these mad max bars are created for riders who really like it big!

Eclat Ashley Charles Bar @ $95
The Ashley Charles signature handlebar from Eclat is made out of fully liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo. This bar comes with black under powdercoating and no-rust pimer, and Ashley has been barspinning since the age of 12, what more do we need to say?

Fit Inman OT Bar @ $95 (Made in USA)
Justin Inman’s signature bars from Fit have just had a revamp. Made in USA from 4130 chromoly for increased strength, this bar is now taller at 8.5″ high and 29″ wide, and features a large box as well as the same sweep as the previous versions with 11 back and 1.5 up.

Fit Clubman Bar @ $95 (Made in USA)
The Fit clubman bar is Tom Dugan’s signature handlebar made in the USA from 0.65″ straight gauge chromoly tubing that’s 4Q baked heat-treated and features dual radius bends and a 3/4″ crossbar for added strength and stiffness.

Subrosa Villicus Bar @ $95
The Subrosa villicus bar is Hoang Tran’s signature handlebar that features Subrosa’s deathproof heat-treatment for maximum strength, and are made from 13-butted chromoly to help shed weight.

Banned Colt 45 Bar @ $100
The Banned colt 45 bar is Colt Fake’s signature handlebar made from 13-butted heat-treated chromoly with a 22mm crossbar and large center box section making them strong enough to handle some serious abuse from the Banned crew.

Shadow Vultus Bar @ $100
Made with 13 butted heat-treated 4130 chromoly tubing to keep the bars strong yet light weight. These vultus bars feature a new tear drop shaped cross bar for original look, and making it highy resistable to denting and bending.

Fly Montana V2 Bar @ $95
The Fly montana bars are huge! Measuring up at an enormous 8.75″ tall and 29″ wide, these bars are designed for giants, or just those who like a larger bar than everyone else. These bars are new from Fly and are Stefan’s signature bars. They come with an 8.75″ Rise.

Fly Lago V2 Bar @ $95
The Fly lago bars are new from Fly and are Kevin Kalkoff’s signature bars. These bars are made from heat-treated multi-butted chromoly with a high set cross bar and a knurled clamp area. These aren’t even the tallest bars Fly make.

Fly Tierra V2 Bar @ $95
These tierra bars are designed by Kevin Porter and feature a strong multiple butted 4130 cromoly construction for less weight without loss of strength. They are heat treated multi-butted for maximum strength, and come with a comfortable 8.25” rise and are 28” width, perfect!

Odyssey G3 Gary Young Bar @ $95
After trying out some big bars for a bit, Gary Young was psyched on how they felt and decided it was time to update his signature bars. The GY3 now features a 8.58″ rise, 12 degrees of backsweep, 4 degrees of upsweep and measures in at 28″ wide. Gary’s new bars feature a 2-pc design made from 41-thermal chromoly with a deeply knurled clamp section, and a 22mm crossbar.

Odyssey Lumberjack Bar @ $90
Big bars are back in and these lumberjack are just that. They feature the classic large bar geometry, and are made from butted 4130 cro-mo tubing which is 41 thermal heat-treated for maximum strength. Being big bars, the Odyssey lumberjack bars are Odyssey’s answer to the slam bar.

Odyssey Aaron Ross Space Bar @ $80
If anyone has seen an Aaron Ross video, you have undoubtedly seen his bike go flying. This kind of abuse is hell on handlebars, which Aaron used to bend often. Since using his own spacebar, he has stopped bending bars. He wanted a tall bar with narrow box. Aaron’s bars feel like that popular 8 inch bars, and if you use brakes and want big bars, you need the spacebar.

Spacebar in Black Color

Wethepeople OD Bar @ $90
The Wethepeople OD bar is Mike Brennan’s signature bar measuring in at 8.5″ tall and 28.5″ width. This bar is on the larger size, but has a slightly smaller box section so you can cut them down quite a bit if you want to run them like Mike!

Wethepeople Helium Bar @ $80
The helium bar feels very comfortable when it comes to get controll about balancing tricks like “manuals” or “hangfives”. The combination between width and backsweep is very usefull for this kind of tricks. These bars feature new magma heat-treatment on full Japanese 4130 crmo, and are multiple butted with a 1.6mm bend thickness.

Wethepeople C-Murder Bar @ $80
Chester Blacksmith decided to keep it a little lower but with some changes in the shape. The c-murder bars are made out of the finest 4130 cromo steel and are also magma heat-treated for extra strength and to minimize the risk of bending. These bars also go with 7/8“ multiple butted tubes to keep the weight as low as possible but with the same strength.

Fit Skyhigh Bar @ $75
The Fit skyhigh bars are a larger version of the Fit highs bars. So you still get the heat-treated, 13-butted cro-mo tubing with a life time warranty but now you get 8.25” of bars to grab onto. These bars are very similar to the S&M grand slam bar but with a narrower crossbar, resulting in less weight.


Subrosa Pandora Bar @ $75
Ryan Sher’s signature bars, good for trails, street or park. These bars are made from sanko 4130 crmo, and are 100% heat-treated for maximum strength making them both strong and light. They have machined ridges at the bar ends to aid cutting.

Subrosa Pandora/Villicus Bar @ $75
Ryan Sher’s signature bars, good for trails, street or park. These bars are made from sanko 4130 crmo, and are 100% heat-treated for maximum strength making them both strong and light. They have machined ridges at the bar ends to aid cutting.

Sunday Victory Bar @ $90
The victory bars are designed to be in the middle ground between the ultra high bars and the lower end 8″ rise bars. These bars are a 2-pc design handle bar made from multi-butted chromoly with a 22mm cross bar, and 41-thermal heat-treating, so you know they are super tough.

Sunday Tall T-Bar @ $90
Sunday new tall t-bars use multiple butted tubing with thicker walls at the bends for a stronger and stiffer bar. And as always, Sunday bars are 41-thermal heat-treating, so you know they are super tough. With 12 degrees of backsweep, and 4 degrees of upsweep, Sunday tall t-bars clock in at 8.7″, making them the tallest bars.

Sunday Forumph Bar @ $80
Similar to the triumph Bar in rise and width, forumph comes with 4° of upsweep which are easy on the wrists. These bars are made from multi-butted chromoly to help save weight and ram through a 41 thermal heat treating process to increase strength, and backed by a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking.

Forumph Bar

Sunday Triumph Bar @ $80
Branching out from Odyssey, the leaders in BMX parts and accessories, is Jim Cielencki’s own Sunday company. His triumph bars are made from 41 thermal, butted chromoly tubing for strength and weight savings, and are designed to stand tall.

Triumph Bar

Macneil XLT Bar @ $70
XLT stands for extra large/light. These XLT bars are made from heat-treated 13 butted design to make it strong and light. They also have been made as large as the tube technology would allow them to be, and feature the new anti-throttle holes under the grip area. Most likely the largest and lightest butted bar available.

Sputnic Skyline Bar @ $70
The Sputnic skyline bars are Tony Neyer’s signature bars. They are made from 13-butted heat-treated chromoly wth an externally butted cross bar, and there are two different sizes to choose from.

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