BB Kit: American / Euro

S&M Euro BB @ $55
Light weight aluminum euro BB kit with dual 19mm (3/4″) sealed bearings per side.

Odyssey Euro BB @ $60
High quality Odyssey part, you can rest assured knowing that your cranks are spinning on these Odyssey ingenious bearings, with 2 different sized spacers to see you out of a stick. These euro bearing are designed in such a way that they can be run with most set up, and looks very good with the Odyssey logo on the outer cups.

Primo Euro BB @ $55
This euro bottom bracket is designed for the use of any cranks. It includes integrated sealed bearings, cups and a lightweight spindle sleeve.


Primo Amercian BB @ $60 (@ $45 with Primo crank purchase)
Replacement bottom bracket that includes 2 cone spacers, internal spacer and 2 sealed bearings.

Primo BB US

Profile American BB @ $70
Includes bearings , spacers and washers necessary to complete your crankset. Compatible with 19mm (3/4″) spindles. European V2 style Bottom Bracket requires a special tool for installation.


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