Cult Butter Peg @ $60
The Cult Butter peg features a durable nylon composite sleeve wrapped around a low profile 4130 heat-treated chromoly core for maximum strength. This sleeve is designed to slide just as well, if not better, than chromoly pegs on most surfaces. One replacement outer sleeve included to keep you grinding once the original wears out.

cult butter peg

Bone Deth Diet Grinder Peg @ $45
The Bone Deth diet grinder peg is Lee Hopkins’ signature model made from heat-treated 4140 chromoly for maximum strength and long lasting durability. Each peg now comes with a thicker base and end for a longer diet, inner machining for lightness, and features 4 anti-spin positions to help keep the peg from rotating while grinding.

bone deth diet peg

Surbosa Power Peg @ $60
The Subrosa power peg is Lahsaan Kobza’s signature peg made from 4140 heat-treated chromoly that’s thicker on the ends to increase strength and features 6 anti-spin positions to help keep the peg from rotating while grinding. The peg includes a 5 oz stick of specially formulated grind wax to help smooth out those rough ledges and rails.

subrosa power peg

Macneil Fashionably Light Peg @ $50
As the name implies, these pegs are light. They’re as light as a titanium peg, but are made from crmo – they have done this by offsetting the centre and making the tubing thicker at the bottom (where you will grind) and thinner at the top (Hence “This side up” on the side). Don’t be fooled – these are super strong pegs, designed for street and park riding, so they’re light, but definitely up to the job.


Shadow Little One Peg @ $50
Made from heat-treated chromoly, little ones are smaller in diameter than most other pegs to reduce weight and for less grinding resistance. Anti-spin pin with 8 rotation positions and internal butting help extend life of the peg. Drilled for 14mm with 3/8″ adapters included.

Fiend Belmont Peg @ $45
The Fiend belmont peg is a clean and simple heat-treated SCM 415 chromoly peg with machined butting internally to help save weight without sacrificing strength, 4 anti-spin positions rotation pin, and laser-etched Fiend logos.


Fit OG Peg @ $50
Made from 4Q baked heat-treated chromoly, the new Fitbikeco og pegs are butted with thicker base for longer lifespan, and have 5 threaded anti-roll hole positions to last forever. Wax is included specially formulated to wax up your favorite ledges or rails for faster, smoother grinding.

Cult Doomsday Peg @ $45
The Cult doomsday peg is made from heat-treated chromoly with an internally butted structure to help save weight and with a printed laser-etched Cult logo. Light weight heat treated chromoly peg from the Cult Crew.

Cult Doomsday Peg

Odyssey Joystick Peg @ $50
The new Odyssey joystick peg features a 4140 chromoly peg with internal “rifling“. The rifling saves weight while still keeping it dent resistant and durable. Ideal for park and heavy street use.

Odyssey J-Peg Lighter Peg @ $40
This new peg from Odyssey is milled out & drilled out to remove even more excess material to reduce weight further than light version. It is made from heat-treated 4140 crmo with a tapered edge to protect the ends, comes with a 3-position anti-spin bolt, and internally machined to save weight. The lighter version is externally machined to even more weight savings. Even with all this lightening, this peg remains heavy-duty street peg that can take any abuse.


Éclat Slot Machine Peg @ $45
A simple peg with many options, these are the slot machine pegs in their 77mm, or 102mm guise. They are double-butted for weight savings and feature five anti-rotation positions between machined slot-style cut outs. Constructed of 4140 heat-treated crmo, the slot machine pegs are available as a combo pair. Bet the house and grind a ledge with Éclat.



  1. Mok amphon said

    Do you belivery or only buy at outlet ?

    • jialong84 said

      If you need delivery, we can also arrange. Just that you might have to pay extra $5 for postage fee.

  2. zain said

    can you delivery to malaysia?

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