Seatpost (Long)

Odyssey Convertible Seatpost @ $58
This Odyssey convertible seatpost is both a pivotal post, plus seatpost guts for railed seats. The guts also fit any pivotal post so can you can convert your frame with an integrated pivotal post so it holds a pivotal post + railed seatpost, and can convert a frame with pivotal post to hold a railed seat. This seat post is a forged alloy seatpost with an offset pivotal base for a more laidback feel, and its unique forged design also allows the post to be slammed without leaving the seat excessively high.

Resist Pivotal Seatpost @ $40
The Resist pivotal seatpost features a forged 6061 aluminum material with a slim base, and a total length of 320mm for good length, excellent strength, and good looks for days on a fixie bike.

Macneil Mtbmx Seatpost @ $45
The ultra-light Macneil seatpost is a 3D-forged 6061 aluminum post, with internal oval construction for increased strength. Pivotal has really been catching on in the MTB market. With that in mind we updated the seat posts to make them slammable.


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