Stem: Top Load

Stranger Machine Stem @ $105
The Stranger machine stem is machined out of a solid block of aluminum to create a super heavy duty full CNC machined top load stem. The corners are rounded off to reduce the pain when hitting your knee on your stem. Combined with the recessed fork cap, this stem is fresh AF.

stranger machine stem oil slick 2

Stranger Haze Stem @ $60
The Stranger haze stem features a top load design forged from aluminum with channeled front section to reduce weight, smooth rounded edges, a recessed compression bolt area and machined Stranger logo on the side for a clean look.

stranger haze stem 2

Odyssey SXTN Stem @ $100
The Odyssey SXTN stem is Sean Sexton’s signature topload stem cnc machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, featuring a machined clamping area and deeply grooved bottom section for weight savings, smooth rounded edges, solid chromoly bolts and a recessed compression bolt area. The shorter 48mm reach is right in line with the needs of street riders today, for which Sean is in the middle of.

odyssey sxtn

Cult Salvation V2 Stem @ $100
The Cult salvation V2 stem is cnc machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and features an extra wide, 50mm front end with anti-slip grooves for increased strength and clamping force, engraved Cult logos on the sides, solid stem bolts, recessed compression bolt area for a flush fitting top cap, and machined front and bottom section to help shed weight.

cult salvation v2 black
cult salvation v2 raw
cult salvation v2 rasta

Cult Salvation Stem @ $85 (Made in USA)
The Cult salvation stem is a topload design stem that is cnc’d from 6061 aluminum with minimal external machining for a simple look, rounded bottom side to help save weight, knee friendly rounded backside, hollow bolts and a machined Cult logo on the handle bar clamp.

cultsalvation blk
cultsalvation red
cultsalvation blue
cultsalvation polished
cultsalvation rasta

Demolition Keystone V2 Stem @ $100 
The all new Demolition keystone v2 top load stem is Chris Doyle’s signature stem that comes with shorter reach and a smaller stack height as compare to version one. The 6061 alloy stem features extensive internal and external machining and 6 solid bolts to keep weight down, rounded edges and D logo to give the stem a cleaner look. Designed to be ran upright or inverted, both sides come w/ recessed cap cutout.

demolition keystone
demolition keystone chrome

Bone Deth Muffin Stem @ $85
The Bone Deth muffin top load stem is a cnc machined topload stem made from 6061-T6 aluminum, featuring a hollowed out center section and hollow pinch bolts for weight savings, chamfered edges, machined Bone Deth logos for a unique look and solid clamp bolts. Designed to be ran upright or inverted without drastically changing the look of the stem.

bone deth muffin stem blk
bone deth muffin stem polished

Macneil Top Notch V2 Stem @ $90
The Macneil top notch v2 stem features an updated meatier version with cnc machined from 6061 aluminum body, a hollowed out center section, and hollow clamp bolts for weight savings without sacrificing strength, laser-etched Macneil side logo and chamfered edges for a clean look.

macneil_2013 (28 von 59)

Shadow Ravager TL Stem @ $90
The Shadow ravager topload stem features a 6061-T6 alloy body with a wider stance and larger bar bore area for higher tolerance and incredibly improved clamping power. This stem also features a hollow center section, machined sides and bottom section for weight savings, chamfered edges, machined Shadow logo on the faceplate and heat-treated hollow stem bolts.


Demolition Monarch Stem @ $100 
The Demolition monarch stem is the Rob Wise’s signature topload stem cnc machined from aluminum featuring a hollowed out center and bottom section for maximum weight savings, machined sides, engraved faceplate with Demolition logo, recessed fork bolt area and smooth rounded edges for a clean look. This aesthetically pleasing stem is extensive internal and external machining to reduce weight.

Fit BF Stem @ $100 (Made in USA)
The Fit BF stem is Brian Foster’s signature topload stem that is CNC machined in the USA from 6061 aluminum with grooved top and bottom sections to reduce weight without sacrificing strength, cutouts on the faceplate with machined Fit logo and a rounded backside for a clean look. This stem is a more simplified version of the old DLT stem with more of a classic and cleaner look, and features  a 23mm rise upright (or 9mm if inverted).

Eclat Nathan Stem @ $110 
Nathan Williams is one of the most progressive street riders of all time and the Eclat Nathan Stem helps him to do this. The stem is fully made of 6061-T6 alloy and this alloy is solutionized and artificially aged for the best stabilty and weight values. This Nathan’s signature top load stem features a unique counter sunk cap design & offset rear slot as well as serious weight saving details to set it apart from the competition.

eclat nathan stem
eclat nathan stem polished

Surbosa Forever Stem @ $90 
The Subrosa forever stem is cnc machined from 6061-T6 aluminum featuring a large 18mm hollowed out center section for weight savings, grooved side sections, recessed compression bolt area for a clean look, hollow chromoly stem bolts and a knee friendly rounded backside. It’s an ultra slick slim stem with maximum machining to keep it light but also keep it rocking forever!

subrosa forever stem blk
subrosa forever stem red
subrosa forever stem polished

Surbosa Hold Tight Stem @ $50 
The Subrosa hold tight stem is a topload stem forged from 6061 aluminum featuring a deeply grooved top and bottom section for weight savings, recessed sides, embossed Subrosa logo on the faceplate, and a smooth knee friendly rounded backside.

Banned Sludge Stem @ $95
The Banned sludge stem is a no-nonsense cnc machined 6061-T6 alloy burly topload stem tested by Dimartine, and other Banned team riders. If you have seen any of the Banned videos you know these guys are hard on their bike’s and aint scared to jump off a roof or two, so rest assured this Stem is made to take some serious impacts.

Primo Aneyerlator V2 TL Stem @ $95
The Primo aneyerlator v2 topload stem is the topload version of Tony Neyer’s signature stem made from 7075 aluminum featuring cnc machined sides and bottom section, a hollowed out center section, and hollow clamp bolts for weight savings without sacrificing strength, laser-etched Primo faceplate logo and chamfered edges for a clean look.

Aneyerlator_Stem_TopLoad black
Aneyerlator_Stem_TopLoad red
Aneyerlator_Stem_TopLoad blue

Profile Push Stem @ $110 (Made in USA)
Profile push stem is Mark Mulville’s signature top load stem with excessive machining from 6061 aluminium to help reduce weight while chamfered edges and a concaved backside clean up the look. The Profile push stem features cnc machined in the USA with built-in rise to get your bars a little higher.

profile push stem red

Fiend Morrow Stem @ $100
Fiend morrow stem shares the no-gimmic design of reynolds stem but in a topload design. The stem is internally cnc machined from 6061 aluminum body and has a sunken topcap for reduced weight and a cleaner look. The stem also features solid 6mm chromoly bolts for strength, and comes in a shorter 48mm reach for more responsive steering.


Sunday Freeze Stem @ $50
The Sunday freeze stem has a cast aluminum body with recessed sides and bottom section to reduce weight, grooved top section and forged 6061-T6 aluminum face plate with embossed Sunday logo for additional reinforcement in the bar clamping area. The stem has a 34mm rise to maximize bar height, and a length of 52mm. If you’re looking for a quality top-load at a great price, then this is it.

sunday freeze stem white
sunday freeze stem blue
sunday freeze stem yellow

Fit S4 Aitken Stem @ $100 (Made in USA)
Mike Aitken signature stem made from CNC’d 6061 aluminum in the USA with underside machining to help maintain a classic look when ran upright, machined FIT logo on the handle bar clamp, narrowed rear section and a rounded knee friendly backside. This stem is basically a lighter version of the classic S&M challenger stem designed by Mike Aitken who wanted his stem clean, classic, and strong.

Fly Alta V2 Stem @ $85
The Fly alta v2 stem is a topload style stem made from 6061-T6 aluminum featuring an internally machined handlebar clamping area, machined sides and a hollowed out center section for weight savings, chamfered edges, and laser-etched logos provide a clean look.


  1. jialong84 said

    Out of stock. We do have Subrosa hold tight stem @ $50 only. Do drop by at our sin ming outlet if you are keen.

  2. jialong84 said

    Out of stock. Sorry

  3. jialong84 said

    Just restock. We still have one last pc here at our sin ming outlet. Do pay us a visit if you are keen.

  4. kbro said

    hi, is the eclat nathan stem in black still available? and how much are they?

    • jialong84 said

      Just posted! Available in black, and polished now. Retail @ $110.

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