Seat Clamp

Sunday Seat Clamp @ $20
The biggest difference between Sunday’s clamp and others available on the market is that it is made from 2014-T6 aluminum and has self-aligning nut. This seat clamp features a removable, ultra-slim 2014-T6 aluminum with a single 5mm bolt and a self-aligning steel threaded insert that helps prevent stripping.

Odyssey Mr Clampy 2 Seat Clamp @ $18
This aluminium clamp is mr clampy from Odyssey. All he does is hold your seatpost in place, while being super-light and tight! It’s a simple, smooth, light, internally milled single bolt alloy seat clamp with captured nut to reduce stripping and laser etched Odyssey logo.

Shadow Alfred Seat Clamp @ $22
This new version of the alfred seatclamp is ultra-lightweight. It has a single 5mm allen bolt and weighs less than 20 grams! It also has a cool printed design with tiny crow logos across the middle and comes in a range of colours to suit every bike.

Wethepeople Supreme Seat Clamp @ $25
The Wethepeople seat clamp is a single bolt 4130 investment casted clamp made of full cnc 6061-T6 alloy that features a low profile front to help clear the toptube on frames with lower cut seat tubes.

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