Éclat 14 Guage Straight Spoke @ $38, $48 (Double butted)
Éclat introduces straight, or double butted with a thinner 15g center area 14G stainless steel spokes in a variety of colours, and sizes that you can choose from to make a very strong wheel.


Shadow 14 Guage Straight Spoke @ $35
14G spokes made from swiss grade stainless steel available in a variety of durable powdercoated colors. Includes brass black nipples. 7.5 oz

shadow spoke blue
shadow spoke red
shadow spoke copper
shadow spoke yellow

Pillar Ti Butted Spoke @ $6 Per Pc
Ti in the Pillar spokes was a new ti alloy from Reynolds that was everything they wanted but not easy to weld. Using Pillar patented cold forge technology, it save up to 40% less weight than normal stainless steel.

Pillar 14G Spoke @ $40
Pillar spoke is four times stronger than standard spokes using its patented reinforce technology that has been developed for more than seven years, making Pillar the market leader for spoke.

Primo Forged Coloured Spokes @ $35
Quality 14G stainless steel straight spokes. They are made from forged aluminium with a powercoated finish in your choice of colours.


Wheelsmith SS14 Spoke @ $40
At Wheelsmith, the focus is on quality. That’s why Wheelsmith spokes have been used by competitors in the olympics, world championships, and major stage races on all continents. Today Wheelsmith is known worldwide for a line of spokes whose strength and beauty are unmatched. Quality Wheelsmith spokes build strong and true wheels. Straight 14 gauge (2.0mm) spokes that excels in all applications.

Primo Alloy Nipples Pack @ $18 for 36pcs
Pack of 36 alloy spoke nipples available in anodized colours to rad your wheel build up!


  1. jialong84 said

    Yes, available at our hg store. Retail @ 8-12++

  2. Lephamducminh said

    Can i buy 48 spokes bcs i got a 48h rear hub and rim

    • jialong84 said

      Possible. You just have to pay $50 for 48 pcs of spokes! 🙂

  3. kirstin said

    do you have pink 06?

  4. Anthony said

    Hi, how can I order some chrome double butted spokes in 186 length?

    • jialong84 said

      We have Eclat DB spokes in chrome here at our sin ming outlet for 186mm length.

  5. Drew said

    Do u have any black ti spokes

    • jialong84 said

      Nope, we only left with rainbow, and gold colors for ti spokes.

  6. Anthony said

    How do I buy from you?

  7. Raniel Mojica Pinlac said

    do you have orange spokes?

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