Pedal: Alloy

Fly Ruben Pedal @ $110
The Fly ruben pedals are designed by Ruben Alcantara, and have been extruded and machined from 6061 T-6 aluminium. The pedals spin around the hollow cr-mo spindle on both regular sealed bearings and needle bearings for extra strength. The pedals feature a large concave and comes complete with some grip tape for the middle in place of the usual knurling.

Eclat Surge Sealed Alloy Pedal @ $100
Built around a fully-sealed bushing system to save weight, the Surge alloy pedal is constructed of 6066 CNC alloy, featuring a low-profile slim design and cro-mo spindle. Built to last, the Surge pedal comes stock with a 17mm maintenance tool, replaceable pins and replaceable nylon bushings. Lightweight, straightforward and not a disposable bike part by any stretch of the imagination.


Primo Stricker Magnesium Pedal @ $40
The Primo stricker magnesium pedals are the successor to the tenderisers, with a new design, low-profile, dual concave, lightweight magnesium bodies with 16 replaceable pins per pedal, and 9/16″ cro-mo spindles.

Macneil Cinch Pedal @ $45
Lightweight platform pedals featuring a cast aluminum body, unsealed bearings, chromoly spindle, 11 removable pins per side and a MacNeil logo down the center.

Macneil Slipless Pedal @ $150
At 16 mm tall, these are some of the slimmest pedals ever produced with option of using two DU bushings, which are great since they can’t be crushed like regular bearings. The thin design keep the strength up and weigh in at an impressive 210 grams each.



Macneil F.A.C.E Pedal @ $110
The Macneil F.A.C.E. pedals are extruded from a solid block of aluminum and then CNC for the perfect shape, size and concave. No loose ball option, a magnesium option or a grip tape option – just comfortable, functional pedals that last with 8 replaceable traction pins per side and no knurling for dirt to stick to.


Odyssey Trail Mix Pedal @ $75
The Odyssey trail mix alloy sealed pedals are based on the original Jim Cielenski pedals, but address some design issues from customer Feedback. They come with slimmer and lighter bodies, No knurling to prevent dirt build up and improved spindles. The spindles are stronger, and you get 8 extra long allen head traction pins per side and these sealed bearings version have a recessed bearing cap.

Primo Balance Magnesium Pedal @ $50
These new balance pedals have a super-lightweight design and the magnesium bodies on this version make them the lightest platform design pedals available. The platform design is concave in both directions with a knurled surface for grip. The replaceable threaded pins are ideal for traction and the triple-sealed bearing design keeps out dirt and water in muddy conditions.

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