Braking: U-Brake

Odyssey Evo 2 Brake @ $80
The Odyssey evo 2 is the natural progression of the original evolver brake. The strength, stiffness and braking power are the same, while the improvements include a lower stack height, weight reduction and increased set-up options via the supplied machined aluminium straddle cable & pre-cut straddle cable lengths. The best Bmx brake, just got better.

Odyssey Springfield Brake @ $40
The Odyssey springfield u-brake turns the installation and adjustment of u-brakes into a quick and easy process that requires nothing more than a 5mm allen key. By using a small center pull coil spring to attach both brake arms together, the springfield brake requires no further spring tension adjustment. The Odyssey springfield brake also features a cast aluminum arms help keep cost down without sacrificing brake stiffness and include Odyssey ghost brake pads with integrated toe-in to further ease installation.


Salt Plus Geo U-Brake @ $40
The geo u-brake by Salt is a very solid rear brake made of aluminium. Because of the angled arms it has enough braking power for every riding situation. Another optical highlight, besides the black design, which is quite typical for Salt components, it has clear brake pads, and all hardware is included as well.


Shadow Sano Brake @ $85
The Shadow sano u-brake is Drew Bezanson’s signature u-brake featuring low profile, CNC machined brake arms made from 6061 aluminum to increase strength and reduce flex, low profile springs, and adjusters for chain clearance, clear brake pads and all necessary mounting hardware. Shadow Conspiracy 6061 aluminum cable hanger and braided steel straddle cable included.

Demolition Vulcan V2 Brake @ $80
Demolition’s new Vulcan V2 brake has been slimmed down from the original version, and has had a makeover with new cnc on the arm’s and new logo’s. It features a 6061 aluminum arms with a sealed bearing pivot, and a low profile spring adjusters for better chain clearance. Demolition brake pads, CNC machined cable hanger and braided straddle cable included.

Éclat Unit U-Brake @ $80
In case you still like to stop without using your feet, Éclat’s got you covered. The unit brake is a low-profile designed brake that allows for better chain clearance. The unit brake is constructed of 6066 forged alloy to increase rigidity, and comes equipped with Éclat’s exclusive new brake pads and brake hardware. The unit’s straight forward design allows for precise fine-tuning. Stop on a dime and save your shoes with Éclat’s unit braking system.

Fly Clascio Brake @ $100
The Fly clasico u-brake is extruded from 6061 aluminum, then 3D CNC’d for maximum stiffness and lightweight. Its extude procedure compress material to get a bigger density that dramatically increases strength, allows a smaller shape, and reduce weight. Angled brake arms are inline with the brake cable for a consistent pull while custom, low profile springs, and adjusters allow for better chain clearance.

Fly Brake @ $90
The Fly brake now comes more colour options for 2010. The design of the brake arms is totally unique – each arm is made from forged 6061-T6, which is then 3D CNC machined to create the special angled arm design which has a very high level of stiffness. The arms are angled on the direction of the cable to increase the braking power and run smooth. The brake has reinforcements to prevent flex, the springs are cut and the spring plates are as low as possible with 6mm cone allen bolts. When you see this brake, you will appreciate why it takes over 6 hours to make each one.

fly brakes

Fly Brake Hanger @ $22
The new Flybikes cable hanger system avoids the flex involved on the regular hangers with two straight cables instead of a bent cable that always flex when you pull your brake. One of the cables have a fix length and the other uses a knarp for small length adjustments. These length adjustments are sometimes necessary depending on the wheel and brakes being on the right alignment.

Odyssey Evo 2 Brake Kit 
Replacement, springs and spares for Odyssey Evo 2 brakes.

Éclat U-Brake Spring Set @ $20
Replacement spring set for Éclat brakes.


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