Rim Tape

Stranger Rim Strip @ $5 per pc / $8 per pair
The Stranger rim strip is a thick black plastic rim tape featuring the red Stranger logo printed around the outside.

Odyssey Rim Strip @ $5 per pc / $8 per pair
Flat tires are probably the most common bicycle failures. Many times, flats are caused by the rims, specifically the lack of protection from the rims sharp edges. Made of vinyl, Odyssey rim strip are a fitted heavy plastic replacement rip strips with extra-wide size to covers all holes, and any nicks or burrs that could come in contact with the tube.

Éclat Rim Tape @ $5 per pc / $8 per pair
Conventional rim tape sometimes doesn’t always cover up spoke holes the entire way, but with éclat’s new extra wide rim tape, the days of pinch flats from sharpened spoke hole are gone. éclat’s extra wide rim tape was designed to work exclusively with any rim, constructed of durable rubber with a nylon inner core. A perfect fit, no flats and éclat’s iconic logo to compliment your rim.

Shadow Rim Tape @ $5 per pc / $8 per pair
Heavy duty PVC rim strips that are 25mm wide for maximum tube protection from spokes and burs on the rim.

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