Chain & Acc.

Shadow Interlock Pro Grade Chain Breaker @ $35
Designed for the Shadow interlock, and any normal 410, or 510 chains, this half-link chain tool features a large, rubber handle and replaceable, threaded pin. The magnetic parts hold the chain plate properly when reinstalling the pin and because it is designed for the amazingly strong half-link chains, it is also super-strong in itself.

shadow chain breaker

Shadow Interlock V2 Chain @ $50
This eagerly anticipated new version of the interlock chain is designed to work perfectly with smaller sprockets. The links feature slightly curve on plates which right down to 9T sprockets for smooth running. The chain also has a new brace to eliminate cracked rollers & rests against the chain pin to reduce the roller floating on the pin. If that sounds a little complicated just remember this – this chain is better and stronger than the older version.

Cult 410 Chain @ $12
The Cult 410 chain is a strong and affordable 1/8″ chain based on the original KMC 410 with stamped Cult logos and a teflon coating. The freestyle chain features a no frills design and thick and durable links for prolonged life, and includes a pre-installed half lin to make fine tuning the length easier.

cult 410
cult 410 chain black
cult 410 chain chrome
cult 410 chain gold

Cult 510 Chain @ $18
The Cult 510 chain features a teflon coating with stamped Cult logos, heat-treated riveted pins, and thicker side plates to increase strength and prevent stretching. Includes a pre-installed half link to make fine tuning the length easier.


cult 510 chain gold

Cult Half-Link Chain @ $45
The Cult half link chain features a teflon coating and stamped Cult logos and is designed to help dial in the rear end length on frames with short dropouts. Rounded side plates are compatible with 8T and larger drivers.

cult half link gold

Odyssey Bluebird Chain @ $30
The bluebird Bmx chain from Odyssey took the proven and reliable KMC 510-HX chain and added a permanently attached, factory installed half-link to one end. It features an industrial grade 1/8″ chain that uses heavy-duty plates and pins that comes with a factory installed half-link on one end. A Pintle half link is pre-installed to make fine tuning the length easier. If the half link is needed, then simply shorten the chain from the opposite side.

Demolition Chain Tensioner @ $18
Lightweight alloy chain tensioner and stop with extra machining to further reduce weight. Includes 2 different sized adjustment bolts for perfect length.

Odyssey P.A.C.T. Chain Tensioner @ $20
Lightweight aluminum design, keyed for 14mm dropouts and works with most anti-spin pins. The washer part is made of aluminum to save weight and it comes with two length of bolt so these should fit most frames.


  1. jialong84 said

    Yes, both chains are back in stock!

  2. jialong84 said

    Yes, available at both our stores!

  3. Gibby said

    is there any cheaper coloured chains??

    • jialong84 said

      There’s also KMC colored chains available at our hougang store. Probably retail @ $10plus.

  4. curious said

    if i buy the Shadow Interlock V2 Chain(red) and i live in tampines is there any free delivery?

    • jialong84 said

      Yes, I can deliver to you. Just drop me a sms @ 81188529 to arrange.

  5. Lyn said

    What’s the available colorS for shadow V2?

    • jialong84 said

      As listed – black, chrome, white, blue, red, purple, yellow, copper etc.

  6. Gemok said

    Do you have chain tensioner 15mm to fit on klunker ?

    • jialong84 said

      Yes, we have the atom lab chain tensioner which will work perfectly on Klunker. 🙂

  7. Lyn said

    The Demo chain tug still available?

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