Seatpost (Short / Mid)

Fiend Team Pivotal Seatpost @ $38
The Fiend pivotal seatpost is 3D forged from 6061 aluminum featuring an ovalized internal wall structure for increased strength, and laser-etched Fiend logos.


Demolition Mini Pivotal Seatpost @ $38
The Demolition mini pivotal seatpost features a forged aluminum with revised, slimmed down top, making it completely slammable.

Wethepeople Pivotal Seatpost @ $35
The Wethepeople pivotal seatpost is an aluminium pivotal system compatible seatpost, in a standard 25.4mm size, and available in two lengths.

Éclat Torch Pivotal Seatpost @ $38
The Eclat torch pivotal seatpost features a unique cradle support which reinforces the major stress point of the pivotal post while still allowing for seats to be run slammed. This seatpost is constructed of 6061-T6 forged alloy and is available in two lengths: short, and mid. Not just another pivotal post, this torch post features a star shape wall structure, and a beautiful CNC finish, and is the perfect companion to the redesigned gonzo seat.

Shadow Pivotal Seatpost @ $40
The long awaited Shadow pivotal Seatpost is made from forged aluminum with a slim base that allows the post to be ran all the way down on the clamp. Oval internal walls increase strength without adding extra weight.

Cult Counter Pivotal Seatpost @ $38
Cult counter pivotal post is a lightweight seat post with an ovalized internal wall structure for added strength, low profile base that allows the post to be slammed in the frame with laser-etched Cult logo.

Primo Pivotal Stump Seatpost @ $35
This Primo stump post is strong, lightweight and has the Primo logo laser-etched on the side. This is a seatpost which measures in at 114mm in length.


Shadow Wedge Pivotal Seatpost @ $60
Forged extremely light weight aluminum Pivotal post with an ovalized internal wall structure for added strength. Internal tightening system with built in wedge spreads inside the frame as you tighten the seat to the seatpost eliminating the need for a seat clamp

Subrosa Lay Back Pivotal Seatpost @ $42
Made from 6061 forged aluminum with an ovalized internal wall structure for added strength and 10 degree of built-in offset to move the seat back toward the rear.

Macneil Nub Seatpost @ $32
The Nub post allows riders to drop their seat lower than previously possible by removing their seat mast. The nub slips into the seat tube and is tightened in place by the single bolt of the pivotal seat. The seat mast (the area that your seat clamp goes around) must be removed to the bottom of the slot to run this mod on your bike. The bolt in your pivotal seat will pull the wedge up and tighten everything up eliminating the seat clamp, seat mast and any shred of dignity you once had.

Fit Pivotal Seatpost @ $35
The Fit pivotal seatpost is made from 3D forged 6061 alloy with a slim base design that rides low in the frame for a low seat height with minimal weight. Oval internal walls increase strength without adding extra weight.


Fit Down Low Seatpost @ $50
The Fit down low seatpost is super-short and hollowed out that has been hollowed completely out to save weight with varying wall thickness for added strength. It is made from 1-piece forged and CNC’d alloy and is perfect for riders who like to slam their seats.

S&M P-Guts Seatpost @ $30
To be used in conjunction with the S&M p-rail seat which allows you to adjust how far back/forwards your seat is when used with a pivotal seatpost. It can also be used with any other 8mm railed seat if you drill a hole through your seat for the bolt to go through

Fly Seatpost @ $40
Just as the Pivotal Seat & Post Design is becoming the standard, Fly move ahead and have brought us the next generation of Seat Post Design. It is very simple to set-up, you just put the post on the rails of your seat with the top gut 90º twisted, twist the top gut 90º back, tighten the single bolt and that is it! The variety of seat positions is huge, with 2 lower guts to give you the perfect seat position. The other great thing is that it’s compatible with both rails, and pivotal seat designs.

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