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One Hot Product: Shadow’s BTR Cassette Hub

Shadow Team Manager Ryan Chadwick runs through the details on Shadow’s BTR cassette hub.

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How-To: Feeble 360′s With Dakota Roche

Dakota and his mustache break down the prerequisites and tips that it takes those pitiful feeble 180′s to something that keeps the flow going…

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Odyssey’s R-Series Forks Promo Video

Odyssey’s new forks are tested and proven. Here’s a cool promo video along with all the specs and info you can handle…

From Odyssey Bmx:

Our R Series forks are available now:

  • Fully redesigned
  • Laboratory tested and team proven
  • New, custom, seamless, tapered, butted and specially formed leg tube shaping for improved grind and guard clearance
  • All-new steerer tube design improves fatigue strength and includes a built-in, integrated, lower headset seat race
  • New, optimized, 4mm dropout shape for grind and peg clearance
  • Updated 7075-T6 pre-load bolt, US Pat. No. 7,591,474
  • Proven 41-Thermal® processed 4130 chromoly
  • Legendary lifetime replacement warranty
  • R-32 offset (traditional) or R-25 offset (steep)
  • 3/8” axle slots only

Our 41-Thermal® forks quickly established a reputation for strength and quality when we originally introduced them in 1999, and they have since gone on to change the standards that all forks are judged by.

Unlike ordinary heat-treatments, which are often merely an after-thought, the 41-Thermal® process encompasses all stages of production, and includes our own joint preparation controls, refined welding techniques, and the post-weld heat-treatment system that we originally pioneered and continue to refine and tweak to this day.

Other brands have tried to copy our designs (desperately attempting to reproduce some of the dimensional details and manufacturing steps that we first implemented), but a basic copy that’s made with no real understanding of the design principals used by the original will never be able to stand on the same playing field.

We recognized long ago that the bicycle industry’s standard testing methods are a poor representation of how a BMX fork is used during its lifespan. In response, our forks are mounted in an integrated headset at the correct head tube angle during lab testing – just as they would be used on a bike. The testing protocol then calls for a fatigue test where the fork is subjected to 4000 Newtons (or 900 pounds) of force, repeatedly, for multiple days on end.

At 2,000,000 cycles our new R-Series 41-Thermal® forks were still intact. With days of use on the record, a long line of other products waiting for the testing machine, and costs quickly mounting, we finally opted to turn it off. (In future tests, our proprietary testing rig will be included to multiply the load so we can finally take every fork to failure. You can count on an update to be posted here).

We also ran more forks using this protocol, both to see how other brands compare to ours and to silence the riders and critics who often try to say that “all forks are the same”.

As you can see, the wide variations in the test results show just how inaccurate and off-base it is to suggest that “all forks are the same”. It is also worth noting that the only design that came close to the R-Series fork in this test weighs over 4 ounces more and it still broke.

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Joran Ho Assigned As Tiong Hin Team Manager!

Officially from now on, Joran Ho will be our newly assigned Bmx team manager. After hooking Joran up, he had took some time to film this welcome section for Tiong Hin, most of it was filmed in East Coast Park and with the help from Niki. Joran is probably one of the most stylish riders out there right now with more than 10 years of riding experiences.

Soon, we will be announcing the rest of our team members. As for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Nathans Welcome Edit

After hooking Nathan up Eclat decided to give him some time to film his welcome section. In between various other trips and commitments Nathan took the time to film this section for Eclat, most of it was filmed in his hometown of Nashville and with the help of Dakota Roche, Shane Weston and Christian Riegal behind the lens. Thanks and enjoy!

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Nora Cup 2011

The Nora Cup is always one of the biggest Bmx parties of the year. Wherever you look, there’s riders, media, Bmx inustry types and riders from the old school in one place. It was an epic night with great presenters and TJ Lavin as the host. Even Aggroman made an appearance! This is how the list of Nora Cup winners looked like that left The Palms with a cup that night. I’m honored to attend the Nora Cup this year for the very first time and here it is…photos that covered with the entire 2011 Ride Bmx Nora Cup Awards show right here. Grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy!

Mikey’s section is the definition of style and definitely helped the vid win.

Mike worked the crowd into a frenzy when he took the mic during Stew’s acceptance speech for video of the year.

Here’s the part of Mikey in Anthem II video. Congratulations to all the winners – great night!

2011 Ride BMX NORA Cup winners:
#1 Ramp Rider – Dennis Enarson (* Team Rider from Demolition)
#1 Dirt Jumper – Chris Doyle (* Team Rider from Demolition)
#1 Flatlander – Moto Sasaki
#1 Street Rider – Garrett Reynolds
#1 Racer – Marc Willers
Best Video Part – Dennis Enarson in Demolition’s “Last Chance”
Video of the Year – Anthem II (Stew Johnson)

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Mike Aitken Interview

Incus just dropped this interview with Mike Aitken chilling by the campfire, hanging out with Owen and doing one hell of a burnout in his Trans-Am. It’s not often that a rider becomes a legend in their own time, but Salt Lake City BMX rider Mike Aitken has defined a generation of riders who have chosen to not follow the trends and blazed their own trails on a bicycle. Mike chills by the campfire and gives you a look at his simple life that has influenced so many.

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Stefan and his signature frame and bars video

Stefan gives us a run down on his bike and all the parts. Along with his signature Montaña frame, and bar.

Montaña Frame
Clean frame with classic geometry and simple design, mid stack height and proportional rear end lengths on each side. All with the 2011 frame structure features.

  • Top tube: 20.6”/21”
  • Head tube 75º
  • Seat tube: 69º
  • Rear end: 13.40”/13.60”
  • Stack height: 8.4”
  • BB height: 11.75
  • Integrated dropouts with removable chain tensioners
  • Horizontal cut seat clamp system
  • Taped top tube, down tube and stays
  • Offset thickness head tube
  • Integrated down tube gusset
  • EBS brake system and RGT
  • Weight: 2,100 grs
  • EBS: Easy brake system
  • RGT: Removable gyro tabs

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Éclat Bondi Rim Advert / IZ Pulido

Designed exclusively by Éclat, the bondi straight wall rim features a unique wide design which spreads the impact load of harsh landings more thoroughly, meaning you get a longer-lasting rim in a lightweight, functional package from Éclat. Constructed of 6066-T6 alloy and flash welded for strength, the bondi rim is the rim of choice for Éclat team riders.

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Introducing Freestyle Fixed Bike

The video below is definitely the best edit to come from the FGFS scene from one of the most progressive FGFS riders,  Steven. If you can perform the same tricks on a 20″ Bmx bike, why not do it on a 700c fixed bike too? Select your bike here, and try it out!

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