Safety Gear

2011 Cratoni X-Up Helmet @ $48
Security up in the first place! Safety is kept at a high level thanks to the advanced ABS hardshell to protect riders on their rampage in the bike park. Included is a second set of liners padset for optimum fit to ensure that the helmet fits perfectly and also a set of stickers to beautify this style Bmx helmet.

2012 Cratoni X-Up Helmet @ $68
Safety is kept at a high level thanks to the advanced ABS hardshell to protect adrenalin-junkies on their flights through the bike park, and Cratoni have added a second padset for optimum fit. For 2012, this helmet is equipped with the proven hyper control adjustment system for optimal safety standards. Additionally, the X-Up comes with a sticker-set in order to customize this stylish Bmx helmet.

WeThePeople Fuse King Crown Gloves @ $38
The Wethepeople fuse king crown gloves are based on the the prince gloves, but with the added comfort and luxury of a gel palm. They are slim and hard wearing with understated look but with a thumb sweat pad and embossed contact points. You really can’t ask for anything more from a pair of gloves.


Odyssey Hellbent Gloves @ $40
These are Mike Aitken’s signature hellbent gloves featuring a padded palm, perforated top and Mike’s signature “diamond” graphic on the strap. He wanted a fingerless style glove that would allow him to have some contact with his brake lever, give him some good grip and help him look even more bad-ass while driving his car.

Odyssey Power Glove @ $45
With a comfortable design, great graphics and gel palm inserts, the power gloves are gloves of the year! They also feature reinforced fingertips and terry thumbs to help make them last, and features gel palm inserts with a silicon palm grip.

Shadow Local Glove @ $48
With a lightweight breathable design, synthetic leather palms with terry cloth thumbs, this new local glove from Shadow is made of neoprene body material with custom embossed pattern, and kevlar wrist guard.

shadow local glove black blue

Shadow Super Slim Elbow Pad @ $35
Shadow Conspiracy super slim elbow pad offers low profile protection.

Shadow Super Slim Knee Pad @ $45
Shadow Conspiracy super slim knee pad offers low profile protection.

Shadow Shinners Shin Guard @ $55
Nobody likes shinners so Shadow Conspiracy decided to keep your legs safe with the shinners shin guard which are so low profile that they are undetectable even under slim fitting pants.


  1. susu said

    hey, are your shin pads instock at both stores?

    • jialong84 said

      We have all the sizes here at our sin ming outlet. Hougang probably too. 🙂

  2. Airdwain said

    hi, is ur oddysey gloves and shadow pads still available?

    • jialong84 said

      Odyssey glove is out of stock. Can consider Shadow ones. Pads are still available.

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