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2013 Wethepeople Arcade Bike @ $400 $550
The Wethepeople arcade 2013 Bmx bike has its superior agility and unique design that gets you off to the perfect start in the world of Bmx. The arcade includes amazing high-end elements from the Wethepeople collection including the integrated headset, mid-BB, 25-9T gearing, Wethepeople arcade pivotal seat, Eclat surge nylon/fiberglass pedal, new soft, and low flange arrow grip, and a fully sealed cassette hub.

2013 Wethepeople Justice Bike @ $450 $600
This year, Wethepeople took satisfaction in modifying the justice bike slightly, it’s hard to change something that’s pretty perfect. Wethepeople kept the tapered top tube and 4130 crmo down tube and only fine-tuned the geometry a little, just to enhance the feel of it. The justice is as fearsome as the cobra it epitomises, right down to the snakeskin textured pivotal seat and brand new arrow grip. It comes with new Salt forum pedal, which are slim, and have a wider surface area.

2013 Wethepeople Reason Bike @ $500 $680
The new look reason bike further accentuates Wethepeople’s striking trademark appearance. Retaining its 4130 crmo top tube, down tube, and chain stays, the bike gives that extra level of strength you need. Equipped with Salt hq fork made from 4130 crmo, thick padded Eclat unify seat, along with some brand new raptor grip, and Salt pro top-load stem, it really gives you much more than your average complete bike.

wethepeople reason red

2013 Wethepeople Crysis Bike @ $560 $760
The 2013 crysis bike is assembled using the best of Wethepeople master level parts package; this includes a full 4130 crmo frame, Salt hq crmo fork, and the sublime Wethepeople mugen grip. The Salt 3-pc heat-treated groove crank, summit double wall rim, and center top load stem mean this bike going to keep going with you all the way. So if you are hooked on riding ramps, street, and dirt, and want a Bmx that’s going to rip up all three, look no further than the crysis.

wethepeople crysis ocean chrome

2011 Cratoni X-Up Helmet @ $48
Security up in the first place! Safety is kept at a high level thanks to the advanced ABS hardshell to protect riders on their rampage in the bike park. Included is a second set of liners padset for optimum fit to ensure that the helmet fits perfectly and also a set of stickers to beautify this style Bmx helmet.

Primo Stricker Magnesium Pedal @ $40
The Primo stricker magnesium pedals are the successor to the tenderisers, with a new design, low-profile, dual concave, lightweight magnesium bodies with 16 replaceable pins per pedal, and 9/16″ cro-mo spindles.

Odyssey Aaron Ross Space Bar @ $80
If anyone has seen an Aaron Ross video, you have undoubtedly seen his bike go flying. This kind of abuse is hell on handlebars, which Aaron used to bend often. Since using his own spacebar, he has stopped bending bars. He wanted a tall bar with narrow box. Aaron’s bars feel like that popular 8 inch bars, and if you use brakes and want big bars, you need the spacebar.

Spacebar in Black Color

Wethepeople Helium Bar @ $80
The helium bar feels very comfortable when it comes to get controll about balancing tricks like “manuals” or “hangfives”. The combination between width and backsweep is very usefull for this kind of tricks. These bars feature new magma heat-treatment on full Japanese 4130 crmo, and are multiple butted with a 1.6mm bend thickness.

Wethepeople C-Murder Bar @ $80
Chester Blacksmith decided to keep it a little lower but with some changes in the shape. The c-murder bars are made out of the finest 4130 cromo steel and are also magma heat-treated for extra strength and to minimize the risk of bending. These bars also go with 7/8“ multiple butted tubes to keep the weight as low as possible but with the same strength.

Fit Skyhigh Bar @ $75
The Fit skyhigh bars are a larger version of the Fit highs bars. So you still get the heat-treated, 13-butted cro-mo tubing with a life time warranty but now you get 8.25” of bars to grab onto. These bars are very similar to the S&M grand slam bar but with a narrower crossbar, resulting in less weight.


Subrosa Pandora Bar @ $75
Ryan Sher’s signature bars, good for trails, street or park. These bars are made from sanko 4130 crmo, and are 100% heat-treated for maximum strength making them both strong and light. They have machined ridges at the bar ends to aid cutting.

Subrosa Pandora/Villicus Bar @ $75
Ryan Sher’s signature bars, good for trails, street or park. These bars are made from sanko 4130 crmo, and are 100% heat-treated for maximum strength making them both strong and light. They have machined ridges at the bar ends to aid cutting.

Sunday Forumph Bar @ $80
Similar to the triumph Bar in rise and width, forumph comes with 4° of upsweep which are easy on the wrists. These bars are made from multi-butted chromoly to help save weight and ram through a 41 thermal heat treating process to increase strength, and backed by a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking.

Forumph Bar

Sunday Triumph Bar @ $80
Branching out from Odyssey, the leaders in BMX parts and accessories, is Jim Cielencki’s own Sunday company. His triumph bars are made from 41 thermal, butted chromoly tubing for strength and weight savings, and are designed to stand tall.

Triumph Bar

Macneil XLT Bar @ $70
XLT stands for extra large/light. These XLT bars are made from heat-treated 13 butted design to make it strong and light. They also have been made as large as the tube technology would allow them to be, and feature the new anti-throttle holes under the grip area. Most likely the largest and lightest butted bar available.

Sputnic Skyline Bar @ $70
The Sputnic skyline bars are Tony Neyer’s signature bars. They are made from 13-butted heat-treated chromoly wth an externally butted cross bar, and there are two different sizes to choose from.

Sunday Morning 2.1 Fork @ $150
The morning 2.1 forks are lighter and stronger than previous models with an improved pre-load bolt design that allows for simplified brake cable and headset adjustments, compatible with 6 and 8mm hexes. The legs are butted from .049 to .035″ and have butted and multi-directional tapered tubing with end notching for improved rail clearance. The dropouts have optimal peg mounting clearance and rounded edges to help during grinds. It’s very much like the Odyssey race fork and even uses the same thermal treating process and 4mm thick dropouts to help keep the weight down.

Fly Agua Fork @ $135
The new lightweight street fork called agua featuring a 1-pc CNC machined steerer tube with integrated bearing race, triple-butted tapered legs, CNC machined alloy compression cap, and 1-pc cast integrated dropouts for a stronger leg to dropout joint and a cleaner look. Internally and externally CNC machined steer tube with integrated cone race make the fork strong and and reduce weight.

Subrosa Pandora V3 Fork @ $120
Ryan Sher signature fork from Subrosa as part of their pandora range. This fork made from 100% sanko chromoly heat treatment with butted and tapered legs that have been notched for pegs. Internally and externally machined steerer tube with machined guides and sunken threads for ease of cutting. Integrated bearing race, alloy compression cap, and 4mm thick dropouts with a 24mm offset for responsive steering.

Subrosa Pandora/Villicus V3 Fork @ $120
The LE version of the pandora v3 fork is painted the same colors as the Subrosa villicus frames. This fork made from 100% sanko chromoly heat treatment with butted and tapered legs that have been notched for pegs. Internally and externally machined steerer tube with machined guides and sunken threads for ease of cutting. Integrated bearing race, alloy compression cap, and 4mm thick dropouts with a 30mm offset for responsive steering.

Odyssey CS2 Race Fork @ $130
The CS2 race forks have a thinner steerer tube than the dirt fork, 4mm tapered, 3/8 dropouts and, uncut steerer tube with pre-load bolt installed. It is 41thermal heat-treated for strength and features 4mm tapered race dropouts with optimal peg clearance. The machined butted steerer tube, rustproof finishing prior to powdercoating, and a lightweight 7075 preload bolt finish off this awesome fork. Of course, it is still covered under Odyssey’s lifetime warranty.


Fit Blade Lite Fork @ $130
These new Fit blade lite forks feature an extra-long tapered steerer tube for use with integrated headset. They also have 6 “Weight Loss Capsules”, basically 6 internally CNC machined sections which removed excess material without reducing the strength of the fork. The blade lite is bullet proof, making it the last fork you´ll ever have to buy.

Sputnic Spectrum Fork @ $130
The Sputnic spectrum fork is a very nice and simple 100% 4130 heat-treated sanko crmo fork with a 4mm thick dropouts, 30mm offset, and double butted fork legs with triangle cutouts to help save weight. Externally butted steerer tube with built-in integrated fork race, this fork comes with a lightweight 6061 alloy top cap.

Primo Kamikaze V2 Fork @ $110
Updated version of Primo’s popular kamikaze fork. The forks are made from butted 20/20 heat treated 4130 cr-mo tubing and now have a built in headset race and holes drilled in the dropouts to save some more weight. The main thing about these forks are that while it will maintain the quality Primo is known for, it also comes with a 100%, “No Questions Asked” warranty. If you break this thing it will be replaced.

Éclat Tibia Crank @ $180
Éclat’s new tibia cranks offer the function and simplicity of a two-piece design, but stay true to the proven splined design of three-piece cranks. The tibia cranks feature a slim arm design, constructed of 4130 cr-mo arms with 48-spline 22mm hollow spindle. The tibia cranks go together smoothly, stay secure and won’t let you down. The right crank for the rider seeking simplicity, functionality and zero headaches.

Fly V2 Crank @ $170
This “2.5-piece” Fly cranks feature the spindle attached to one of the crank arms. This makes fitting and removal easier and makes it more accurate as the arms cannot move from side to side during fitting. They are super-lightweight and feature unique design plates to add strength and prevent bending. They has gone through 3 years of development and testing, so you know they can handle anything you can throw at them and are one of the best BMX cranks available.

Macneil Conjoined V2 Crank @ $170
The newly revised Macneil conjoined v2 cranks are here and the modifications make these new cranks a lot stronger. These Macneil conjoined cranks have the new 2-piece design with 2 tapered tubes that are joined together to increase strength to a whole new level for crank arms. The Macneil v2 conjoined arms wall thickness has been increased and the heat treating has been modified making the new arms much stronger than the original models. The spindle is now gun drilled to reduce the over all weight of the crankset.

Wethepeople A2B Frame @ $300
From A to B, the transformation of a simple idea about being on your bike to riding anything and everything. Ashley Charles put his riding experience into a signature frame that mirrors his understated riding style, and just flows. Made from 4130 Magma heat-treated chromoly with an integrated headtube, double-butted toptube, offset butted downtube, single-butted seattube, integrated seat clamp, 1-pc forged seatstay brace, 6mm thick, invest cast hollow dropouts, wishbone rear end and an externally machined mid BB shell.

Black A2B Frame
White A2B Frame

Fly Tierra V4 Frame @ $330
The Fly tierra may be the most perfect multi use Bmx frame we have seen yet that is comfortable for flat, street and park. Kevin Porter’s signature frame made from 4130 chromoly featuring an offset thickness integrated headtube drilled for gyro tabs, tapered toptube, tapered downtube with integrated downtube gusset, CNC machined spanish BB shell, seatstay located removable easy brake system, and 1-pc cast dropouts for a stronger design and a clean look. Seattube is set back 0.4″ to give more front end room without having to ride a larger frame. Quick, and fun frame with low seat stack height, offset seat tube, and short backend.

Fly 3Amigos Frame @ $200
The frame features off-set tubing in the down tube and around the seat tube/seat stay juncture which is basically internal gussets. The frame also features compact dropouts with machined details inside as well as a built in seat clamp and removable gyro tabs.


Fly Mosca 2 Frame @ $250



  1. Lyn said

    Tierra V4 still available?

  2. Rancel said

    2013 wethepeople arcade bike@400 still available?

    • jialong84 said

      I am sorry, that model sold out, but we have wethepeople justice going at $450

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