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Nora Cup 2011

The Nora Cup is always one of the biggest Bmx parties of the year. Wherever you look, there’s riders, media, Bmx inustry types and riders from the old school in one place. It was an epic night with great presenters and TJ Lavin as the host. Even Aggroman made an appearance! This is how the list of Nora Cup winners looked like that left The Palms with a cup that night. I’m honored to attend the Nora Cup this year for the very first time and here it is…photos that covered with the entire 2011 Ride Bmx Nora Cup Awards show right here. Grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy!

Mikey’s section is the definition of style and definitely helped the vid win.

Mike worked the crowd into a frenzy when he took the mic during Stew’s acceptance speech for video of the year.

Here’s the part of Mikey in Anthem II video. Congratulations to all the winners – great night!

2011 Ride BMX NORA Cup winners:
#1 Ramp Rider – Dennis Enarson (* Team Rider from Demolition)
#1 Dirt Jumper – Chris Doyle (* Team Rider from Demolition)
#1 Flatlander – Moto Sasaki
#1 Street Rider – Garrett Reynolds
#1 Racer – Marc Willers
Best Video Part – Dennis Enarson in Demolition’s “Last Chance”
Video of the Year – Anthem II (Stew Johnson)

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Sunday Friends: William Palmer

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This edition of Sunday friends is an amazing one! William Palmer is a huge fan of Sunday and it shows with all his Aaron Ross Funday collection. There’s some classic colors in here: ocean blue, fluorange, fluorescent yellow, the watermelon bike and now Aaron’s latest the picnic bike. I couldn’t be more stoked on seeing these amazing bikes’ photos here! William’s collection is sweet!

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Custom Sunday Third Wave in White!

Custom builds don’t get much better than this! Sibot Bmx near Crawley, UK built up this new Sunday limited edition white third wave custom bike. Wow! This looks amazing with Odyssey CS2 race fork, Odyssey GY3 bar, Odyssey Twombolt crank etc. Go check out their website for a whole bunch of other interesting custom builds! Nice job!

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Congrats Gary!!!

Gary Young with a huge alleyoop

Chase Hawk with a 270 transfer

X-Games Park finals is over now and Gary ended up taking home the Bronze medal! The duo both ended up tweaking their knees a bit but they pulled some incredible lines and transfers before it all ended. Congrats guys and get well soon! Also, enjoy the 2010 X-Games Park finals highlights video right below…

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Dakota Roche G Sport Ad.

Seems like every company decided to throw up some print ads online today. Here’s another one of Dakota doing a big ol’ toothpick on behalf of G Sport. Check it after the jump.

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Fly Tierra V3

Here is a bikecheck video of Kevin’s new Tierra V3. He’s riding brakeless just for the day thanks to the SBS! This Tierra V3 frame will be available at our store by Late Nov/Early Dec 2009…. Check it out!~


Kevin Porter is celebrating his 10 year anniversary as a pro, and is still cruisin’ Wilson with unique lines with original style…

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TWO generations of FIT. Mikey on his 2010 SIGNATURE TRL and Mike’s son Owen on a TRL 16…

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06.10.2009 – One Year After the Crash

06.10.2009 marked the one year anniversary of the crash that nearly took Mike from us. We couldn’t be more proud of how well he’s pulled through this. To celebrate his recovery, Mike’s wife Trista through him a surprise party and plenty of close friends and family were there to join in the fun… Read more




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Aaron’s Date Bike


Here’s the latest print ad and wallpaper download featuring Aaron Ross from Odyssey and a bike that your lady friend will surely love. Bon appetit!

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Singapore Xtreme Championship 2009…



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