Stem: Front Load

Cult Mind Control Stem @ $100 (Made in USA)
With a look of the classic stem, most are usually over built and too heavy which leads to companies attacking the outside of the stem, which will only weakens the structure. Cult created the desired shape and machined only the insides – to leave a shock proof structure that will not only control your mind, but also your machine. Simple front load design stem from Cult cnc’d from 6061 aluminum in the USA with minimal external machining and rounded edges for a simple look, two internal bores to help save weight, knee friendly rounded backside, hollow bolts and a machined Cult logo on the handle bar clamp.

cult mind control red
cult mind control rasta

Profile Acoustic Stem @ $110 (Made in USA)
The Profile acoustic stem sports a hollow body and a slick front-load design machined from 6061 aluminium in the USA. External machining with chamfered edges and concaved back help clean up the look, while internal machining reduces weight even more without sacrificing strength.

profile Acoustic Stem red

Fiend Reynolds Stem @ $100
Fiend reynolds stem is cnc machined from billet 6061 aluminum, and features a hollowed out center section for weight savings, a forward “drop” front end for minimal rise, solid chromoly stem bolts, and a laser-etched Fiend logo on the side for clean and simple design.


Odyssey Tomahawk Stem @ $100
Odyssey goal with the tomahawk was to develop a new front load stem that used a modified version of the steerer tube clamping system found in the elementary stem. This approach would eliminate sharp bolts and edges at the back, keep the weight down, and still allow riders to tighten and loosen the bars and steerer tube independently from one another. The tomahawk wedge system is captured in the body, allowing riders to remove it only when maintenance is necessary. The steerer tube is clamped by tightening one 6mm hex key bolt on the side of the stem.

Éclat Boxer Stem @ $95
The boxer stem from Eclat is fully cnc machined from 6061-T6 aluminium. The stem features a very light and strong front load design, 6mm micro head hollow bolt, unique offset rear for improved clamping and material saving and unique look. At 48 mm this stem is near perfect, and you’ll find a slightly different clamping system at the front to offset the clamping force.

eclat boxer 1

Demolition Stealth V3 Stem @ $95
The Demolition stealth V3 stem is a frontload stem machined from aluminum featuring internal and external machining, recessed top and side sections, hollowed out center section for additional weight savings, cnc Demolition “D” logo cutout in the faceplate, rounded edges and a recessed compression bolt area for a clean look.

Fly Baja Stem @ $85
The Fly baja stem is a frontload stem cut from 6061-T6 aluminum, and designed to offer slightly more rise than a typical frontload stem. The center section is hollowed out with additional internal machining to help save weight and the machined sides, chamfered edges, and laser-etched logos offer a clean look.

Primo Aneyerlator V2 Stem @ $95
The Primo aneyerlator v2 stem is Tony Neyer’s signature stem CNC machined from 7075 aluminium with a hollowed out centre section, machined sides and hollow clamp bolts to save weight. Revised faceplate increases strength while chamfered edges and laser-etched Primo logo provide a clean look.

Shadow Ravager Stem @ $90
The Shadow ravager front load stem is a stem that is CNC’d from 6061-T6 aluminum featuring a widened body for more handle bar clamping area, rounded clamp and backside, hollow center section and machined sides to reduce weight, chamfered edges and heat-treated hollow stem bolts.

Demolition Stealth V2 Stem @ $80
The Demolition stealth V2 stem is an alloy frontload design with a narrow profile, extensive internal and external machining, and hollow center to save weight. The “D” logo cutout in the face and hollow bolts trim more precious grams. The top of the stem is recessed to allow a fork preload bolt to sit flush, and the rounded edges and laser-etched logo pattern give this stem a clean look.

Shadow Strike Stem @ $90
The Shadow Conspiracy Strike Front Load Stem is moving on from the popular Attack stem, Shadow have featured a rounded handle bar clamp, hollowed out the centre and added a machined centre groove to help save weight, chamfered edges, heat-treated hollow bolts, knee friendly rounded backside and screen printed graphics.


Subrosa Hold On Stem @ $75
The Subrosa lightweight hold on stem is made from 6061 aluminum featuring a split handlebar clamp, is heavily machined on the sides and through the middle to help save weight, heat-treated hollow bolts and a knee friendly rounded backside. It has a split front plates but still plenty durable enough.

Fly Media Stem @ $85
A new design stem from FLY that has the same design as Potencia but with higher 15mm stack height. Hollowed out center and machined sides help save weight along with chamfered edges and laser etched logos for a clean look.

Fly Potencia Stem @ $85
Frontload design stem that has been CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with internal and external machining to help save weight along with chamfered edges and laser etched Flybikes logos for a nice clean look.

Fit Down Low Regular (DLR) Stem @ $100 (Made in USA)
With it’s unique design, this Fit DLR stem looks is CNC machined to reduced the weight to under 300 grams. It has a new top-clamping system which holds everything more secure than ever before, and has a regular rise or 8.5mm (compared to the DLD version with 3mm).


Fit Down Low Drop (DLD) Stem @ $105 (Made in USA)
With it’s unique design, this new stem from Fit looks set to be a sell-out. It is heavily CNC machined, reducing the weight – so much so, that it is 40 grams lighter than the S3! It also has a new top-clamping system which holds everything more secure than ever before.


Wethepeople Supreme Stem @ $80
This Wethepeople supreme stem is fully CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, featuring a bored-out middle section to reduce weight, and an offset rear for improved clamping, material saving, and unusual look. Redesigned for 2011, this stem is a light, and strong front load stem with stainless steel helicoiled threads.

Éclat Hannibal Stem @ $95
Constructed of 7075-T6 alloy, the Éclat’s first front-loading hannibal stem is fully CNC machined, featuring 50mm reach, 6mm head hollow stem bolts, offset rear machining for improved clamping and maximum underside machining to remove excess material for additional weight savings. Named for one of the most talented military commanders in Carthaginian history, the hannibal stem is in control of a tight steering system.

S&M Lil Redneck XLT Stem @ $95 (Made in USA)
This Lil Redneck XLT Stem is more narrow, shorter, has more machining, plus a split cap to save weight, rounded edges for a clean look and a knee friendly rounded backside. It’s exactly what its name says, a lil Redneck. It’s like a Redneck on a diet.

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