Seat: Rail

Odyssey Mike Aitken Seat @ $45
The Odyssey Mike Aitken signature seat is an old school diamond seat cover with Aitken and Odyssey embossed in the pattern with chromoly rails for extra strength.

KHE Hurley Street Seat @ $40
KHE hurley street seat is actually perfect for street riding and racing too. It is extra-lightweight, with a slim, long profile which makes it easier to control the bike. It has an embossed cover, which gives plenty of grip in all conditions and the plastic bumper protects the entire seat, so it will last for ages.


S&M P-Rail Plastic Seat @ $35
The S&M p-rail plastic seat is designed to work with the S&M p-guts and a regular pivotal seat post. The rails on the seat allow it to be moved forwards or backwards on the guts before attaching to the pivotal post to allow for adjustment of your seat position – this is genius if you find your regular pivotal system puts your seat too far forward. According to S&M, this seat has been tested using the boniest arses in the company and is as comfortable as it gets.

Primo Balance Seat @ $25
The Primo balance seat is hugely popular. It has a fully padded tear-resistant cover with grippy nose and back for seat grabs. It is well made with dual-layer stitched ends and you have the choice of lighter cold-forged 6061-T6 aluminium rails or stronger cromo rails. So it’s soft, comfortable, light and durable.

Wethepeople Rail Seat @ $20
The WeThePeople wing seat is designed from ultra form. This seat features an embossed kevlar-type top cover with a ultra new-school slim design shape, and a 8mm low-pro 4130 hollow crmo rails.


  1. irfanpissdrunk said

    Do you still sells mike aitken rail seats or s&m p-rail seats?

    • jialong84 said

      Yes, we still have S&M P-RAIL PADDED SEAT BLACK KEVLAR available here at our sin ming outlet.

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