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Legendary Products – Odyssey 41 Thermal Thermal

DIG BMX did a great write up on Odyssey legendary 41 thermal forks. Odyssey’ve been refining this heat treating process for over a decade now and utilize it on all their forks, bars and cranks. It’s so good that all of their 41 thermal products come with a lifetime warranty.

Over the past decade Odyssey’s 41 thermal forks have established a reputation for superior strength and quality. In 1997 the guys at Odyssey sat down with intentions of producing the strongest forks that they were capable of making, and after two years of meticulous testing and prototyping they hit the shops. The forks were the first product that Odyssey used their now world renowned 41 thermal heat treating process on. Before this, nobody had really messed around with the idea of post weld heat-treating chromoly to make it more resilient against bending or breaking. After they finished the forks, Odyssey applied the same thinking to anything they made using welded 4130. They followed with handlebars, cranks, seatposts, and eventually working with Jim Cielencki on Sunday frames, all using the same proven 41 thermal process. Odyssey were so adamant that their forks were the strongest available, that they attached a full lifetime warranty to anything with the 41 thermal logo.

13 years later the 41 thermal forks are still the only choice of fork for many pro riders. The design has progressed right along with the rest of Odyssey’s ever expanding product line up, but after constant testing and refinement, the principal of creating the strongest fork on the market remains the same. Odyssey are always testing and refining their forks. The latest versions still cater for a wide variety of riding styles, and are available in a traditional 32mm offset, a more street influenced 25mm offset and even a set with brake lugs.

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One Hot Product – Demolition’s Revolt Crank

In this week’s 60 second product spotlight video Demolition flow rider Matty Long drops some knowledge about their new Revolt crank. Check it out!

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Éclat Bondi Rim Advert / IZ Pulido

Designed exclusively by Éclat, the bondi straight wall rim features a unique wide design which spreads the impact load of harsh landings more thoroughly, meaning you get a longer-lasting rim in a lightweight, functional package from Éclat. Constructed of 6066-T6 alloy and flash welded for strength, the bondi rim is the rim of choice for Éclat team riders.

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Union Bmx Review: Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Fork

A few weeks ago when I was building up my new setup. I decided it was probably time to try out a set of new forks. I don’t know if you have looked around much lately or not, but there are a lot of different options. I counted 46 on one of the mail-orders. After looking around quite a bit, I decided on picking up the Shadow Conspiracy Vultus forks. A friend of mine had picked up a set and I liked the feel of his bike, so why not? Right? Let’s take a closer look at these forks…

The Shadow Vultus is a post-weld heat-treated Sanko chromoly fork that internal and external butting on the steerer tube, butted and tapered legs, a flattened tapering area at the bottom of the legs and 4mm thick drop outs. The fork has a 26mm offset with a 165mm steerer tube length (315mm total height) and a 6061 alloy compression cap. The Vultus fork weighs in at a lightweight 30 ounces which is right around where the majority of forks are at these days. It’s no Ditch fork.

I should also mention that this fork has a built in race for integrated headsets. My dumb ass put my race on not thinking since I’ve never had forks with that built in and if you look closely at the video you can see it. After I put the camera away I realized it and pulled it off. You don’t need it. I know I’ve seen other bikes where they put a race on as well and didn’t notice, but you don’t need it so don’t put it on…

All right, so what does that all mean? The post-weld heat treating, from my understanding – I’m no welder – means that after they have the fork welded, they heat up the metal to a real high temperature which causes the atoms in the metal to re-arrange themselves which helps to relieve stress points in the fork and allows the fork to actually become stronger. Given, this isn’t new technology and the majority of brands use heat-treating on most of their products. It’s comforting to know measures are taken to keep things from snapping under you when shit hits the fan.

The external and internal butting on the steerer tube basically just says they have shaved away unnecessary material on the steerer tube where the least amount of stress is put on it while shaving a few ounces in the process.

The same goes for the legs on the butting, but they also taper a bit and flatten at the end which, if I remember right / assuming right, makes the legs stronger because the tighter radius and the shape of the flattening.

The 26mm offset was one reason in particular I was interested in this fork. The steeper the rake of the fork, the easier it is to do nose tricks and gives the front end a little more responsiveness. The traditional offset is around 32 or 33mm.

Aesthetically the forks are very eye pleasing. They’ve got a real smooth design and look from the tapering and flattening with clean drop outs. If you look closely, the cut out in the dropout makes it look a lot like the Shadow Logo… No?

There’s also a cut out at the bottom of the steerer tube that looks like an inverted coffin. I’m not sure why they did it inverted, but still a nice aesthetic touch. The graphics are also pretty badass…

Overall, the Vultus fork has been holding up just fine these past few weeks and I’m impressed with the feel and look of the fork as well. My balance point on the nose has definitely been a little easier to hit. I know I’ve had a few hang fives go for a bit and I can’t even do that trick for the life of me. Do I think you should buy some? I think if you are in the market for a fork that gives you a little more turning response and you like doing nose manuals and hang 5′s that these might just be the proper unit for your shredder. I’m definitely a fan.

Note: Look at the peg clearance.

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Lil Stevie Demolition Revolt Crank Commercial

Here Stevie proves that the Demolition cranks are legit. He ends this with a 360 down El Toro. Yeah, Hoder already did it in that S&M quarterly DVD but I’m guessing a lot of you haven’t seen that yet. I wonder what else Stevie might have on deck from El Toro…

Demolition Revolt Crank
The Demolition revolt cranks have been proven/ tested by their whole team for the whole year of 2010. They added a new heat treatment process, thicker tubing and made them with a stiffer shape. All for those that need the security of a stress-free crank. The Demolition crew stands by them and swear they are the strongest cranks they’ve ridden. Heat-treated tubular chromoly arms with a forged spindle boss that is flush with the arm to reduce ankle scarring, 48 spline, 19 mm hollow chromoly spindle, and flush mount spindle bolts.

  • Full 4130 Heat-treated chromoly and thicker tubing crankarm
  • Unique V-shaped ridge on the front of crankarm for increased strength and stiffness
  • Forged spindle bosses are flush and low profile for zero ankle bites
  • 19mm hollow chromoly 48 spline spindle
  • Left & right hand drive compatible
  • Length: 175mm
  • Weight: 860g
  • Colour: Black

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Sputnic’s Ben Hucke Space Cobra Promo

“Here Ben Hucke gives you some insight on his new signature frame the Space Cobra, and also throws down some moves at his local spots.” – Sputnic

  • Material: 4130 Sanko chromoly – double butted down tube – Externally butted seat stays
  • Top Tube: 20.6″
  • Chain Stay: 13.75″ with room to remove wheel
  • Head Tube: 75°, heat treated– CNC machined drilled for gyro tabs
  • Seat Tube: 71°– single butted– 9.0″ height with integrated seat clamp
  • BB Type: Mid, CNC machined– heat treated– grindable design
  • BB Height: 11.75″
  • Dropout: 5mm thick heat treated dropouts
  • Brake: Low profile, removable brake mounts
  • Weight: 2100g
  • Color: Available in Black && Red
  • MRSP: $420

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Shadow’s Slicker Sleeves are available now!

Over the past 3 years, Shadow has been experimenting with different versions of plastic pegs. As you can see from the photo above, they tried a lot of different concepts and materials. Some of the concepts were basic and others more complex.

When Shadow started this project they had a few reasons why they wanted to make a plastic peg, such as weight, more skatepark friendly, and the ability to grind different surfaces. Plastic is not the strongest material and we found making a 100% plastic peg without metal reinforcement that after grinding and rotating the peg, strength was compromised.

So weight became less important to us and the function of grinding on different surfaces became our main focus. The obvious choice was the one that was the least complex – a plastic sleeve that slides over our chromoly peg. Simple and inexpensive, the Shadow slicker sleeves when paired with the proven, and very popular, Shadow little ones pegs, have the strength of a chromoly peg.

It is now totally possible to grind surfaces that would have been impossible without the slicker sleeves.

To help demonstrate just how they work, they put together this quick commercial. Seth Kimbrough shows you what’s up on some rough brick coping.

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One Hot Product – Sputnic’s Rewind Rear Wheel

Sputnic’s complete rewind rear cassette wheel comes with a 9T driver and is built to last. Dave Erecitano from Skarkys Distribution gives us the run down.

It’s now available in Black, Red, and Purple for both front, and rear. Get it fast! Click here for more info…

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Ben Hucke’s Signature Local Grip

After the basics of what a rider wants in a signature grip have been determined, the next step in the design process is making a 3D model. This allows as many revisions that are needed to be easily made with direct input from the rider, in this case, Ben Hucke. Once the 3D model is finalized a tech drawing, as seen below, is sent to the vendor to begin the mold making process.

Shadow Local grip features

  • New longer lasting material
  • Medium 30mm circumference
  • 144mm length
  • Soft 25 durometer
  • Textured ribs provide pleasure for your hands
  • Shadow nylon bar ends included

Also, take a look at Ben Hucke bike check right below. That bike is hot!

  • Frame: Sputnic Space Cobra
  • Fork: Shadow Creeper V3
  • Bar: Shadow Vultus 8.5
  • Stem: Shadow Strike
  • Grip: Shadow Local
  • Headset: Sputnic
  • Seatpost: Shadow pivotal
  • Seat: Shadow Ryan Sher Mid Pivotal
  • Crank: Sputnic 175mm
  • Sprocket: Shadow Ravager 28T
  • BB: Shadow
  • Chain: Shadow Interlock V2
  • Front Tire: Shadow Overtaker 2.25
  • Front Rim: Shadow Stun
  • Front Hub: Shadow Raptor
  • Rear Tire: Shadow Overtaker 2.25
  • Rear Rim: Shadow stun
  • Rear Hub: Shadow Raptor, LHD
  • Spoke: Shadow
  • Pedal: Shadow Ravager Plastic
  • Pegs: Shadow Little Ones

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One Hot Product – Sunday’s Third Wave Frame

Keeping some of the tried and true Sunday frame components, and adding in some new additions to improve on the original designs, Sunday’s Jim Cielencki breaks down their newest third wave frame.

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