Stranger XXLT Rim @ $125
The Stranger XXLT rim is extruded from lightweight 7000 series aluminum and features an ultra wide rim profile that increases strength by allowing the impact forces to spread across a greater area while creating a more proportional look with wide tires. This unique shape not only increases the rim durability, but also reduces pinch flats. Holes are drilled in low stress point areas to help shed as much weight as possible without affecting strength, and nipple holes are offset for additional lateral support.

stranger xxlt rim

G-Sport Rollcage Rim @ $125
If the ribcage is too rich for your blood, the rollcage is its more affordable sibling. The rollcage makes use of the ribcage’s proven cross-lacing for improved durability and stronger wheel builds, and also incorporates a similar cross-sectional design that has been narrowed down to 34mm’s. Additionally, this section-shape utilizes thick 2.1mm sidewalls for impact resistance. Using the same shape and cross lacing created a really strong wheel, but 6061 and no ribs can drop the price considerably. You’ll be able to tell the Rollcage “by eye” because it has a groove that runs along the center of the rim.


G-Sport Ribcage Rim @ $140
G-Sport owned by Odyssey and the ribcage has been one of the only rims to have true design breakthroughs. The spoke holes are drilled and re-enforced with ribs for cross-spoke lacing, where the spokes goes from one side of the hub to the opposite side of the rim for increased strength. The cross-spoke created more of a web of structure, which multiplies the stiffness and strength. The outer walls are extra thick to protect against case dents, while the other walls are extra thin to keep it light. All of these advantages create the premier rim, but do effect the cost.


Odyssey 7Ka Rim @ $135
The best rims on the market are the highest grades of aluminum, welded seams and well designed cross-sections to provide high strength at low weights. One of the lightest rims Odyssey makes is also the strongest. This is accomplished by using 7000 series aluminum. Instead of simply removing material to make light rims, Odyssey improved the material so when weight is reduced, 7ka is still an ultra high strength rim. It is actually slighty wider rim than most other double wall rims at 34 mm wide and 17 mm tall.

7ka white

G-Sport Birdcage Rim @ $125
At first glance the birdcage looks like a fairly conventional “aero” style rim, but there is more to it than that. The first clue comes from the name; birds have hollow bones to save weight whilst retaining as much strength as possible, and the birdcage rim has a hollow bead for the same reason. The rim’s hollow bead is still big and chunky to help reduce the chances of pinch puncturing or flat spotting the rim, but by creating a tiny hollow cavity inside it we can also keep the weight right down.

birdcage r

Primo Balance 7005 Rim @ $95
This new Primo balance 7005 version of the excellent balance rim is made with 7005-series aluminium, making it stronger and stiffer. With a double-walled center i-beam design and with offset spoke holes, this rim has its internal wall of the rim drilled out between the spoke holes to make these rims incredibly light while still very strong as the regular balance rim. Extra holes have been drilled in inner wall to save weight without letting dirt get through the rim.

Primo VS 7005 Rim @ $95
The new Primo vs rim is made from 7005 aluminium, making it stronger and stiffer. With a new v shaped i-beam construction for added strength, this rim has its holes drilled between the wide offset spoke holes in the inner wall to save weight, and is welded at the seam.


Odyssey Aerospace Rim @ $110
The Odyssey aerospace rim features an aero, or v-shaped cross-section, which creates a unique structural design. Made from 6000 series aluminum, it’s both easy to manufacture, incredibly durable, and create a double-walled rim that’s strong, light and affordable. Thick inner sidewalls, and a lowered center wall section provide more room when installing or removing tires, and running brakes isn’t an issue.


Odyssey Hazardlite Rim @ $100
The original lightweight triple wall rim is called the Hazard Lite . At 485g the Hazard Lite weighs less than some “light” single wall rims. This rim is a standard among today’s professional riders. Most anyone who knows, uses this as a lightweight rim you can trust to put up with a ton of abuse. Welded seam and inclined spoke holes for increased strength, this Hazard Lite is 32mm wide and 17mm tall.

hazard lite

Salt Plus Summit Straight Rim @ $55
The Salt plus summit rim is a very good Bmx rim for little money. Made of heat treated 6061-T6 alloy, double wall, and straight side walls give this rim a high quality structure.


Salt Plus Summit Aero Rim @ $55
The Salt plus summit rim is a very good Bmx rim for little money. Made of heat treated 6061-T6 alloy, double wall, and aero side walls give this rim a high quality structure.


Fly Piramide Rim @ $70
The Fly piramide rim is a double-walled rim extruded from aluminum featuring a pyramid shaped profile for greater structural support, offset spokes holes for increased wheel stiffness and a triple pinned seam. This rim is a new affordable lightweight rim which is available in 17mm low profile version for brakeless riders or a 21mm medium profile version for use with brakes.

Shadow Stun Rim @ $95
The Shadow stun rims feature a wide profile, with three internal chambers for increased strength and are made from 6061-T6 aluminium for lightweight. This rim features a double walled design with 6061 heat treated construction with welded joins, 2 upright beams, creating three separate chambers  for strength.

Shadow Orbis Rim @ $95
A lightweight, front specific or brakeless rear rim from the Shadow Conspiracy. The Orbis rim is made out of double-wall 6061 aluminium with an aero shape construction with a super-low profile and welded seam. This rim features 3 hollow chambers and a welded seam for added strength.

Éclat X-Odus Rim @ $75
The Éclat x-odus rim’s unique lacing prevents lateral forces from bending the rim, allowing for a stronger overall wheel build while also keeping the weight down. This rim features a cross-laced pattern which is more strong as usual spoke systems. Constructed of double wall 6066-T6 flash-welded alloy with a laser-etched Éclat logo and concaved center section that creates angled spoke holes for a cross lace lacing pattern.

Éclat Bondi Aero Rim @ $75
Designed exclusively by éclat, the new aero wall rim features a unique wide design which spreads the impact load of harsh landings more thoroughly, meaning you get a longer-lasting rim in a lightweight, functional package from Éclat. Constructed of 6066 alloy and flash welded for strength, available in a wealth of colors, and including extra wide rim tape to prevent flats.

Fly Rim @ $100
Here is Fly’s rim which is not only slimmer, it uses regular lacing and has loads of holes drilled out to reduce the weight to a minimum. Sergio and Dylan have been using it for months on the rear with out problems, so no worries on the strength which is partially due to an extra thick section on the sidewalls.



  1. jialong84 said

    We used to have Sun Ringle 20inch rim in 32H but already sold out. Will replenish stock soon.

  2. jialong84 said

    A pc…

  3. ramdhan said

    The primo balance 7005 in chrome still available? If i buy how long will it takes to deliver to my house?

    • jialong84 said

      Yes, the rim is still available. You can drop me a sms @ 81188529 to arrange for delivery.

  4. ramdhan said

    If i buy purple demolition rogue hub in purple color n primo 7005 balance rim in chrome colour how much must i pay if i want to include spokes n nipples plus lacing?

    • jialong84 said

      $210, Hub + $95, Rim + $35 Spoke. Lacing is foc as long as you purchase rim + spoke + hub from us. 🙂

  5. Nao. said

    Do u still have two g-sport birdcage rims? If u do, is it at Hougang?

    • jialong84 said

      I still have last two pcs in black here at our sin ming outlet. Hg store got a pair in red.

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