Braking: Lever

Odyssey Springfield Lever @ $20
The Odyssey springfield brake lever is cast from aluminum featuring a medium sized lever for 1, or 2 finger braking and a hinged handlebar clamp for easy installation. This new lever from Odyssey is more affordable lever based on the same feel and shape as the medium monolever.


Odyssey Mono Lever @ $32
The mono lever has become one of the most popular levers with even the most dedicated traditional lever users switching over. While it has a minimal size and shape, the design that went into it is anything but minimal, every angle and edge was thought about, which you can feel when you pull it. All replaceable hardware to eliminate stripping included, and top clamping bracket keeps bottom of lever smooth to prevent nicks & cuts.

monolever chrome

Éclat Sniper Brake Lever @ $35
The Eclat sniper is a more refined lever, a sleeker looking model but still using cold-forged 6066-T6 alloy and utilizing all the modern elements from the previous levers. One of the main differences with this lever is the attention to detail Eclat put into the barrel joint, in the past levers have always suffered here with over tightening and threading. Eclat use stronger cromoly in this area so the brake alignment is never compromised while tightening the barrel.

eclat-sniper-2011-brake lever-04

Éclat Swift Brake Lever @ $30
Éclat’s new swift lever has the perfect bend without the need for any customization. It features a unique clasp design which allows for a wide range of placement on the handlebar and the lever’s extended profile means you don’t need to bend your brake lever to fit your handlebar. Embossed Éclat logos compliment the swift lever’s design, with both left and right versions available.

Éclat Sniper Brake Lever @ $34
Éclat’s Sniper brake lever is forged from 6066-T6 aluminum with an extended clamp profile for increased performance when ran on the bend of the handlebars, a hinged backside for easy removal and installation and a bent blade design perfect for one or two finger braking.



Salt Plus Lever @ $20
The Salt plus is an attractively priced brake lever in a plain black look. It is ergonomically designed with a hinged clamp design, completely made of aluminium and suitable for most bars with a diameter of 22.2mm.

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  1. jialong84 said

    Possible as long as the lever can fix on your bar. It depends on the bar diameter.

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