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Wethepeople 2017 Complete Bikes are in!

2017 Wethepeople Nova Bike @ $480
The legendary Wethepeople nova returns for 2017, bringing Wethepeople quality and dialled Salt parts together into a stunning looking bike with the same attitude towards detail and performance that the rest of the range is built on. A short 20” toptube and 13.2” chainstay keeps the nova nimble and easy to adjust to for first time riders, and the 25-9 gearing, Salt topload stem and mid padded combo seat give it the same feel with the pro level bikes. You’ll be hard to find an entry-level bike that packs as much punch as the nova.

  • Colour: Matt Black

2017 Wethepeople Curse Bike @ $530
Arguably one of the most anticipated bikes of the year, the 2017 curse is the best it’s ever been. This year wethepeople raised the bar (literally) and shortened up the chainstays and cranks, giving the curse a snappier and more responsive feel. Along with a fully sealed Salt cassette hub and Wethepeople vex compound grips, this year’s curse is now rocking the all new Salt tracer tire in 2.35” front and rear, for an uncompromised ride no matter the terrain.

  • Colour: Matt Black w/ Gyro (*$550), Metallic Red, or Matt Grey

2017 Wethepeople Arcade Bike @ $580
The arcade is one stylish ride built to shred it all. This year Wethepeople gave the arcade a shorter 13.2” chainstay and 165mm cranks, giving it a more responsive and modern feel. You’ll also find on top of the Salt ex sealed cassette hub and Wethepeople tripod seat and post combo, some new components from Salt including the ex grips and tracer 2.35” tires front and in the rear due to the super wide Salt moto XL brake. If it’s the matt black with a smattering of oil slick parts, or the mystical smoked chrome version, you have one incredible bike that rides just as good as it looks.

  • Colour: Matt Black, or Black Chrome

2017 Wethepeople Justice Bike @ $620
Keen eyes will notice that this machine is styled on some of the bikes that Wethepeople pro team were riding last season. The justice is a carefully assembled masterpiece, with a certain sophistication that you won’t find anywhere else. Now with a 9” rise bar bolted up to the new Salt comp stem, this fantastic all round bike comes with fully removable brake hardware and all the equipment you will need to conquer any terrain you bring it to. Available in two jaw dropping colour schemes and a choice of two toptube sizes, the justice really is the bike of no half measures.

  • Colour: Metallic Navy (20.5″), or Trans Teal (20.5″, or 21″)

2017 Wethepeople Reason Bike @ $680
A bike that caters to the needs of the modern street rider, for 2017 the reason isn’t too far from a full pro level bike. Spec’d with shorter 165mm cranks, super slick nylon Saltplus pro hubguards, a steep 28mm offset fork and fully sealed bearings throughout, if you like to grind and push your bike to the limits on the streets, you’ve found the perfect tool for the job.

  • Colour: Matt Black (* W/ Freecoaster @ $720), or Matt Blue

2017 Wethepeople Crysis Bike @ $780
The crysis is a bike that lets you decide your path, and gives you the tools to get anything done, and in real style too. You’ll find a healthy dose of Eclat aftermarket parts including the super wide trippin XL rims, low profile slash pedals and even the new talon brake which accommodates the largest tires on the market. If that wasn’t enough, the crysis combines Saltplus pro nylon hubguards and Salt AM nylon pegs, allowing you to grind any ledge rail or curbs in sight.

  • Colour: Raw (20.5″), or Copper (20.5″, or 21″ w/ Freecoaster @ $800)

2017 Wethepeople Trust Bike @ $900
A special slice of radness. The trust is a finely tuned beast designed to kill it on any surface or environment. This suave machine is full of the latest parts form Eclat including fireball tires and trippin rims, as well as a generous dose of Saltplus components like the SDS trapez cassette hub to tie it all together, ensuring you’re riding a bike that suits and fits you like nothing else.

  • Colour: Glossy Black

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Stranger Products are in!

Crank: Stranger Mass V2 Crank in 175mm, Black
Frame: Stranger Ballast Frame, 20.5″, or 20.75″ in Black, Stranger Sean Ricany Frame, 20.75″, or 21″ in Black
Grip: Stranger Eric L Grip in Black, Stranger Quan Kraton Grip in Black, or Yellow/Black
Handlebar(4pc): Stranger Brooks Bar, 9.0″, or 9.5″ in Black, or Chrome
Rim: Stranger XXLT Rim in Black
Rim Tape: Stranger Rim Strip in Black/Red
Seat (Pivotal): Stranger Ricany Pivotal Seat in Tiger Camo, Stranger Augie Pivotal Seat in Sublimated, Stranger Reservation Pivotal Seat in Sublimated, Stranger Hi-Vis Pivotal Seat in Black/Silver
Seat (Tripod): Stranger Ricany Tripod Seat in Tiger Camo, Stranger Augie Tripod Seat in Sublimated, Stranger Reservation Tripod Seat in Sublimated
Sprocket: Stranger Strangergram Guard Sprocket, 25T, or 28T in Black, Polished, or Oil Slick, Stranger Strangergram Sprocket, 25T, or 28T in Black, Polished, or Oil Slick
Stem (Top Load): Stranger Machine Stem in Oil Slick, Stranger Haze Stem in Black
Tyre (Non-Foldable) Stranger Haze Tyre, 2.4″ in Black Wall, Blue w/ Black Wall, Red w/ Black Wall, or Gum w/ Black Wall

stranger mass v2 crank 2
ballast frame trans black
ballast sean ricany frame trans black
stranger quan grip
stranger eric l grip
stranger brooks bar chrome
stranger brooks bar
stranger xxlt rim
stranger augie seat
stranger reservation seat
stranger-hi-vis-seat 2


stranger machine stem oil slick
stranger haze stem
stranger haze tire blue
stranger haze tire red

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Cult Vans Grips restock!

Cult Vans Grip @ $20
The Cult vans grips are made by ODI in the USA from their proprietary rubber compound and feature the classic Vans waffle pattern design on the grip area for maximum traction and comfort. This new Cult x vans collaboration grips featuring the worlds most recognizable sole, good enough for your feet good enough for your hands.

  • Made by ODI
  • Krayton soft rubber compound
  • Legendary Vans waffle design
  • Cult nylon plug style bar ends included
  • Diameter: 31.5mm
  • Length: 150mm
  • Colour: Black (Flange/Flangeless), Gum (Flange/Flangeless), Red, Blue, Purple, or Yellow

cult van grips

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2015 Lotek Shoes are here!

Lotek Nightwolf Shoe @ $98
The nightwolf is Mike Aitken’s signature shoe and features a padded mid top profile with a tough suede upper with metal lace eyelets. The nightwolf also has a grippy vulcanised sole unit with Lotek’s new padded urethane insole for added support and comfort.

  • Size: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, or 11
  • Colour: Black/Camo, Black/Gum, or Black/White


Lotek Fader Shoe @ $98
The fader is Craig Passero’s signature shoe and features a thinly padded low top upper made from tough canvas with metal eyelets and a breathable mesh tongue. The fader also has a grippy vulcanised sole unit with Lotek’s new dual density insole for added support and comfort.

  • Size: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, or 11
  • Colour: Camo/White, Black/Gum, Black/Red, Brown/White, or Grey/White


Lotek Reeves Shoe @ $98
The fader is Garrett Reeves’s signature shoe and features a thinly padded low top upper made from tough canvas with metal eyelets and a breathable mesh tongue. The fader also has a grippy vulcanised sole unit with Lotek’s new dual density insole for added support and comfort.

  • Size: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, or 11
  • Colour: Black/Gum, or Black/Brown


Lotek Mac Shoe @ $98
The mac model is Shaun Macintosh’s signature shoe and features a padded mid top upper with achilles cut out for extra flexibility. The upper is made from durable suede with metal eyelets and sits on a vulcanised sole unit with Lotek’s new dual density insole for added support and comfort.

  • Size: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, or 11
  • Colour: Black, Black/Brown, Black/Camo, Black/Mex, or Black/Grey


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2015 Wethepeople Complete Bikes are here!

2015 Wethepeople Curse Bike @ $520
The Wethepeople curse 2015 Bmx bike is a very modern and well equipped entry level Bmx complete bike which offers you very solid and stable equipment for an affordable price. With its 20.25″ inch top tube length, the Wethepeople curse bike is the ideal all-round Bmx bike for young starters of the Bmx sport and offers you the opportunity to let you check out all disciplines.

curse black
curse graphite

2015 Wethepeople Arcade Bike @ $550
The Wethepeople arcade Bmx bike is a great entry level Bmx complete bike with 20.5″ inch length and offers you for its reasonable price not only a top modern equipment like a integrated headset and mid BB with sealed bearings, the Wethepeople arcade bike also comes with a 3-pc crmo crankset as well as a rugged wheelset including a cassette hub. This awesome Bmx bike has a high and wide handlebar setup including top loader stem and a currently top modern tripod seat combo and comes with a rear u-brake and a pair of pegs ready to start action!

2015 arcade raw
2015 arcade green

2015 Wethepeople Justice Bike @ $600
The Wethepeople justice 2015 Bmx bike is one of the most popular and best beginner class Bmx bikes with phenomenal features and will let the heart of every Bmx enthusiasts beat higher this year again. The Wethepeople Justice bike offers you a partial 4130 crmo equipment quality at frame and fork and includes an integrated headset, mid BB with sealed bearings, but also a completely removable brake hardware. A stable wheelset with cassette hub laced into a double wall rim, a top current tripod seat combo and a 3-pc crmo crankset, and a high rise bar and stem setup offers you an absolutely unbeatable great complete bike package at a low price.

2015 justice black
2015 justice acidized black
2015 justice red

2015 Wethepeople Reason Bike @ $680
The Wethepeople reason 2015 Bmx bike is a really great equipped mid-class Bmx complete bike with a 20.75″ inch long frame including crmo quality main tubes but of course also with integrated headset, seat clamp, a mid BB and full removable brake hardware. A high rise bar, fork, and the 3-pc crankset are made from 100% crmo and build up a stable quality basic. The wheelset includes sealed bearings and double wall rims, a tripod seat combo and great quality components of Saltplus which let become the Wethepeople reason bike one of the best mid-class Bmx bikes you can get.

2015 reason black
2015 reason trans blue

2015 Wethepeople Crysis Freecoaster Bike @ $820
The Wethepeople crysis 2015 Bmx bike is a very high quality mid-class Bmx complete bike with a frame, fork, handlebar basic setup in 100% crmo quality. It offers a selection of rock-solid and durable quality parts from Wethepeople, Salt and Saltplus like a drive unit of 3-pc. Crmo crankset in and a complete sealed bearing wheelset with freecoaster and female front hub laced into strong double wall rims. The top load stem and the sprocket are made of cnc machined high grade aluminium, a top modern tripod seat combo and removable brake hardware as the usage of sealed bearings all over make the Wethepeople crysis bike a very high quality equipped all round Bmx complete bike where it was thought of everything! Highly recommend this bike for those who like doing their street and park tricks rolling quietly and without annoying backward pedaling.

2015 crysis raw

2015 Wethepeople Versus Bike @ $850
The Wethepeople versus 2015 Bmx bike is a very high quality mid-class Bmx complete bike and comes in medium 20.75″ inch top tube length with short rear end including 100% crmo quality. It is equipped with high quality parts from Salt, Saltplus, and Eclat. For a modern top all round Bmx you can find here already practically all the features of a pro bike, like a stable 3-pc crmo crankset or a high quality and complete sealed bearing wheelset laced with double wall rims and even a female front hub. But also a pivotal seat combo, and a high rise stem-bar setup, completely removable brake hardware and of course the exclusive use of sealed bearings all over make this versus bike a great mid-class Bmx for a great mid-range price.

2015 versus raw

2015 Wethepeople Envy Bike @ $1450
This year’s top model provides Wethepeople again with the very popular Wethepeople envy 2015 Bmx bike, which of course comes in 100% sanko crmo and best production quality equipped with modern and highest quality parts of Wethepeople, and Eclat. This year’s highlight is the lhd/rhd compatible spline drive unit with a freecoaster hub, which is equipped with a 8T SDS driver that offers you maximum flexibility as well as driving pleasure. But also with wide handlebar setup and a pivotal seat combo and a wheelset with sealed bearing female hubs laced with strong double wall rims and lots attention to details, make the Wethepeople envy bike one of the best available all-round high end complete bikes on the market. The Wethepeople envy bike will be delivered with pre-installed brake hardware.

2015 envy titan

2015 Wethepeople Atlas 24″ Bike @ $920
Whilst the noble 20″ Bmx bike is undoubtedly the best thing you can buy with two wheels, sometimes bigger is better. If you’re in need of a weekend bike, a pub bike or just need a cruiser to get the legs full of blood on a cold winters morning, the Wethepeople atlas bike is for you. Wethepeople cruiser model for 2015 comes with 24” wheels which makes it perfect not only for touring the streets but also it’s more than capable of getting some air time down at the trails or flowing round the bowls at the local park. Built on a full crmo frame, fork and bar along with a double wall fully sealed wheelset, and 48 spline crankset, this bike is going to hold on long after you get scared. A sweet paint job and red anodized parts, Wethepeople wanted their big brother of the range to ride as good as it looks.

2015 atlas black

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Odyssey/G-Sport Products are here!

Bar End: Odyssey Par End in Black
Braking (Gyro): Odyssey GTX-S Gyro in Black
Braking (Lever): Odyssey Monolever, Medium, LHD in Black
Braking (U-Brake): Odyssey Evo 2 Brake in Black
Crank: Odyssey Thunderbolt Crank, LHD, or RHD in Black
Fork: Odyssey R25/R32 Fork in Black
Hub Accessories: G-Sport Gland MK 3 Hub Guard in Black
Pedal (Plastic): Odyssey Twisted PC Pedal in Black, Odyssey Twisted PC LE Pedal in Gold, Camo Blue, Camo Grey, Camo Green
Rim: Odyssey 7ka Rim in Black, G-Sport Birdcage Rim in Black
Stem (Top Load): Odyssey SXTN Stem in Black
Tyre (Non-Foldable) Odyssey Chase Hawk Slick Tyre, 2.2″, or 2.4″ in Black Wall w/ Black Reflective Stripe, Odyssey Frequency G Tyre, 1.75″ in Black Wall

odyssey par end
odyssey evo 2 brake
g-sport hub guard
odyssey twisted pc pedal gold
odyssey sxtn
frequency G tire

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2014 Flybikes && Wethepeople Complete Bikes are here!

2014 Flybikes Neutron Bike @ $720
The Flybikes neutron 2014 Bmx bike is a high quality mid ranged bike with 20.6″ TT and short 13.2 CS” rear which looks pretty clean and has sealed bearings all over. You can choose between a lhd drive setup at the green model and a rhd setup at the black model! The Flybikes neutron bike is pretty up to date in the complete bike market and one of the best bikes in this price range. A straight cable rear end brake is included!

  • Weight: 10.8kg
  • Colour: Black (RHD), or Metallic Green (LHD)

flybikes neutron black
flybikes neutron green

2014 Flybikes Proton Bike @ $720
The Flybikes proton 2014 Bmx bike is the longest of the Flybikes complete series 2014 with 21″ TT and 13.6″ CS and is made for taller riders or anyone which prefers longer bike setups. All rotating parts are equipped with sealed bearings and the trebol parts setup with lhd gear on the red model and rhd gear on the black model is a great alternative to other Bmx providers. The Flybikes proton bike goes along the trend and has complete removable brake hardware. A straight wired rear brake is included!

  • Weight: 10.9kg
  • Colour: Black (RHD), or Red (LHD)

flybikes proton black
flybikes proton red

2014 Wethepeople Curse 18″ Bike @ $480
Not every Bmx rider can immediately adapt to a 20” bike, some need to start small and gradually work their way up. If you have just out grown the seed or you feel your legs still have a chance of growing then why not saddle up to the curse 18”. Every detail has been honed to suit an 18” size of bike, so there are no awkwardly miss-proportioned parts to worry about. Even from an initial glance you’ll spot this bike means business, look closer and you’ll see the unbelievable quality and attention to detail that you’d expect from a Wethepeople.

  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • Colour: Black


2014 Wethepeople Crysis Bike @ $750 (* Freecoaster rear hub option available)
The Wethepeople crysis 2014 Bmx bike is assembled using the best of Wethepeople’s master level parts package; this includes a full 4130 crmo frame, Saltplus hq crmo fork, and the sublime Wethepeople hilt grip. The Saltplus 3-piece heat-treated groove crank, summit double wall rims, and center top load stem mean this bikes going to keep going with you all the way. So if you are hooked on riding ramps, street, and dirt and want a Bmx that’s going to rip up all three, look no further than the Wethepeople crysis 2014 Bmx bike.

  • Weight: 11.6kg
  • Colour: Black


2014 Wethepeople Trust Bike @ $880
When riding hits that next level you are going to need a sturdy piece of kit under your feet, and that piece is the Wethepeople trust 2014 Bmx bike. The full 4130 crmo frame incorporates integrated chain tensioner, full 4130 CrMo bars come draped with the new hilt grip, a geo Saltplus hinged alloy brake lever and the Saltplus field cnc alloy top loader holds it tight. When your level of riding starts to get pretty serious, take a roll on the Wethepeople trust bike.

  • Weight: 11.6kg
  • Colour: Copper


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