Crank Accessories

Profile Titanium Spindle @ $210
Super light 48 spline titanium spindle with almost half the weight of chromoly. Available in 3/4″ (19mm) diameter only.

Primo Titanium Spindle @ $148
Manufactured from 6AI-4V titanium alloy. Hollow to reduce weight even further. Fits Primo and Bizhouse cranks. (168g)

Profile Crank Arm @ $92
Replacement crank arm for Profile chromoly Bmx crank.

Primo Hollowbite Crank Arm @ $75
Primo hollowbite crank arm is made from hollow 7075 aircraft grade aluminum with internal cavity for replacement.


Fly Crank Arm @ $75
Bend resistant D shape crank arms made from heat treated 4130 chromoly for replacement.

Fly Dolmen Crank Arm @ $80
Bend resistant D shape crank arms with 1 piece arm-pedal boss technology made from heat treated 4130 chromoly for replacement.

Primo Bolt Kit @ $22
Replacement bolt kit for Primo powerbite, or hollowbite crank. Sprocket, spindle, and pinch bolts included.


Macneil Bolt Kit @ $30
The Macneil crank bolt kit consist of two aluminum 3/8″x24tpi flush mount spindle bolts and flushmount washers. They comes in colorful ED finishes to add a personal touch to your cranks, and will fit most 19mm spindle cranks such as Wethepeople, Shadow, Subrosa, Sputnic, and Fit.

Demolition Bolt Kit @ $25
The Demolition crank bolt kit consists of 2 flush mount Demolition spindle bolts with alloy washers that will work for Profile, MacNeil, Fit, Demolition and other similar cranks.

Wethepeople Bolt Kit @ $25
Heat treated chromoly solid bolts for Wethepeople crank. Aluminum washers, and spindle bolt included.

Subrosa Bolt Kit @ $25
Replacement bolt kit for Surbosa crank. Sprocket, and spindle bolts included.

Fly Bolt Kit @ $25
Replacement heat treated CNC machined spindle bolt with sink allen hex for Fly crank.

Éclat Bolt Kit @ $25
Replacement Éclat tibia crank bolt for the Éclat tibia crank.

Shadow Noctis Bolt Kit @ $28
Spindle bolt x 2, pinch bolts x 4, crank bolt x 1, and nano crank bolt x 1 included in this replacement kit.


  1. jialong84 said

    Yes, available at our sin ming outlet!

  2. willy said

    if i wan can i get it from tiong hin?

    • jialong84 said

      Yes, possible. You just have to drop me a sms @ 81188529 so that when the bolt kit is at hougang, I can reply you to go over and get it.

  3. hamizan said

    jialong got sell wtp crank ? i need only one piece

    • jialong84 said

      You mean one crank arm only?

      • hamizan said

        yes. my right crank arm has no thread at the pedal

      • jialong84 said

        I’m sorry but Wethepeople crankarm isn’t available for just a side….

  4. james said

    can you please tell me the size and theead pitch of the Primo spindle bolts

    • jialong84 said

      I have no idea too but we do have the spare bolts avail here at our sin ming outlet for Primo spindle.

  5. Lyn said

    What’s the lengths of the profile crank arm that’s available?

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