Seat: Pivotal (Mid)

Stranger Ricany Pivotal Seat @ $50
The Stranger ricany seat is Sean Ricany’s signature seat from Stranger and features a 3 piece cover with extra thick padding covered with durable nylon material. The screwed handle covers on the downside of this seat offers you a especially comfortable handling.

stranger ricany pivotal seat

Stranger Augie Pivotal Seat @ $50
The Stranger augie seat is Augie Simoncini’s signature seat, and features a 3 piece mid padded sublimated cover with a black rear bumper and embossed Stranger logo.

stranger augie seat

Stranger Reservation Pivotal Seat @ $48
The Stranger reservation seat features a thick foam padded base with plastic bumpers under the nose and tail section, a 3-pc cover with embossed Stranger logo on top and native American inspired graphics on the rear, custom Stranger pivotal access patch and a hollow pivotal bolt.

stranger reservation seat

Stranger Hi-Vis Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Stranger hi-vis seat is made from a durable textile material and features a large embossed Stranger logo on the top in black on black embossed for a subtle look. The rear bumper is made from high visibility reflective material that stands out at night while remaining low key during the day.


Cult X Simpsons Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Cult X Simpsons pivotal seat features a mid style foam padded base for comfort, plastic bumpers under the nose and tail section, hollow pivotal bolt, and a 1-pc vinyl top cover with custom “Duff Beer” logo inspired by the iconic TV show.


Cult Dak Embossed Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Cult dak seat is Dakota Roche’s signature seat featuring a thick foam medium padded base with plastic bumpers under the nose and tail section, hollow pivotal bolt, and a 4-piece stitched cover with embossed Cult logo for a clean look.

cult dak black seat
cult dak brown seat

Wethepeople Team Fat Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Wethepeople team fat pivotal seat is the latest addition to the Wethepeople line. This fat saddle is widest among the five versions available, and is very beefy. Providing comfort and control, the seat has a durable, grippy kevlar cover and comfy padding with woven label logo.

wethepeople team seat

Bone Deth Vibrator Pivotal Seat @ $48
The Bone Deth vibrator seat is Kert Petersel’s signature seat that comes in mid padding option with vinyl top with stitched spider web design to best suit your riding style and features a custom Bone Deth access patch to the hollow pivotal bolt.

bone deth vibrator seat

Shadow Mid Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Shadow mid pivotal seat is a thicker padded version of the popular Shadow pivotal seat. The seat comes with black strong kevlar cover with coloured embroidered crow logo and a hollow bolt for extra weight loss. a soft padded top, full kevlar-type cover with a stitched crow logo, Shadow logo access patch, hollow bolt and plastic bumpers under the nose and tail.

shadow mid pivotal seat black white

Macneil Fat Capital Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Macneil fat capital pivotal seat uses patented pivotal technology to create the strongest lightest and simplest design out there. This fat capital seat is also the fattest saddle in the Macneil range with its simple and clean design.


Primo Fat Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Primo fat pivotal seat features a fabric covering with embroidered Primo logo and custom Primo access patch wrapped around a thick foam padded plastic base and hollow pivotal bolt for weight savings.

primo fat pivotal seat black black
primo fat pivotal seat black white

Cult Dak Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Cult dak seat is Dakota Roche’s signature mid style seat featuring a 1-pc perforated vinyl covering with embroidered Cult logo with colored stitching wrapped around a thick foam padded base and with a hollow pivotal bolt, and plastic bumpers under the nose and tail.


Fiend JJ Palmere V2 Pivotal Seat @ $48
Fiend JJ Palmere’s signature pivotal seat features a fat padded pivotal base with tear resistant denim covering, custom Fiend pivotal access patch, plastic bumpers under the nose and tail section and a hollow chromoly bolt.


Fiend Team Pivotal Seat @ $45
Fiend kept it simple and clean with minimal branding with patented pivotal technology seat for use with pivotal posts only, classic fat capital shape with a tough yet grippy, tear-resistant 3-panel cover. The Fiend team pivotal seat patch is the only color accent and is be available with a gray, or blood red Fiend logo.


Odyssey Aaron Ross Principal Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Odyssey principal pivotal seat is a thick padded seat with pivotal base and custom foam shape. Aaron Ross version features Aaron’s signature keyboard graphic embossed in a vinyl cover, and Gary Young version is wrapped in a texturized rubber for extra grip.


Primo Balance Pivotal Seat @ $40
The Primo balance seat get the pivotal treatment! It features the Primo original balance design with a reinforced front and tear-resistant front and rear bumpers. A single, hollow bolt to fastens the seat to the pivotal post. This seat is made from strong plastic fiber with soft material on top and special material on backs of the seat to help protect it from damage.

Resist Icon Pivotal Seat @ $55
The most comfortable pivotal seat on the market, period! This Resist icon pivotal seat features a soft vinyl cover with 7m padding, and an embroidered Resist logo at the side. It also features a plastic bumpers to prevent ripping. Ride like a king with the Resist icon seat!


  1. jialong84 said

    Not so soon…

  2. jialong84 said

    Yes, we still have plenty!

  3. jialong84 said

    I think only left gray denim. If you need black, drop me a sms @ 81188529. I can bring some over for you

  4. jialong84 said

    Only gray denim

  5. kenneth said

    will u guys bring in eclat’s 24D Window Seat (Darryl Tocco sig) ?

    • jialong84 said

      We might have it towards the month of October when we received the 2014 range of products from Eclat.

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