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AG in Sydney

Chinks in Sydney! Alex is such a fun dude to hang out with. Big thanks to Joran for putting him on our Tiong Hin team, and help to shoot the video. Down under trip with Alex from 4th to 11th August. Awesome good times. No homo! Sit back, and enjoy!

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Meet The Tiong Hin Bmx Team

Here’s the official welcome video from our Bmx team! We’re stoked to introduce our new members – Joran Ho (TM), Eugene (ATM), Alex, Hasbi, Joshua Adam, and Ryan Ekers as they will be repping us, and we’re pumped to have them as part of our family. Watch them in more action soon…

Joran Ho (Team Manager)

Eugene (Asst Team Manager)



Joshua Adam

Ryan Ekers

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Joran Ho Assigned As Tiong Hin Team Manager!

Officially from now on, Joran Ho will be our newly assigned Bmx team manager. After hooking Joran up, he had took some time to film this welcome section for Tiong Hin, most of it was filmed in East Coast Park and with the help from Niki. Joran is probably one of the most stylish riders out there right now with more than 10 years of riding experiences.

Soon, we will be announcing the rest of our team members. As for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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