Stranger Mass V2 Crank @ $250
The Stranger mass crank is a 2.5 piece design featuring heat-treated chromoly arms that are rectangular shaped for increased strength while providing a grind friendly surface. Laser-etched Stranger logos, 1-pc machined sprocket bosses with regular and nano drive, hollow heat-treated chromoly spindle and a single hollow flush mount spindle bolt for additional weight savings.

stranger mass v2 crank 2

Odyssey Thunderbolt Crank @ $250
These are the new thunderbolt cranks from Odyssey which have evolved from the original twombolts made from 41-thermal chromoly. The cranks still feature the 2-piece design with a cluster which attaches the other arm. The thunderbolt cranks also feature an updated mating arm lug for increased durability and improved fit on the ultra-hollow 22mm spindle. The spindle is welded to the drive-side arm to increase strength and stiffness, while new open-end spindle cap further reduces weight.

Cult OS Crank @ $200
The Cult OS crank are made from heat-treated, and features a wrap around gusset 3-pc tubular design with heat-treated swaged chromoly arms, and pedal gussets for increased strength, 1-pc spindle/sprocket boss, 19mm hollow chromoly spindle with 48 splines, and a single flush mount hollow spindle bolt.


Profile Race Crank (Made in USA) @ $270
Profile have been the premiere brand for 3-peice crank for the last 15 years or more, and their cranks are still made in the USA. The arms are made from 4130 chromoly and the spindle is a heat treated gun drilled hollow 4130, 48spine spindle. Still the best cranks around on the market, they now come with the flush bolt upgrade and GDH hollow spindle as standard.


Salt Plus Groove Crank @ $130
Salt groove crank is made of 100% heat-treated 4130 chromoly, and its 175mm crank arms are completely revised and do now have a slimmer shaped crank arms design. Available in matt black color, it includes 8 spline 19mm chromoly spindle, sealed bearing 19mm mid BB, and gives your bike a noble look.


Shadow Noctis Crank @ $210
The Shadow Conspiracy noctis cranks are Seth Kimbrough’s signature 3-pc cranks that feature 7050 T-6 aluminum arms with a dual pinch bolt design for easy installation, custom pedal bosses are splined and locked into place to prevent stripping or spinning, hollow 16 spline 22mm heat-treated chromoly spindle and hollow spindle bolts.

Fit Crank @ $220
These new Fit Cranks feature a concaved design which increases strength and dent resistance. Using tubular chromoly arms featuring concaved sides for improved dent resistance and a stiffer feel. It also helps ad strength and a cool look. It uses a 19mm / 48 spline chromoly spindle much like the ever so popular Profile race cranks.


Subrosa Bitchin Crank @ $230
Bitchin are new cranks from Subrosa that feature a seamless 4130 chromoly with post weld T5 deathproof heat treament for increased strength, durability and near perfect alignment. With simplicity of a two-piece design, but stay true to the proven splined design of three-piece cranks, Subrosa bitchin cranks feature a slim arm design, constructed of T5 deathproof heat treated 4140 chromoly arms with 48-spline 19mm hollow spindle, and comes with lifetime warranty.

Fly Dolmen Crank @ $220
The new Fly dolmen cranks are the first crank to feature a one piece invest cast pedal boss which means there is no welding on the pedal boss. This will make it stronger and gives the arms a smooth and clean look. They also feature Flys bend resistant D shape arms, 2.5 axle system, 22mm internally machined hollow cromoly 4130 CNC internally machined spindle and heat treated CNC machined bolts with sink allen hex.

Éclat ONXY Crank @ $220
New for 2011/2012, the Onyx crank’s arms, which are Éclat strongest so far are made from tubular heat-treated 4130 crmo as well as the axles which are 22mm crmo ultra hollow. The ONYX crank features a new crmo bolt with spline for better grasp and hold and they feature invest cast pedal and spindle boss to eliminate any problems with welding in stressful areas. The crank is designed to take the strain, stress and power of today’s most fierce riders.

Wethepeople Royal V2 Crank @ $180
The royal v2 crank is a very good, strong but well-priced crank. It also comes with the fitting assembling tools for installation. With this crank times are over were you become crazy because needed tools were missed while installing the crank. With full 4130 crmo sanko Japanese tubing, 175mm improved slimmer crank arms and a 19mm lightweight butted crmo spindle, they are the cranks of choice and come with a hollow spindle.


Primo Hollowbite Crank @ $180
These light weight but strong hollowbite cranks have a unique hollow centre, with the classic primo powerbite shape. The cranks come with all the bolts needed to fit the cranks. Hollow internal crank arms made from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum for extra weight savings. Dual pinch bolts secures arms to the 22mm hollow chromoly spindle and steel inserts in the pedal bosses help reduce the chance of stripping. The powerbite cranks were excellent, these are stronger and lighter.

Bombtrack Major Crank @ $180
Bombtrack is another off-shoot under the illustrious Wethepeople/Eclat umbrella. These will be replacing the royal cranks, and these cranks are structurally reinforced to withstand more abuse. The very anticipated major crank with length of 175mm is all you need and the strength you need even more!

pedalier-major-noir-de-bombtrack blk
pedalier-major-noir-de-bombtrack purple
pedalier-major-noir-de-bombtrack black chrome

Resist Relapse Crank @ $190
Resist is another off-shoot under the illustrious Demolition/Volume umbrella. These will be replacing the Demolition medial 2.0 cranks, and these cranks are structurally reinforced to withstand more abuse. The very anticipated Resist relapse cranks with lengths you need and the strength you need even more!

Éclat Tibia Crank @ $180
Éclat’s new tibia cranks offer the function and simplicity of a two-piece design, but stay true to the proven splined design of three-piece cranks. The tibia cranks feature a slim arm design, constructed of 4130 cr-mo arms with 48-spline 22mm hollow spindle. The tibia cranks go together smoothly, stay secure and won’t let you down. The right crank for the rider seeking simplicity, functionality and zero headaches.

Fly V2 Crank @ $170
This “2.5-piece” Fly cranks feature the spindle attached to one of the crank arms. This makes fitting and removal easier and makes it more accurate as the arms cannot move from side to side during fitting. They are super-lightweight and feature unique design plates to add strength and prevent bending. They has gone through 3 years of development and testing, so you know they can handle anything you can throw at them and are one of the best BMX cranks available.

Macneil Conjoined V2 Crank @ $170
The newly revised Macneil conjoined v2 cranks are here and the modifications make these new cranks a lot stronger. These Macneil conjoined cranks have the new 2-piece design with 2 tapered tubes that are joined together to increase strength to a whole new level for crank arms. The Macneil v2 conjoined arms wall thickness has been increased and the heat treating has been modified making the new arms much stronger than the original models. The spindle is now gun drilled to reduce the over all weight of the crankset.


  1. Al said

    I need chrome profile crank!!!when new stock deliver????

  2. wxw said

    hi im quite new to bmx, and im planning to buy a crank for my bike.could you explain which part of the crank goes for which part of the bike if i come down to sin ming?

    • jialong84 said

      Crank will be install on your frame’s bb area. The crank comes in 19mm, or 22mm spindle so you need to make sure you get the correct sizing if you doesn’t want to spend extra to change bb.

  3. rui xuan said

    do you have the Macneil Conjoined V2 Crank at hougang

    • jialong84 said

      Drop me a sms @ 81188529 and I can bring one set over in the next 1-2 working days for you. 🙂

  4. yern87 said

    when will you guys be bringing in odyssey thunderbolt cranks (LHD)??

    • jialong84 said

      Within the next few weeks. 🙂

      • yern87 said

        early nxt mth i come n deposit first

  5. zhong en said

    jia long do you have any fit indent cranks left?

  6. do you still have Subrosa Bitchin Crank @ $230

    Length: 165mm?
    Colour: Black

    • jialong84 said

      Hey sorry for late reply, we currently have thunderbolt crank 165mm in black

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