Complete Bike: Fitbikeco

2012 Fitbikeco Eddie 1 Bike @ $500 $650
Entry level Eddie Cleveland signature Bmx bike from Fitbikeco. The 1 series range of bikes from Fitbikeco all feature a integrated headtube, sealed mid BB and sealed 9T cassette hub to make them both reliable and fully upgradeable from after-market parts. This Eddie 1 bike is set up to be as close to Eddie Cleveland’s own bike as possible and benefits from 7.75″ cr-mo bar, full 4130 fork with tapered legs, wide 2.3″ Fit tyres all round, tubular 3-piece crank, and plastic pedal.

2013 Fitbikeco Dugan 1 Bike @ $550 $650
The new one series bike now features chromoly front ends to save a little weight as well as tapered 4130 steerer fork with pivotal seat and sealed bearing throughout to make for a light, dependable entry level Bmx. The crank and wheelset are all sealed bearing with Revenge rim and feature a compact 25-9T gearing with sealed 9T driver. Each model is tailored to its corresponding rider. This is the new Tom Dugan signature and boasts a 20″ top tube, steep headtube and regular 8.6″ standover height for riding fast at the skatepark. The parts are also tailored towards Tom’s riding and the bike has large 8.125″ rise bar with a front load stem, 2.1″ wide Fit tyre front and rear, a slim Fit pivotal seat and plastic platform pedal.

2013 Fitbikeco Inman 3 Bike @ $780 $880
The Fit Inman 3 complete bike sits between the level 2 range and signature models and offer a full crmo frame, tapered fork and bar with removable brake mount and sealed bearings throughout the bike. Revenge double wall rim front and rear, kevlar covered seat, Fit faf tyre, and female front hub come as standard on all model with the rest of the parts tailored towards each riders personal preference and riding style. This is the Justin Inman model and features a roomy 21″ top tube with large 8.375″ rise bar and a top load stem, Fit faf 2.25″ tyre up front with a 2.3″ at the rear, 2 pegs with an alloy hub guard. This model also comes with a lhd crankset, and rear cassette.

2013 Fitbikeco Wifi Bike @ $1100
To benefit the athlete recovery fund charity, Fit had introduced the wifi complete Bmx bike. The Wifi is built around Fit’s aftermarket wifi frame and loaded with some of Fit’s best after-market parts to create the highest spec’d complete bike Fit have ever produced. The parts with the exception of Odyssey brake and sealed bearing female wheels with Revenge rim are all supplied from Fit’s after-market range and include; blade II fork, Inman bar, indent crank, crossfit sprocket, faf tyre, barstool pivotal seat, pcp pedal.

2014 Fitbikeco 18 Bike @ $550
Got a little guy or gal, get them on a Fit! Fitbikeco used a shorter head tube/fork and a top load stem and taller bar on the Fit 18 model to decrease weight and make its proportions more like a 20”. Specific 18” geometry and great components including all sealed bearings make this the best first Fitbikeco 18″ bike ever.


2014 Fitbikeco Aitken 1 Bike @ $620
Mike Aitken’s style is solid gold, just like his 2014 Fit level 1 complete bike. This trans gold complete stunner comes with Odyssey twisted pedals, all-sealed bearings, a lo-bolt quilted pivotal seat and Fit original grips. Like all of Fit’s 2014 level 1 bikes, bigger bars and tires make this bike a current classic.


2014 Fitbikeco ARF 1 Bike @ $620
The ARF 1 complete bike with its matte black/tan/green colorway is clean! Like all of Fit’s level 1 bikes, it has sealed bearings, a pivotal seat, bigger bars and fat tires. Last, and definitely not least, a portion of all proceeds raised from the sale of this bike go directly to the athlete recovery fund.


2014 Fitbikeco Stay Strong 1 Bike @ $620
The Fitbikeco Stay Strong 1 complete bike features trans purple color theme with a yellow chain that puts you in the game! Like all of Fit’s level 1 bikes, it has sealed bearings, a pivotal seat, bigger bars and fat tires. Last, and definitely not least, a portion of all proceeds raised from the sale of this bike go directly to stay strong, Stephen Murray’s foundation.


2014 Fitbikeco Benny 1 Bike @ $620
Benny’s level 1 bike comes in bright red, and gloss black options, and features the ultra responsive Benny’s geometry found throughout his signature series. Designed specifically for street shredders, the Benny 1 comes with Benny’s grip, Fit lo-bolt pivotal seat and Odyssey twisted pc pedal, and like all Fit’s level 1 bikes, has bigger bars and tires. The streets are shouting!


2014 Fitbikeco VH 1 Bike @ $620
Van Homan’s level 1 complete bike comes in matte black, and black/blue, and is a good bet with its aftermarket lo-bolt seat, team grip and Odyssey twisted pedal. It’s got a slic cable and soft compound grey pads, as well as a 200mm pivotal seat post.


2014 Fitbikeco Mac 1 Bike @ $620
The Fit Mac 1 in matte black with red and gum parts is dialed. Aftermarket barstool seat, Mac grip, and Odyssey twisted pedals on a level 1? Yep. With sealed bearings, bigger bars and bigger tires, this whip is ready to roll. Mac attack!


2014 Fitbikeco Benny 2 Bike @ $700
The Fitbikeco Benny 2 bike features a matte black frame with its red chain, rims and grips and silver stem and sprocket, and is a thing of beauty and like all Benny L’s bikes, features ultra-responsive Benny geometry. The Benny 2 has a 20.5″ top tube, a microfiber barstool seat, thread-on brakes with hinged levers, and double wall Revenge ohm rear rims.


2014 Fitbikeco Inman 2 Bike @ $700
Murdered out with a brown lo-bolt seat, the trans black Inman 2 bike is a mean machine and the only bike in Fitbikeco’s line with left-side drive. The Inman 2 complete bike, like all Fit’s 2 level bikes, comes in larger size than the 1 level and also has thread-on brakes with hinged lever, and double wall Revenge ohm rear rim.


2014 Fitbikeco Mac 2 Bike @ $700
The gloss clear raw Fitbikeco Mac 2 complete bike with its gold chain are straight fire. one of the best looking bikes on the market for sure. It has a 20.75″ top tube, Mac alloy pedal, a barstool pivotal seat and thread-on brakes with hinged lever, and double wall Revenge ohm rear rim.


2014 Fitbikeco BF 2 Bike @ $700
The Fitbikeco BF 2 complete bike has a 21″ top tube, making it the largest 2 level bike Fit makes. Available in matte black color theme, the Fitbikeco BF 2 proudly features aftermarket parts like Fit lo-bolt seat, OG grip and Mac pedal as well as thread-on brake with hinged lever, and double wall Revenge ohm rear rim.



  1. jialong84 said

    Postage fee is dependent on the actual weight of the parcel. There might be custom tax you need to pay at the Malaysia custom. It’s best to purchase our products from our dealer in Malaysia –

  2. jialong84 said

    Cheapest = Wethepeople Arcade @ $550.

  3. jialong84 said

    Last piece at hougang! 🙂

  4. jialong84 said

    Most likely last piece at hg too! 🙂

  5. BADLUXMAN said

    Do you guys have fitbikeco benny 3 if so how much does it cost?

    • jialong84 said

      Out of stock. We only left 2013 INMAN 3 PRIMER BLACK. If you are keen, can offer you a good deal. Just visit us here at our sin ming outlet.

  6. bryan said

    Jia long. Do you still have 2013 inman1?

    • jialong84 said

      2013 Inman 1 in Black/Green? Hougang store still have one last piece in hand now. Go grab it! 🙂

  7. abdmat said

    bro do u still have the benny 1? or are u guys bringing in the 2014 editions?

    • jialong84 said

      2014 Benny 1 is already available here at our sin ming outlet. 😉

  8. mateen said

    Hi bro do u still have the Benny 1 2013? And are u guys bringing in the 2014 fit bikes anytime soon?

  9. james said

    can u ship it to australia?

  10. brandon said

    do you have moster engery bike

  11. Sri maha said

    Hi actually i want to buy a bike for my bf but the things is tat i sort of money…so is there any ways where i can pay monthly installment….pls…i really really want to buy the AITKAN GOLDEN COLOUR BIKE @ $620….PLS….pls cal me at 83949833….its urgent i need to ask u guys sumtink else also….

    • jialong84 said

      Hi there, I’m sorry but we don’t accept installment plan, and we can only release the bike to you upon full payment. Sorry about it.

  12. justin said

    hi i’m really interested in the 2014 Fitbikeco Aitken 1 Bike and no other bikes but my budget is only 560$ is there any chance I could get a discount or something ?

    • jialong84 said

      If you pay cash, we can still give a bit of discount but probably not within your budget of $560. A little more. 🙂

  13. brandon said

    do you still have 2014 fitbikeco benny 1 bike

  14. Bryan said

    jia long. do you still have 2014 Fitbikeco Inman 2 Bike?

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