Complete Bike: 2015 Wethepeople

2015 Wethepeople Curse Bike @ $520
The Wethepeople curse 2015 Bmx bike is a very modern and well equipped entry level Bmx complete bike which offers you very solid and stable equipment for an affordable price. With its 20.25″ inch top tube length, the Wethepeople curse bike is the ideal all-round Bmx bike for young starters of the Bmx sport and offers you the opportunity to let you check out all disciplines.

curse black
curse graphite

2015 Wethepeople Arcade Bike @ $550
The Wethepeople arcade Bmx bike is a great entry level Bmx complete bike with 20.5″ inch length and offers you for its reasonable price not only a top modern equipment like a integrated headset and mid BB with sealed bearings, the Wethepeople arcade bike also comes with a 3-pc crmo crankset as well as a rugged wheelset including a cassette hub. This awesome Bmx bike has a high and wide handlebar setup including top loader stem and a currently top modern tripod seat combo and comes with a rear u-brake and a pair of pegs ready to start action!

2015 arcade raw
2015 arcade green

2015 Wethepeople Justice Bike @ $600
The Wethepeople justice 2015 Bmx bike is one of the most popular and best beginner class Bmx bikes with phenomenal features and will let the heart of every Bmx enthusiasts beat higher this year again. The Wethepeople Justice bike offers you a partial 4130 crmo equipment quality at frame and fork and includes an integrated headset, mid BB with sealed bearings, but also a completely removable brake hardware. A stable wheelset with cassette hub laced into a double wall rim, a top current tripod seat combo and a 3-pc crmo crankset, and a high rise bar and stem setup offers you an absolutely unbeatable great complete bike package at a low price.

2015 justice black
2015 justice acidized black
2015 justice red

2015 Wethepeople Reason Bike @ $680
The Wethepeople reason 2015 Bmx bike is a really great equipped mid-class Bmx complete bike with a 20.75″ inch long frame including crmo quality main tubes but of course also with integrated headset, seat clamp, a mid BB and full removable brake hardware. A high rise bar, fork, and the 3-pc crankset are made from 100% crmo and build up a stable quality basic. The wheelset includes sealed bearings and double wall rims, a tripod seat combo and great quality components of Saltplus which let become the Wethepeople reason bike one of the best mid-class Bmx bikes you can get.

2015 reason black
2015 reason trans blue

2015 Wethepeople Crysis Freecoaster Bike @ $820
The Wethepeople crysis 2015 Bmx bike is a very high quality mid-class Bmx complete bike with a frame, fork, handlebar basic setup in 100% crmo quality. It offers a selection of rock-solid and durable quality parts from Wethepeople, Salt and Saltplus like a drive unit of 3-pc. Crmo crankset in and a complete sealed bearing wheelset with freecoaster and female front hub laced into strong double wall rims. The top load stem and the sprocket are made of cnc machined high grade aluminium, a top modern tripod seat combo and removable brake hardware as the usage of sealed bearings all over make the Wethepeople crysis bike a very high quality equipped all round Bmx complete bike where it was thought of everything! Highly recommend this bike for those who like doing their street and park tricks rolling quietly and without annoying backward pedaling.

2015 crysis raw

2015 Wethepeople Versus Bike @ $850
The Wethepeople versus 2015 Bmx bike is a very high quality mid-class Bmx complete bike and comes in medium 20.75″ inch top tube length with short rear end including 100% crmo quality. It is equipped with high quality parts from Salt, Saltplus, and Eclat. For a modern top all round Bmx you can find here already practically all the features of a pro bike, like a stable 3-pc crmo crankset or a high quality and complete sealed bearing wheelset laced with double wall rims and even a female front hub. But also a pivotal seat combo, and a high rise stem-bar setup, completely removable brake hardware and of course the exclusive use of sealed bearings all over make this versus bike a great mid-class Bmx for a great mid-range price.

2015 versus raw

2015 Wethepeople Envy Bike @ $1450
This year’s top model provides Wethepeople again with the very popular Wethepeople envy 2015 Bmx bike, which of course comes in 100% sanko crmo and best production quality equipped with modern and highest quality parts of Wethepeople, and Eclat. This year’s highlight is the lhd/rhd compatible spline drive unit with a freecoaster hub, which is equipped with a 8T SDS driver that offers you maximum flexibility as well as driving pleasure. But also with wide handlebar setup and a pivotal seat combo and a wheelset with sealed bearing female hubs laced with strong double wall rims and lots attention to details, make the Wethepeople envy bike one of the best available all-round high end complete bikes on the market. The Wethepeople envy bike will be delivered with pre-installed brake hardware.

2015 envy titan

2015 Wethepeople Atlas 24″ Bike @ $920
Whilst the noble 20″ Bmx bike is undoubtedly the best thing you can buy with two wheels, sometimes bigger is better. If you’re in need of a weekend bike, a pub bike or just need a cruiser to get the legs full of blood on a cold winters morning, the Wethepeople atlas bike is for you. Wethepeople cruiser model for 2015 comes with 24” wheels which makes it perfect not only for touring the streets but also it’s more than capable of getting some air time down at the trails or flowing round the bowls at the local park. Built on a full crmo frame, fork and bar along with a double wall fully sealed wheelset, and 48 spline crankset, this bike is going to hold on long after you get scared. A sweet paint job and red anodized parts, Wethepeople wanted their big brother of the range to ride as good as it looks.

2015 atlas black

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