Tyre (Non-Foldable)

Stranger Haze Tyre @ $40
The Stranger haze tyre features an ultra wide, tacky rubber slick tread compound with smooth surface for maximum contact area on the street and ramps for maximum traction and minimal rolling resistance. Deep cut grooves on the side to provide additional traction for wallrides and hard carving.

stranger haze tire black
stranger haze tire blue
stranger haze tire red
stranger haze tire gum

Odyssey Chase Hawk Slick Tyre @ $42
The Odyssey Chase Hawk’s signature tyre features an ultra fast motorcycle inspired tread pattern with low profile grooves for corner traction and a smooth center line for minimal rolling resistance when blasting quarter pipes. Odyssey worked closely with Chase on his new slick tire, and everyone is super stoked on it. It’s simple, yet has the look of a fast motorcycle tire.


Cult Dehart Tyre @ $40
The Cult Dehart tyre is Chase Dehart’s signature tyre featuring a shallow street tread, and a low profile directional thread pattern with front and rear specific designs for optimum performance and micro knurled lugs for maximum traction on ramps and street.

cult dehart tire black
cult dehart tire white
cult dehart tire red
cult dehart tire grey
cult dehart tire orange

Cult X Vans Tyre @ $40
The Cult Vans tyre features a grippy all-over tread pattern based on the popular Vans waffle pattern for maximum traction and control on all terrains. Tightly packed center tread and high pressure sidewalls help minimize rolling resistance.


Wethepeople Grippin Tyre @ $38
The wethepeople Grippin tires have a great compound, soft enough to feel run-in, but hard enough to more than last their worth out. Directional center tread design for smooth rolling with minimal resistance, staggered height side lugs for increased traction and a micro knurled sidewall patch for added protection and grip for street, park, and hard trails.

Eclat Control Tyre @ $38
The Eclat control tyre is their in between model, it uses certain elements of the command tire to create a perfect all round street and ramp edition. The offset sidewall contours create flawless traction when cornering while the wide directional tread in the middle helps give you incredible contact with the ground.

eclat control tire

Fit FAF Tyre @ $36
Street design directional tread pattern with micro-knurling for extra traction. Micro-knurled sidewall patch for sidewall durability. They come in this wire bead version, and feature a deeper tread for massive grip and longer lifetime. Available in 5 colors, they are designed for all styles of riding and are sure to be a sell-out.

fit2_25_colors faf

Fly Ruben Rampera Tyre @ $36
The Fly ruben rampera tyre is Ruben Alcantera’s signature mid tread tyre featuring the same proven silkworm casing to prevent punctures and a new compact tread pattern with low profile lugs for less rolling resistance, perfect for all types or terrain.

Odyssey Mike Aitken P-Lyte Tyre @ $32, $34 w/ Red Wall
This new plyte version of the Aitken tyre is a super lightweight version of the original. It is perfect for park, street ramps and dirt.


Odyssey Mike Aitken Tyre @ $32
Front and rear specific treads. Front is full knobby with a smooth, fast center tread and a single ply lightweight sidewall. Rear is less aggressive with dual ply sidewalls.

Fly Ruben Campillera Tyre @ $36
The tyre that changed all Bmx tires with their innovated material, shape and size. The ruben tyres are extremely popular as the tyre has a fast-rolling tread pattern with wider gaps on the sides for extra grip (Exactly where you need it). They also feature a new silkworm casing composition to make the tyre stronger and more resistant to flats. Smooth thread on rear and a bit more knobby on front to optimize performance.


Odyssey Path P-Lyte Tyre @ $30
These are a lighter version of the path tyres. P-lyte is a proprietary process for sidewall construction, which produces a lightweight tire with the durability of the dual ply models. It has a unique sidewall construction which maintains the durability of the original. Reducing the weight of your tyres has a massive affect on your bike as those tyres spin and pull on your steering when in the air.


Odyssey Dirt Path P-Lyte Tyre @ $25
Lighter version of the original Dirt Path. The P-Lyte sidewall process makes the tire lighter without sacrificing strength. It has a Unique Sidewall Construction which maintains the Durability of the Original. Multipurpose tire for primarily dirty deeds, but will handle street/park/concrete applications suitably. Reducing the weight of your tyres has a massive affect on your bike as those tyres spin and pull on your steering when in the air.


Shadow Undertone Tyre @ $25
The Undertone 110 psi tyre is designed for Street/Ramp/Park riding. It has a wrap-around tread for extra grip and the tyre is very hard to prevent pinch flats. It’s a good solid tyre and the smooth centre-tread makes it good for flatland too.


Primo V-Monster Tyre @ $22
All purpose tire with a low profile design. Knurled, directional tread pattern increases traction while riding street.


Primo Comet Tyre @ $20
Lightweight carcass, hard, fast rubber, and low profile tread for quicker accelleration and less rolling resistance. Tight weave-style knurling provides exceptional traction without creating excess drag


  1. jialong84 said

    Nope, we don’t have….

  2. hamizan said

    what is the price for demolition tyre??

  3. Bernard said

    Fit FAF tyre teal color still got stock? And $36 or $40?

  4. Nino Ian said

    Hi, is the Odyssey Dirt Path P-Lyte Tyre still available?

  5. yj said

    got cult dehart 2.35 in black?

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