Complete Bike: Flybikes

2014 Flybikes Neutron Bike @ $720
The Flybikes neutron 2014 Bmx bike is a high quality mid ranged bike with 20.6″ TT and short 13.2 CS” rear which looks pretty clean and has sealed bearings all over. You can choose between a lhd drive setup at the green model and a rhd setup at the black model! The Flybikes neutron bike is pretty up to date in the complete bike market and one of the best bikes in this price range. A straight cable rear end brake is included!

flybikes neutron black
flybikes neutron green

2014 Flybikes Proton Bike @ $720
The Flybikes proton 2014 Bmx bike is the longest of the Flybikes complete series 2014 with 21″ TT and 13.6″ CS and is made for taller riders or anyone which prefers longer bike setups. All rotating parts are equipped with sealed bearings and the trebol parts setup with lhd gear on the red model and rhd gear on the black model is a great alternative to other Bmx providers. The Flybikes proton bike goes along the trend and has complete removable brake hardware. A straight wired rear brake is included!

flybikes proton black
flybikes proton red



  1. alex pandaan said

    jia long is the proton bike in stock?

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