Braking: Gyro

Odyssey Gyro G3 Upper Cable @ $15
Smooth slick gyro cables from Odyssey feature rubberized contact points which prevent the inner cables from binding or wearing against the barrel adjusters. The result is smoother braking and longer lasting cables, designed to work with all gyro systems.

Odyssey Gyro G3 Lower Cable @ $15
Cable set comes with knarps and better cables than other dyslexic gyro imitators. Improved cables have rubberized plastic ends to improve fit and function. Barrel adjusters included.

Odyssey London Mod Cable Converter @ $12
This cable adapter is used to be teamed up with 2 slick cables for a proper dual cable braking setup which enhances braking power and modulation. You can run regular cables instead of a lower gyro cable now. Attaches to the cable adjuster mount on your frame and routes two cables neatly.

Odyssey GTX-S Gyro @ $65
Odyssey have a new gyro to go alongside their popular GTX-R gyro which has had park rats all over the world smitten for several years now. By offering a stripped-down bearing unit body and using 6061 aluminum (versus 7075 like GTX-R), Odyssey offers you a more affordable sealed gyro.

Salt AM Rotor Set @ $40
This Salt AM rotor set is a complete set required for a gyro brake setup which includes the upper, and lower gyro cable, and the rotor.

Removable Gyro Tab @ $20
Designed to fit most major frames found on the market, these gyro tabs are made from ED black finished, forged cro-mo. They will not rust and they will not lose their colour.


  1. jialong84 said

    Nope, we only carry Salt, and Odyssey for gyro.

  2. jialong84 said

    It’s a detangler but it deosn’t come with gyro plate. You will need to purchase it separately @ $15.

  3. jialong84 said

    Salt is around $60 in total. Odyssey is around $130.

  4. hey said

    hey jialong is there any other ways to install gyro without using gyro tabs? cos my frame no tabs and i dont really wanna drill

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