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Bike Check: Kevin Porter’s Fly Tierra

  • Frame: Flybikes Tierra V5, 21″ top tube
  • Fork: Flybikes Agua, 32° offset
  • Bar: Flybikes Tierra
  • Stem: Flybikes Alta
  • Grip: Flybikes Fino
  • Barend: Flybikes plastic
  • Headset: Flybikes
  • Clamp: Integrated
  • Seat: Flybikes Dos 5
  • Seatpost: Flybikes Tripod
  • Pedal: Flybikes graphite Ruben pedals
  • Crank: Flybikes Dolmen 175mm
  • Sprocket: Flybikes Pentagono, 30t tooth
  • Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
  • Front Tire: Flybikes Rampera, 2.35″
  • Rear Tire: Flybikes Campillera, 2.15″
  • Rear Wheel: Profile Cassette with 10t driver, Flybikes front rim
  • Front Wheel: Flybikes Front Hub to a Flybikes front rim

Which version of the Tierra are you on now?
This is the 5th version, the 2012 model. It’s sweet!

So how have your bikes changed over the years and specifically, now?
We’ve changed the tubing a little bit each time, switched up the diameters, just little adjustments to make the bike better and better each year. We have the new invest casting dropouts that are sleeker than ever, which is pretty cool. It’s super dialed now. Five versions of a signature frame; of course it is going to get better and better each year. I love my bike!

Is there anything on your bikes you’re very particular about?
I’m super particular about grips. I love the Fino grips because they’re nice and thin and they wear in perfectly. They’re not too hard in the beginning ether.

I’m also a stickler about seats. I feel the whole look of the bike comes down to the seat. I’m really excited about the new Tripod system and Dos seat which is an awesome idea. The seat is the perfect shape. There are three different types, and I’m riding the middle one, the 5mm, which is perfect for me. It has just enough padding and is completely awesome!

You’ve been brakeless for two and a half years now but would still run brakes when riding larger sets of trails and Dew Tour courses–how nice is it to have the EBS system on your bike for that purpose?
Man, having to the EBS (Easy Brake System) to toss on and off your bike is really convenient. It takes less then 2 minutes to mount or dismount your whole brake system. When I ride large jumps or trails brakeless I want to be relaxed, if I’m not feeling relaxed when I get to the trials its nice to have brakes to back me up.

Your bars are still fairly average sized while many are heading towards the 9 and even 10 inch range. How does your bar size play into the handling of your frame specifically?
How I came up with the size of my bars is interesting. Much like on a road bike you want to have an even weight distribution between your feet and hands. The object is to not have too much weight bearing down on one part of your body. I’m always watching these types of things when I pedal down the street. I use my bike to get around a lot. I designed my bike along with my bars. I wanted to take some weight off my wrist when standing up and not pedaling. The bar size I have is a perfect balance of weight for my height. My wrists do some work but not all of it.

How do you decide on the colors?
I always try to go with what I’m doing at the time. The blue bike, for example…I was moving to California and it really went with that. It sort of had an ocean feel to it…that’s sort of how my color schemes go. The one I’m riding now is a replica of a bike I had years ago–my favorite bike growing up.

It’s got a super classic look to it.
Yeah. It’s a replica of my first real BMX bike, with the gum and chrome and black and all of that.

Any sort of changes you’re looking to make in the future to your setup?
This is crazy! But I’m thinking of trying to run some pegs. I’ve been playing with other people’s bikes and doing smith grinds and feeling like I want to experiment a little. I’ve never been a peg grinder because it’s so brutal–so this should be interesting.

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Bike Check: Hoang Tran Villicus V2

Sam from Subrosa hooked another bike check for us while he was in SD for The Blunted Athletics Secret jam earlier this month. First up was Kyle Hart, and this time it’s Subrosa pro Hoang Tran with his villicus v2. Hoang has been testing out this sample set up since interbike last year, so you know it can handle plenty of abuse. Check out some detailed photos of his bike and Hoang shredding below!

Hoang harnessing him inner chi.

Villicus bar. Hoang has been testing his since Interbike last year. Still going…

Overview of Hoang’s bike with Maroon Odyssey touches. Beauty.

Close up on the new rear end on the villicus v2 frame.

Clean dropouts and tapered legs on the villicus fork.

The mark of the new villicus line.

Anchor badge on the villicus bar.

Hoang with a 270 table over the hip while the crew looks on. Burg!

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Aden’s Wifi Bike Check

Aden had stopped riding for about a year plus ever since his previous bike get stolen but he couldn’t resist the temptation to start it all over again. He’s now back on a newly custom 2012 Fitbikeco wifi bike that was made in Taiwan with japanese chromoly to assure for a strong frame at an affordable price that even international market can tap into. The bike looks dope – a chrome frame + fork with a bunch of blue parts on it. Check out the rest of the photos and specs of his bike right below…

  • Frame: Fitbikeco Wifi Frame, 20.5″
  • Fork: Fitbikeco Shiv 2 Fork
  • Bar: Cult Leader Bar, 8.5″
  • Grip: Fitbikeco OG Grip
  • Stem: Odyssey Tomahawk Stem
  • Headset: Primo Integrated Headset
  • Lever: Odyssey Monolever, Small
  • Cable: Shadow Linear Cable
  • Brake: Eclat Unit U-Brake
  • Crank: Primo Hollowbite Crank
  • BB: Primo Mid BB
  • Sprocket: Fitbikeco Crossfit 25T Sprocket
  • Pedal: Odyssey Twisted PC Pedal
  • Chain: Cult Half-Link Chain
  • Seat: Fitbikeco Lo-Bolt Pivotal Seat
  • Seatpost: Cult Counter Pivotal Seatpost
  • Rim: Gsport Rollcage Rim
  • Spoke: Primo Spoke
  • Front Hub: Primo Pro N4 Flangeless Front Hub
  • Rear Hub: Primo Re-Mix Cassette Hub
  • Rear Hub Guard: Gsport MK III Hub Guard
  • Tyre: Flybikes Ruben, 2.25″ Front / Fitbikeco FAF, 1.95″ Rear
  • Peg: Wethepeople Toxic Peg, Combo

Made in USA, the crossfit sprocket from Fitbikeco will propel you along and look awesome doing it. CNC’d from 7075 aluminum, it is strong and stiff so when you squeeze one more crank in before the lip your power will be sent to the wheel…

The new Primo remix cassette hub is finally here. Lighter than the best-selling Primo mix due to it’s slimmed down shell but featuring the proven Primo mix internals. The lightweight aluminium shell runs on 3 sealed bearings while the cassette spins on 2 cartridge bearings and 1 needle bearing to ensure smooth reliable use.

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Kevin’s Sundays’ Bike Checks

This edition of bike check is an amazing one! Kevin is a huge fan of Sunday and it shows with all his Sunday bikes’ collection. There’s some classic colors in here: fluorescent yellow, combo of white + red, and now Aaron’s latest the soda orange bike. I couldn’t be more stoked on seeing these photos. Some amazing bikes here! Thanks again Kevin! Your collections are sweet!

If you can recall, this is the first Sunday Funday bike in fluorescent yellow posted under our bike checks page in Jan 2010. From bright colors to clean color combinations, it’s really a great set up here!

The 3rd wave frame features a waved downtube, wave top tube with hidden cable channel on bottom side, Sunday vanishing points removable brake mount system and Sunday’s tried and true 8mm thick hollow drop outs.

Here are the specs of his 3rd wave bike:

  • Frame: Sunday Third Wave, 20.75″
  • Fork: Sunday Race CS2 Fork
  • Handlebar: Odyssey GY3 Bar
  • Stem: Flybikes Potencia, 50mm
  • Headset: Eclat Dual
  • Grip: Odyssey Adam Banton V1
  • Brake Lever: Eclat Swift
  • Brake: Eclat Unit
  • Crank: Odyssey Twombolt, 175mm
  • Sprocket: Flybikes Circulo 25T
  • Pedal: Wellgo PC
  • Chain: Affix Halflink
  • Saddle: Odyssey Senior 2 Padded Pivotal
  • Seatpost: Odyssey Convertible Post
  • Seat Clamp: Sunday
  • Rims: Cinema 777
  • Tires: Tioga Power Block 2.1 Front / Rear

Here is Aaron Ross‘ latest soda orange themed Sunday Funday V2 bike that was on display at the Odyssey booth during 2010’s Interbike show. He’s always got a wild idea and this one is no exception…

  • Frame: Sunday Funday V2, 20.75″
  • Fork: Sunday Morning 2.1
  • Handlebar: Odyssey Aaron Ross Double Space Bar
  • Stem: Sunday Freeze Top Load
  • Headset: Odyssey
  • BB: Odyssey Mid 22mm
  • Grip: Odyssey Aaron Ross
  • Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever, Medium
  • Brake: Odyssey Evo 2
  • Crank: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175mm
  • Pedal: Qdyssey Twisted PC
  • Chain: KMC Z510HX
  • Saddle: Odyssey Principal Aaron Ross Pivotal
  • Seatpost: Odyssey Convertible
  • Seat Clamp: Sunday
  • Rims: Odyssey Quadrant
  • Front Hub: Odyssey Vandero 2 Front
  • Rear Hub: Odyssey Hazard V3 Cassette, 9T
  • Sprocket: Sunday Sabertooth 28T
  • Tires: Odyssey Aaron Ross 2.35, Front / 2.1, Rear

Sunday frame innovations are tested in the best aftermarket models before they’re applied. Featuring function-driven design details to provide riders with ultra high-quality frames that are durable, easy to set-up and adaptable to every style of riding.

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Dai Hong’s Wifi Bike Check

Dai Hong just built up a new ride a couple of weeks ago. He went with a chrome Fitbikeco Wifi frame, fork, crank, and bar, and pimped his new rig with some flashy teal Eclat parts on it to make the whole bike looks dope, and awesome using chrome + teal color combinations. These are some really great set ups here!

The geometry for the Fitbikeco wiFi is a straight gauge downtube and top tube, while the top tube tapers into the seat tube for a smooth look, 75 1/2 degree headtube, 11.6 bottom bracket, 8.5 standover type, butted seat tube, and an integrated seat clamp with Japanese chromoly. When you think of WiFi, technology might come to mind. This is why this frame will use “wifi waves”, and an old school science fiction look.

  • Frame: Fitbikeco Wifi Frame, 20.5″
  • Fork: Fitbikeco Shiv 2 Fork
  • Bar: Cult Dealth Row Bar, 8.5″
  • Grip: Odyssey Aaron Ross Grip
  • Stem: Eclat Hannibal Stem
  • Headset: Eclat Dual Headset
  • Gyro: Odyssey GTX-R
  • Lever: Eclat Swift Brake Lever
  • Cable: Odyssey Upper & Lower Cable
  • Brake: Eclat Unit U-Brake
  • Crank: Fitbikeco Crank
  • Sprocket: Eclat Sylar Sprocket, 25T
  • Pedal: Odyssey Twisted PC Pedal
  • Chain: Cult Half-Link Chain
  • Seat: Cult Dak Pivotal Seat
  • Rim: Eclat X-Odus Rim
  • Spoke: Shadow 14G Spoke
  • Front Hub: Eclat Simplex Front Hub
  • Tyre: Shadow Undertake Tyre, 2.25″, Front/Rear

The goal for the WiFi was to provide a strong ultra-responsive frame for the tech shredder. Using a steep head tube, short rear end and lower BB provides the feeling Fitbikeco were looking for and straight gauge tubing, along with double gussets at the head tube would make for the stiff, strong frame that still comes in under 5 lbs.

Custom Gyro Tabs >> The original Fitbikeco wifi frame does not come with drilled holes on the head tube for gyro brake system. We measure the distance of the holes away from the top of headtube based on the instruction from Fitbikeco, and custom made this bike compatible with gyro braking.

The new shiv II fork features several improvements including new dropout designs, improved grind clearance & improved large tire clearance; while retaining the same feel riders have come to love from the originals.

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Galvin’s Benny L Bike Check

We shot a quick bike check for Galvin as he switched up his ride recently and is riding the new Benny L frame now. Check out some more photos of his ride and his new bike specs list below.

  • Frame: Fitbikeco Benny L Frame, 20.75″
  • Grip: Fly Ruben Grip w/ Odyssey Par End
  • Stem: Fitbikeco BF Stem, 48mm
  • Headset: Wethepeople Compact Headset
  • Crank: Wethepeople Royal V2 Crank, 175mm
  • Sprocket: Wethepeople Supreme Sprocket, 25T
  • Pedal: Flybikes Ruben Graphite PC Pedal
  • Chain: Shadow Interlock V2 Half Link Chain
  • Seat: Odyssey Mike Aitken Pivotal Seat, Nightwolf
  • Rim: Primo 7005 Balance Rim
  • Front Hub: Primo Pro N4 Flangeless Hub
  • Rear Hub: Shadow Rant V2 Cassette Hub + Shadow Alloy Nut, 14mm
  • Hub Guard: Gsport MK III
  • Nipples: Gsport Taper Hex Nipples, Front + Primo Alloy Nipples, Rear
  • Tyre: Fly Ruben 2.25″, Front + Fitbikeco FAF 2.1″, Rear
  • Peg: Macneil Fashionably Peg

The Fitbikeco Benny L frame is Ben Lew signature frame in the works, and is also the first time a rider outside of the US has gotten a signature frame from Fit. American made, this Benny L is an ultra-responsive frame for the tech shredder!

Brian Foster’s new signature stem – BF! According to Brian: “This stem is one of the most aesthetically pleasing stems I’ve seen in recent years. It actually looks like it can take a beating, and it has the Brian Foster name attached. I don’t think I need to argue that case one bit more with anyone.”

Ideal Gearing >>> 25/9: 13.00 w/ Shadow interlock half link chain! This chain has now been on the market for six years and has proven so successful that many chain makers are copying the design. Beware, not all half link chains are made at the same level of quality as that of Shadow Conspiracy interlock chain. Shadow is sure that in this day and age of Bmx and track bikes, the interlock will perform to the level that you demand.

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Chris’s Sunday Forecaster Bike Check

The forecaster is Sunday’s newest frame and has the tech rider in mind. Its 75 degree headtube will help pop up into front wheel tricks easier. The frame has a 13.13 rear end which improves the spin for tricks like 360s and tailwhips. All in all this frame is tech riders dream-a light weight and strong frame that is easy to throw around. Chris just built up his new bike with this frame last week, and it saves him a total weight difference of 400g. Check it out below!

  • Frame: Sunday Forecaster Frame, 20.75″
  • Fork: Subrosa Fork
  • Handlebar: Odyssey G3 Gary Young Bar
  • Grip: ODI Longneck
  • Stem: Wethepeople Supreme Stem
  • Sprocket: Subrosa Skeleton Crew Sprocket
  • Seat: Subrosa Combo Seat
  • Tyre: Flybikes Ruben 2.25, Front / 2.15, Rear

Bike equipped with Wethepeople Supreme Stem & Odyssey G3 Gary Young Bar

Double-butted top tube with underside cable channel, and down tube with wave shaping to fight denting

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Tiong’s Flatware Waltz Bike Check

Tiong always wanted to own a flatland bike. Built up his custom ocean-blue Waltz flatland bike with most components from Odyssey, and Flatware, there’s really nothing more to ask for. Looks drope, and definitely one of a kind! See the full parts list below, and remember to say “Hi Tiong” when you happen to spot him at CitiLink…

  • Frame: Flatware The Waltz Frame, 18.9″
  • Fork: Flatware zero offset Fork
  • Handlebar: Flatware Chase Bar, 6 B.Sweep
  • Grip: Flatware Thumb-Tack Grip
  • Brake: Odyssey Evo 2 U-Brake
  • Brake Lever: Odyssey MonoLever, Medium
  • Cable: Shadow Linear Cable
  • Stem: Flatware Stem, 28mm
  • Crank: Flatware Twombolt Crank, 160mm
  • Sprocket: Flatware Sprocket, 20T
  • Pedal: Odyssey Twisted PC
  • Chain: Odyssey Bluebird Chain
  • Seat: Odyssey Senior 2 Mike Aitken Pivotal Seat
  • Seatpost: Odyssey Convertible Seatpost
  • Rim: Odyssey 7ka Rim
  • Front hub: Flatware Front Hub
  • Spoke: Shadow 14G Spokes – 34 Whites + 2 Blues
  • Tyre: Odyssey Frequency G Tyre, 1.75″
  • Peg: Odyssey Jpeg Lighter

New front hub from Flatware dedicated for flatland riding

Odyssey evo 2 brake installed for braking on the front

New Flatware V2 chase bar with matching thumb-tack grip

20T sprocket with 160mm crank, and Odyssey plastic pedal

Odyssey convertible seatpost + senior 2 Mike Aitken sig seat

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Alvin’s Tierra Bike Check

Alvin from Malaysia just sent over a picture of his customer’s new built up Tierra V4 bike with the frame && handlebar in Terracota color. Looks drope! Check out the pics as well as a spec list below…

  • Frame: Flybikes Tierra V4, 20.6″
  • Fork: Flybikes Agua
  • Handlebar: Flybikes Tierra, 8.25″
  • Brake: Éclat Unit U-Brake
  • Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever, Small
  • Grip: Flybikes Ruben
  • Stem: Shadow Strike Front Load
  • Sprocket: Éclat Sylar, 25T
  • Pedal: Odyssey Twisted PC
  • Seat: Éclat Unpadded Gonzo
  • Rim: Éclat X-Odus
  • Front hub: Demolition Bulimia
  • Rear Hub: Demolition Rolls

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Afiz’s Letum Bike Check

Afiz from Malaysia just send over a picture of his Subrosa letum bike with lots of custom-build aftermarket components which include the Shadow fleshy bright new matte highlighter yellow rims, hub, grip, and cable to make the whole bike stand out from the rest. Awesome looks, check it out!

  • Frame: Subrosa Armada 4130 Chromoly, 20.5″
  • Fork: Fitbikeco Shiv
  • Handlebar: Shadow Vultus, 8.0”
  • Brake: Flybikes Clascio
  • Brake Lever: Éclat Swift
  • Cable: Shadow Linear
  • Grip: Shadow Thirteen
  • Stem: Primo Anylator
  • Sprocket: Subrosa Dialled, 25T
  • Pedal: Shadow Ravager PC
  • Seat: Shadow Pivotal
  • Rim: Shadow Stun
  • Front Tyre: Odyssey Aaron Ross, 2.35″
  • Rear Tyre: Wethepeople Grippin, 2.1″
  • Front hub: Shadow Raptor
  • Rear Hub: G-sport Ratchet
  • Spoke: Shadow 14 Guage

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