2015 Wethepeople Complete Bikes are here!

2015 Wethepeople Curse Bike @ $520
The Wethepeople curse 2015 Bmx bike is a very modern and well equipped entry level Bmx complete bike which offers you very solid and stable equipment for an affordable price. With its 20.25″ inch top tube length, the Wethepeople curse bike is the ideal all-round Bmx bike for young starters of the Bmx sport and offers you the opportunity to let you check out all disciplines.

curse black
curse graphite

2015 Wethepeople Arcade Bike @ $550
The Wethepeople arcade Bmx bike is a great entry level Bmx complete bike with 20.5″ inch length and offers you for its reasonable price not only a top modern equipment like a integrated headset and mid BB with sealed bearings, the Wethepeople arcade bike also comes with a 3-pc crmo crankset as well as a rugged wheelset including a cassette hub. This awesome Bmx bike has a high and wide handlebar setup including top loader stem and a currently top modern tripod seat combo and comes with a rear u-brake and a pair of pegs ready to start action!

2015 arcade raw
2015 arcade green

2015 Wethepeople Justice Bike @ $600
The Wethepeople justice 2015 Bmx bike is one of the most popular and best beginner class Bmx bikes with phenomenal features and will let the heart of every Bmx enthusiasts beat higher this year again. The Wethepeople Justice bike offers you a partial 4130 crmo equipment quality at frame and fork and includes an integrated headset, mid BB with sealed bearings, but also a completely removable brake hardware. A stable wheelset with cassette hub laced into a double wall rim, a top current tripod seat combo and a 3-pc crmo crankset, and a high rise bar and stem setup offers you an absolutely unbeatable great complete bike package at a low price.

2015 justice black
2015 justice acidized black
2015 justice red

2015 Wethepeople Reason Bike @ $680
The Wethepeople reason 2015 Bmx bike is a really great equipped mid-class Bmx complete bike with a 20.75″ inch long frame including crmo quality main tubes but of course also with integrated headset, seat clamp, a mid BB and full removable brake hardware. A high rise bar, fork, and the 3-pc crankset are made from 100% crmo and build up a stable quality basic. The wheelset includes sealed bearings and double wall rims, a tripod seat combo and great quality components of Saltplus which let become the Wethepeople reason bike one of the best mid-class Bmx bikes you can get.

2015 reason black
2015 reason trans blue

2015 Wethepeople Crysis Freecoaster Bike @ $820
The Wethepeople crysis 2015 Bmx bike is a very high quality mid-class Bmx complete bike with a frame, fork, handlebar basic setup in 100% crmo quality. It offers a selection of rock-solid and durable quality parts from Wethepeople, Salt and Saltplus like a drive unit of 3-pc. Crmo crankset in and a complete sealed bearing wheelset with freecoaster and female front hub laced into strong double wall rims. The top load stem and the sprocket are made of cnc machined high grade aluminium, a top modern tripod seat combo and removable brake hardware as the usage of sealed bearings all over make the Wethepeople crysis bike a very high quality equipped all round Bmx complete bike where it was thought of everything! Highly recommend this bike for those who like doing their street and park tricks rolling quietly and without annoying backward pedaling.

2015 crysis raw

2015 Wethepeople Versus Bike @ $850
The Wethepeople versus 2015 Bmx bike is a very high quality mid-class Bmx complete bike and comes in medium 20.75″ inch top tube length with short rear end including 100% crmo quality. It is equipped with high quality parts from Salt, Saltplus, and Eclat. For a modern top all round Bmx you can find here already practically all the features of a pro bike, like a stable 3-pc crmo crankset or a high quality and complete sealed bearing wheelset laced with double wall rims and even a female front hub. But also a pivotal seat combo, and a high rise stem-bar setup, completely removable brake hardware and of course the exclusive use of sealed bearings all over make this versus bike a great mid-class Bmx for a great mid-range price.

2015 versus raw

2015 Wethepeople Envy Bike @ $1450
This year’s top model provides Wethepeople again with the very popular Wethepeople envy 2015 Bmx bike, which of course comes in 100% sanko crmo and best production quality equipped with modern and highest quality parts of Wethepeople, and Eclat. This year’s highlight is the lhd/rhd compatible spline drive unit with a freecoaster hub, which is equipped with a 8T SDS driver that offers you maximum flexibility as well as driving pleasure. But also with wide handlebar setup and a pivotal seat combo and a wheelset with sealed bearing female hubs laced with strong double wall rims and lots attention to details, make the Wethepeople envy bike one of the best available all-round high end complete bikes on the market. The Wethepeople envy bike will be delivered with pre-installed brake hardware.

2015 envy titan

2015 Wethepeople Atlas 24″ Bike @ $920
Whilst the noble 20″ Bmx bike is undoubtedly the best thing you can buy with two wheels, sometimes bigger is better. If you’re in need of a weekend bike, a pub bike or just need a cruiser to get the legs full of blood on a cold winters morning, the Wethepeople atlas bike is for you. Wethepeople cruiser model for 2015 comes with 24” wheels which makes it perfect not only for touring the streets but also it’s more than capable of getting some air time down at the trails or flowing round the bowls at the local park. Built on a full crmo frame, fork and bar along with a double wall fully sealed wheelset, and 48 spline crankset, this bike is going to hold on long after you get scared. A sweet paint job and red anodized parts, Wethepeople wanted their big brother of the range to ride as good as it looks.

2015 atlas black

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Odyssey/G-Sport Products are here!

Bar End: Odyssey Par End in Black
Braking (Gyro): Odyssey GTX-S Gyro in Black
Braking (Lever): Odyssey Monolever, Medium, LHD in Black
Braking (U-Brake): Odyssey Evo 2 Brake in Black
Crank: Odyssey Thunderbolt Crank, LHD, or RHD in Black
Fork: Odyssey R25/R32 Fork in Black
Hub Accessories: G-Sport Gland MK 3 Hub Guard in Black
Pedal (Plastic): Odyssey Twisted PC Pedal in Black, Odyssey Twisted PC LE Pedal in Gold, Camo Blue, Camo Grey, Camo Green
Rim: Odyssey 7ka Rim in Black, G-Sport Birdcage Rim in Black
Stem (Top Load): Odyssey SXTN Stem in Black
Tyre (Non-Foldable) Odyssey Chase Hawk Slick Tyre, 2.2″, or 2.4″ in Black Wall w/ Black Reflective Stripe, Odyssey Frequency G Tyre, 1.75″ in Black Wall

odyssey par end
odyssey evo 2 brake
g-sport hub guard
odyssey twisted pc pedal gold
odyssey sxtn
frequency G tire

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All you need to know about us…

Address: Block 108, Hougang Ave 1, #01-1293, Singapore (530108)
: (65) 62800416
: (65) 63826982

Operating Hours
Monday to Saturday: 2.30 pm – 10.00 pm

How to get to Hougang store
From Kovan MRT – Board bus no.113 and alight at Hougang Avenue 1 – Opp Aljunied Kembangan Community Club/Centre
From Ang Mo Kio MRT – Board bus no. 25 and alight at Hougang Avenue 3 – Opp Block 106
From Bedok MRT – Board bus no. 25 or 87 and alight at Hougang Avenue 3 – Block 106


Address: Block 28 Sin Ming Lane, #04-133, Midview City Singapore (573972)
: (65) 6659 0903
: (65) 6659 0913

Operating Hours
Monday to Saturday: 3.00 pm – 9.45 pm

How to get to Sin Ming store
From Bishan MRT – Board bus no. 52 and alight at Ai Tong Primary School
From Yio Chu Kang MRT – Board bus no. 162 and alight at Ai Tong Primary School

Address: Block 163, Bukit Merah Central, #02-3607, Singapore (150163)
: (65) 62734583

Operating Hours
Monday to Saturday: 11.00 am – 7.00 pm

How to get to Bukit Merah store
From Jurong East Bus Interchange – Board bus no. 197 and alight at Jalan Bukit Merah, Opp Bukit Merah Town Centre
From Commonwealth MRT – Board bus no. 198 and alight at Block 116, Bukit Merah Central
From Orchard MRT – Board bus no. 14 @ Orchard Boulevard, Opp Orchard Station and alight at Jalan Bukit Merah, Bukit Merah Town Centre


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2014 Flybikes && Wethepeople Complete Bikes are here!

2014 Flybikes Neutron Bike @ $720
The Flybikes neutron 2014 Bmx bike is a high quality mid ranged bike with 20.6″ TT and short 13.2 CS” rear which looks pretty clean and has sealed bearings all over. You can choose between a lhd drive setup at the green model and a rhd setup at the black model! The Flybikes neutron bike is pretty up to date in the complete bike market and one of the best bikes in this price range. A straight cable rear end brake is included!

  • Weight: 10.8kg
  • Colour: Black (RHD), or Metallic Green (LHD)

flybikes neutron black
flybikes neutron green

2014 Flybikes Proton Bike @ $720
The Flybikes proton 2014 Bmx bike is the longest of the Flybikes complete series 2014 with 21″ TT and 13.6″ CS and is made for taller riders or anyone which prefers longer bike setups. All rotating parts are equipped with sealed bearings and the trebol parts setup with lhd gear on the red model and rhd gear on the black model is a great alternative to other Bmx providers. The Flybikes proton bike goes along the trend and has complete removable brake hardware. A straight wired rear brake is included!

  • Weight: 10.9kg
  • Colour: Black (RHD), or Red (LHD)

flybikes proton black
flybikes proton red

2014 Wethepeople Curse 18″ Bike @ $480
Not every Bmx rider can immediately adapt to a 20” bike, some need to start small and gradually work their way up. If you have just out grown the seed or you feel your legs still have a chance of growing then why not saddle up to the curse 18”. Every detail has been honed to suit an 18” size of bike, so there are no awkwardly miss-proportioned parts to worry about. Even from an initial glance you’ll spot this bike means business, look closer and you’ll see the unbelievable quality and attention to detail that you’d expect from a Wethepeople.

  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • Colour: Black


2014 Wethepeople Crysis Bike @ $750 (* Freecoaster rear hub option available)
The Wethepeople crysis 2014 Bmx bike is assembled using the best of Wethepeople’s master level parts package; this includes a full 4130 crmo frame, Saltplus hq crmo fork, and the sublime Wethepeople hilt grip. The Saltplus 3-piece heat-treated groove crank, summit double wall rims, and center top load stem mean this bikes going to keep going with you all the way. So if you are hooked on riding ramps, street, and dirt and want a Bmx that’s going to rip up all three, look no further than the Wethepeople crysis 2014 Bmx bike.

  • Weight: 11.6kg
  • Colour: Black


2014 Wethepeople Trust Bike @ $880
When riding hits that next level you are going to need a sturdy piece of kit under your feet, and that piece is the Wethepeople trust 2014 Bmx bike. The full 4130 crmo frame incorporates integrated chain tensioner, full 4130 CrMo bars come draped with the new hilt grip, a geo Saltplus hinged alloy brake lever and the Saltplus field cnc alloy top loader holds it tight. When your level of riding starts to get pretty serious, take a roll on the Wethepeople trust bike.

  • Weight: 11.6kg
  • Colour: Copper


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Cult Products are here!

Chain & Acc: Cult 410 Chain in Black, Chrome, or Gold, Cult 510 Chain in Black, Chrome, or Gold, Cult Half Link Chain in Black, Chrome, or Gold
Fork: Cult Sect IC Fork in Black, or Chrome
Frame: Cult Hawk V2 Frame 20.5″, or 20.75″ in Black, Cult Butter V2 Frame 20.65″ in Black, Cult Shorty OS Frame 20.5″, or 20.75″ in Black, Cult AK Frame, 20.5″, or 20.75″ in Indigo, Cult AK Frame 20.75″ in Black
Front Hub: Cult Match Female Front Hub in Rasta, Cult Match Male Front Hub in Rasta
Grip: Cult AK Grip in Black, Rasta, or Olive
Handlebar: Cult Hawk V2 Bar, 8.5″ in Black, or Chrome, Cult Stone Cold Bar, 8.75″ in Black, or Chrome
Hub Accessories: Cult Match Freecoaster Rear Hub Guard in Black
Peg: Cult Butter Peg in Black
Rear Hub: Cult Match Freecoaster Hub LHD, or RHD in Black, Raw, or Rasta, Cult Match Cassette Hub LHD, or RHD in Rasta
Seat (Pivotal / Mid): Cult X Simpsons Pivotal Seat in Duff Beer, Cult Dak Embossed Pivotal Seat in Black, or Brown
Seat (Tripod): Cult AK Tripod Seat in Brown, Cult Dak Tripod Seat in Black, or Brown, Cult Tripod Seatpost in Black
Sprocket: Cult Member V2 Sprocket 25T in Black, or Raw
Stem (Top Load): Cult Salvation V2 Stem in Black, Raw, or Rasta
Tyre (Non-Foldable) Cult X Vans Tyre 2.35″ in Black Wall, Cult Dehart Tyre, 2.2″, 2.35″, or 2.4″ in Black Wall, or Gum W/ Black Wall

cult 410 chain gold
cult 510 chain gold
cult half link gold
cult ic sect fork chrome
cult ic sect fork black
cult ak grip black
cult_ak_grip_rasta 2
cult hawk bar blac'k
cult freecoaster hub guard
cult butter peg
cult freecoaster black fm
cult freecoaster rasta
cult freecoaster raw
cult dak brown seat
cult dak tripod seat black
cult tripod seatpost
cult salvation v2 black
cult salvation v2 rasta

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2014 Wethepeople Complete Bikes are here!


Wethepeople has been going from strength to strength now for 17 years, the complete bikes they make are all individual in design and appearance and all feature major advancements in Bmx. Many of the completes have been designed and perfected based on custom signature frames of the pro team.


“We always wanted our completes to feel like a custom ride, rather than a clone of a clone of a clone, from the geometries to the finish we just wanted them to look and feel different” – Wethepeople

2014 Wethepeople Curse Bike @ $520
First introduced in 2013 from Wethepeople is the curse model. With geometry suited towards shorter riders and a basic but, well thought out parts package, this one is great for young riders looking for their first real Bmx. For 2014, the curse comes with an integrated headtube, slightly longer toptube and bigger bars to keep it in line with rider demand. At every price level Wethepeople produce great bikes & this has no different.

2014 Wethepeople Arcade Bike @ $550
With its superior agility and unique design, the Wethepeople arcade 2014 Bmx bike gets you off to the perfect start in the world of Bmx. The arcade includes amazing high-end elements just like the Salt integrated headset, a Salt sealed mid BB, 25T/9T gearing, Wethepeople arcade combo seat, Saltplus stealth pedal, and Wethepeople hilt grip. The Wethepeople arcade bike is designed for a rider that’s about to take his love of Bmx one step further.

2014 Wethepeople Justice Bike @ $600
The Wethepeople justice 2014 Bmx bike is one of Wethepeople’s legendary complete bikes, famous for its distinguishing, serious looks and perfect geometry. The justice bike features a whole package of high-end parts just like a Salt AM stem, awesome Saltplus stealth pedal, the 3-piece crmo Salt expert crank, and sealed bearings almost everywhere. The Wethepeople justice 2014 Bmx bike is absolutely affordable and precisely what you need in order to ride precisely everything!

2014 Wethepeople Reason Bike @ $680
The Wethepeople reason 2014 Bmx bike was mainly designed by street riders to be one of the most versatile Bmx bikes on the market, available in black/gold, or blue-chrome finish. You will be pleased to hear the frame of the Wethepeople reason 2014 Bmx bike has retained its 4130 crmo top tube, down tube and chain stays giving that extra level of strength you need. You’ll be equally happy to see the Saltplus hq fork up front, made from 4130 crmo just like the bars that guide it, making up a street slaying front end.

2014 Wethepeople Crysis Bike @ $750
The Wethepeople crysis 2014 Bmx bike is assembled using the best of Wethepeople’s master level parts package; this includes a full 4130 crmo frame, Saltplus hq crmo fork, and the sublime Wethepeople hilt grip. The Saltplus 3-piece heat-treated groove crank, summit double wall rims, and center top load stem mean this bikes going to keep going with you all the way. So if you are hooked on riding ramps, street, and dirt and want a Bmx that’s going to rip up all three, look no further than the Wethepeople crysis 2014 Bmx bike.

2014 Wethepeople Versus Bike @ $850
The Wethepeople versus 2014 Bmx bike brings to the table a full crmo frameset package with removable brake pivots and tapered butted tubing, sealed front hub and cassette, Wethepeople versus padded seat, Salt moto brake lever, 25T/9T gearing, Saltplus center full cnc alloy sprocket, double wall rims, and the Saltplus 48 splined cranks with left and right side sprocket boss. The Wethepeople versus 2014 Bmx bike is for those of you who dare to be different.

2014 Wethepeople Envy Bike @ $1400
At the Wethepeople envy 2014 Bmx bike, the designers didn’t let anything stand in their way when they started to design and outfit this bad boy. Everything had to be the best and the best had to be even better! Lets start with the pure 4130 sanko tubing throughout, heat-treated dropouts and tapered butted tubing. Inserted into the frame you have the full 4130 sanko tubing post heat-treated brand new envy V2 fork. The envy comes fitted with one of the toughest cranks in the business, the Eclat onyx and on the end of those you have a pair of nice and smooth Eclat slash pedal. This year they’ve gone all out again and wrapped the Eclat polar rim round the Eclat pulse hub. Up at the front an Eclat fist stem and the very popular envy handlebars, made from post heat-treated 4130 sanko tubing. The Wethepeople envy 2014 Bmx bike is a combination of astounding parts and incredible bicycle design, un-matched in this industry. It’s the next level of complete bikes and continues to outshine itself year in year out.

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2014 Fitbikeco Complete Bikes are here!

2014 Fitbikeco 18 Bike @ $550
Got a little guy or gal, get them on a Fit! Fitbikeco used a shorter head tube/fork and a top load stem and taller bar on the Fit 18 model to decrease weight and make its proportions more like a 20”. Specific 18” geometry and great components including all sealed bearings make this the best first Fitbikeco 18″ bike ever.


2014 Fitbikeco Aitken 1 Bike @ $620
Mike Aitken’s style is solid gold, just like his 2014 Fit level 1 complete bike. This trans gold complete stunner comes with Odyssey twisted pedals, all-sealed bearings, a lo-bolt quilted pivotal seat and Fit original grips. Like all of Fit’s 2014 level 1 bikes, bigger bars and tires make this bike a current classic.


2014 Fitbikeco ARF 1 Bike @ $620
The ARF 1 complete bike with its matte black/tan/green colorway is clean! Like all of Fit’s level 1 bikes, it has sealed bearings, a pivotal seat, bigger bars and fat tires. Last, and definitely not least, a portion of all proceeds raised from the sale of this bike go directly to the athlete recovery fund.


2014 Fitbikeco Stay Strong 1 Bike @ $620
The Fitbikeco Stay Strong 1 complete bike features trans purple color theme with a yellow chain that puts you in the game! Like all of Fit’s level 1 bikes, it has sealed bearings, a pivotal seat, bigger bars and fat tires. Last, and definitely not least, a portion of all proceeds raised from the sale of this bike go directly to stay strong, Stephen Murray’s foundation.


2014 Fitbikeco Benny 1 Bike @ $620
Benny’s level 1 bike comes in bright red, and gloss black options, and features the ultra responsive Benny’s geometry found throughout his signature series. Designed specifically for street shredders, the Benny 1 comes with Benny’s grip, Fit lo-bolt pivotal seat and Odyssey twisted pc pedal, and like all Fit’s level 1 bikes, has bigger bars and tires. The streets are shouting!


2014 Fitbikeco VH 1 Bike @ $620
Van Homan’s level 1 complete bike comes in matte black, and black/blue, and is a good bet with its aftermarket lo-bolt seat, team grip and Odyssey twisted pedal. It’s got a slic cable and soft compound grey pads, as well as a 200mm pivotal seat post.


2014 Fitbikeco Mac 1 Bike @ $620
The Fit Mac 1 in matte black with red and gum parts is dialed. Aftermarket barstool seat, Mac grip, and Odyssey twisted pedals on a level 1? Yep. With sealed bearings, bigger bars and bigger tires, this whip is ready to roll. Mac attack!


2014 Fitbikeco Benny 2 Bike @ $700
The Fitbikeco Benny 2 bike features a matte black frame with its red chain, rims and grips and silver stem and sprocket, and is a thing of beauty and like all Benny L’s bikes, features ultra-responsive Benny geometry. The Benny 2 has a 20.5″ top tube, a microfiber barstool seat, thread-on brakes with hinged levers, and double wall Revenge ohm rear rims.


2014 Fitbikeco Inman 2 Bike @ $700
Murdered out with a brown lo-bolt seat, the trans black Inman 2 bike is a mean machine and the only bike in Fitbikeco’s line with left-side drive. The Inman 2 complete bike, like all Fit’s 2 level bikes, comes in larger size than the 1 level and also has thread-on brakes with hinged lever, and double wall Revenge ohm rear rim.


2014 Fitbikeco Mac 2 Bike @ $700
The gloss clear raw Fitbikeco Mac 2 complete bike with its gold chain are straight fire. one of the best looking bikes on the market for sure. It has a 20.75″ top tube, Mac alloy pedal, a barstool pivotal seat and thread-on brakes with hinged lever, and double wall Revenge ohm rear rim.


2014 Fitbikeco BF 2 Bike @ $700
The Fitbikeco BF 2 complete bike has a 21″ top tube, making it the largest 2 level bike Fit makes. Available in matte black color theme, the Fitbikeco BF 2 proudly features aftermarket parts like Fit lo-bolt seat, OG grip and Mac pedal as well as thread-on brake with hinged lever, and double wall Revenge ohm rear rim.


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New Arrival from Shadow, Subrosa, Bone Deth, Demolition, Macneil && Eclat

Wethepeople Team Fat Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Wethepeople team fat pivotal seat is the latest addition to the Wethepeople line. This fat saddle is widest among the five versions available, and is very beefy. Providing comfort and control, the seat has a durable, grippy kevlar cover and comfy padding with woven label logo.
wethepeople team seat

Bone Deth Vibrator Pivotal Seat @ $48
The Bone Deth vibrator seat is Kert Petersel’s signature seat that comes in mid padding option with vinyl top with stitched spider web design to best suit your riding style and features a custom Bone Deth access patch to the hollow pivotal bolt.
bone deth vibrator seat

Subrosa Forever Mid Pivotal Seat @ $48
The Subrosa forever pivotal seat is a mid style seat featuring a thick foam padded top wrapped in a 1-pc microfiber covering with debossed Subrosa logos and custom access patch, hollow pivotal bolt for additional weight savings, and plastic bumpers under the nose and tail section.

Demolition Markit Pivotal Seat @ $48
The Demolition markit pivotal seat is Dennis Enarson’s signature pivotal saddle that features a thick 7mm foam vinyl/ rubberized wrap base with suede top covering and rubberized sides for grip, embroidered markit logo, custom Demolition access patch, a hollow pivotal bolt for weight savings, and plastic bumpers under the nose and tail sections.
demolition-markit-pivotal-seat blk
demolition-markit-pivotal-seat blk white

Shadow Mid Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Shadow mid pivotal seat is a thicker padded version of the popular Shadow pivotal seat. The seat comes with black strong kevlar cover with coloured embroidered crow logo and a hollow bolt for extra weight loss. a soft padded top, full kevlar-type cover with a stitched crow logo, Shadow logo access patch, hollow bolt and plastic bumpers under the nose and tail.

shadow mid pivotal seat black white

Macneil Fat Capital Pivotal Seat @ $45
The Macneil fat capital pivotal seat uses patented pivotal technology to create the strongest lightest and simplest design out there. This fat capital seat is also the fattest saddle in the Macneil range with its simple and clean design.

Demolition Keystone V2 Stem @ $100 
The all new Demolition keystone v2 top load stem is Chris Doyle’s signature stem that comes with shorter reach and a smaller stack height as compare to version one. The 6061 alloy stem features extensive internal and external machining and 6 solid bolts to keep weight down, rounded edges and D logo to give the stem a cleaner look. Designed to be ran upright or inverted, both sides come w/ recessed cap cutout.
demolition keystone
demolition keystone chrome

Bone Deth Muffin Stem @ $85
The Bone Deth muffin top load stem is a cnc machined topload stem made from 6061-T6 aluminum, featuring a hollowed out center section and hollow pinch bolts for weight savings, chamfered edges, machined Bone Deth logos for a unique look and solid clamp bolts. Designed to be ran upright or inverted without drastically changing the look of the stem.
bone deth muffin stem blk
bone deth muffin stem polished

Macneil Top Notch V2 Stem @ $90
The Macneil top notch v2 stem features an updated meatier version with cnc machined from 6061 aluminum body, a hollowed out center section, and hollow clamp bolts for weight savings without sacrificing strength, laser-etched Macneil side logo and chamfered edges for a clean look.
macneil_2013 (28 von 59)

Shadow Ravager TL Stem @ $90
The Shadow ravager topload stem features a 6061-T6 alloy body with a wider stance and larger bar bore area for higher tolerance and incredibly improved clamping power. This stem also features a hollow center section, machined sides and bottom section for weight savings, chamfered edges, machined Shadow logo on the faceplate and heat-treated hollow stem bolts.


Demolition Monarch Stem @ $100 
The Demolition monarch stem is the Rob Wise’s signature topload stem cnc machined from aluminum featuring a hollowed out center and bottom section for maximum weight savings, machined sides, engraved faceplate with Demolition logo, recessed fork bolt area and smooth rounded edges for a clean look. This aesthetically pleasing stem is extensive internal and external machining to reduce weight.

Fit BF Stem @ $100 (Made in USA)
The Fit BF stem is Brian Foster’s signature topload stem that is CNC machined in the USA from 6061 aluminum with grooved top and bottom sections to reduce weight without sacrificing strength, cutouts on the faceplate with machined Fit logo and a rounded backside for a clean look. This stem is a more simplified version of the old DLT stem with more of a classic and cleaner look, and features  a 23mm rise upright (or 9mm if inverted).

Eclat Nathan Stem @ $110 
Nathan Williams is one of the most progressive street riders of all time and the Eclat Nathan Stem helps him to do this. The stem is fully made of 6061-T6 alloy and this alloy is solutionized and artificially aged for the best stabilty and weight values. This Nathan’s signature top load stem features a unique counter sunk cap design & offset rear slot as well as serious weight saving details to set it apart from the competition.
eclat nathan stem
eclat nathan stem polished

Surbosa Forever Stem @ $90 
The Subrosa forever stem is cnc machined from 6061-T6 aluminum featuring a large 18mm hollowed out center section for weight savings, grooved side sections, recessed compression bolt area for a clean look, hollow chromoly stem bolts and a knee friendly rounded backside. It’s an ultra slick slim stem with maximum machining to keep it light but also keep it rocking forever!
subrosa forever stem blk
subrosa forever stem red
subrosa forever stem polished

Surbosa Hold Tight Stem @ $50 
The Subrosa hold tight stem is a topload stem forged from 6061 aluminum featuring a deeply grooved top and bottom section for weight savings, recessed sides, embossed Subrosa logo on the faceplate, and a smooth knee friendly rounded backside.

Banned Sludge Stem @ $95
The Banned sludge stem is a no-nonsense cnc machined 6061-T6 alloy burly topload stem tested by Dimartine, and other Banned team riders. If you have seen any of the Banned videos you know these guys are hard on their bike’s and aint scared to jump off a roof or two, so rest assured this Stem is made to take some serious impacts.

Demolition PC Pedal @ $30
These Demolition pedals are super super light, and come in great shape made from molded polycarbonate with a knurled concaved body. It has 10 molded pins per side for extra grip, and features a chromoly spindle.

Shadow Ravager PC Pedal @ $28
Low profile pedals made from an injection molded composite with a deeply knurled body and 10 molded pins per side for maximum traction and a 4140 heat-treated chromoly spindle for improved reliability.
ravager pedal lime
ravager pedal orange

Subrosa Bandit Sprocket @ $65
The Subrosa bandit sprocket is multi-level machined from 6mm thick 7075-T6 aluminum for maximum strength and features a multi-spoke design modeled after the classic pontiac trans am wheels for a retro look. The offset 1/8″ teeth help improve chain alignment, and the sprocket features a 15/16″ bore with 19mm adapter included.

Shadow Crow Sprocket @ $65
The Shadow Conspiracy crow sprocket is forged from 5mm thick 7075-T6 aluminum with extensive cnc machined details to create the popular Shadow crow logo for a one-of-a-kind look. It features a 15/16″ bore with 19mm adapter and 1/8″ offset teeth for better chain alignment.

Banned Budsaw Sprocket @ $70
Constructed of cnc machined 7076 T-6 aluminum, this Banned PK’s signature budsaw sprocket features a hard anodized finish for added strength and sleek detailing.

Éclat 14 Guage Straight Spoke @ $38, $48 (Double butted)
Éclat introduces straight, or double butted with a thinner 15g center area 14G stainless steel spokes in a variety of colours, and sizes that you can choose from to make a very strong wheel.

Shadow 14 Guage Straight Spoke @ $35
14G spokes made from swiss grade stainless steel available in a variety of durable powdercoated colors. Includes brass black nipples. 7.5 oz
shadow spoke blue
shadow spoke copper

Shadow Interlock Pro Grade Chain Breaker @ $38
Designed for the Shadow interlock, and any normal 410, or 510 chains, this half-link chain tool features a large, rubber handle and replaceable, threaded pin. The magnetic parts hold the chain plate properly when reinstalling the pin and because it is designed for the amazingly strong half-link chains, it is also super-strong in itself.
shadow chain breaker

Shadow Interlock V2 Chain @ $55
This eagerly anticipated new version of the interlock chain is designed to work perfectly with smaller sprockets. The links feature slightly curve on plates which right down to 9T sprockets for smooth running. The chain also has a new brace to eliminate cracked rollers & rests against the chain pin to reduce the roller floating on the pin. If that sounds a little complicated just remember this – this chain is better and stronger than the older version.
shadow half link chain copper

Bone Deth Diet Grinder Peg @ $45
The Bone Deth diet grinder peg is Lee Hopkins’ signature model made from heat-treated 4140 chromoly for maximum strength and long lasting durability. Each peg now comes with a thicker base and end for a longer diet, inner machining for lightness, and features 4 anti-spin positions to help keep the peg from rotating while grinding.
bone deth diet peg

Surbosa Power Peg @ $60
The Subrosa power peg is Lahsaan Kobza’s signature peg made from 4140 heat-treated chromoly that’s thicker on the ends to increase strength and features 6 anti-spin positions to help keep the peg from rotating while grinding. The peg includes a 5 oz stick of specially formulated grind wax to help smooth out those rough ledges and rails.
subrosa power peg

Eclat Nathan Peg @ $65
The Eclat nathan peg is Nathan Williams’ signature model featuring a liquid heat-treated chromoly core molded into a unique nylon/fiberglass outer casing that resists deformation and slides just as well, if not better, than chromoly pegs on most surfaces. This makes the peg incredibly strong and even when worn through, the plastic holds onto the inner peg. You can just rotate and keep on grinding.

Macneil Fashionably Light Peg @ $50
As the name implies, these pegs are light. They’re as light as a titanium peg, but are made from crmo – they have done this by offsetting the centre and making the tubing thicker at the bottom (where you will grind) and thinner at the top (Hence “This side up” on the side). Don’t be fooled – these are super strong pegs, designed for street and park riding, so they’re light, but definitely up to the job.

Shadow Little One Peg @ $50
Made from heat-treated chromoly, little ones are smaller in diameter than most other pegs to reduce weight and for less grinding resistance. Anti-spin pin with 8 rotation positions and internal butting help extend life of the peg. Drilled for 14mm with 3/8″ adapters included.

Shadow Slicker Sleeves @ $18
The Shadow slicker sleeves are plastic sleeves made from a injection molded plastic that slide directly over Shadow little one peg. The slicker sleeves will slide on more surfaces than the steel peg and they make your bike a little more park friendly.The Shadow slicker sleeve is a plastic sleeve designed for use with the Shadow little one peg only, and not compatible with any other peg.
Slicker Sleeves

Shadow Strada Tyre @ $35
The Shadow Conspiracy strada tyre is Simone Barraco’s signature model made from a sticky rubber compound that meets the needs of today’s modern day street and park riders. The strada tire features a low profile micro-knurled tread pattern with smooth center line for minimal rolling resistance and grooved sides for additional traction when turning or carving.
shadow strada black
shadow strada red

Demolition Momentum Tyre @ $38
The Demolition momentum tyre is a lightweight street/park tyre with large rectangular blocks for excellent traction and low rolling resistance. A thicker solid side tread helps to protect the sidewall and an all-over micro-knurling increases grip.

Wethepeople Grippin Tyre @ $38
The wethepeople Grippin tires have a great compound, soft enough to feel run-in, but hard enough to more than last their worth out. Directional center tread design for smooth rolling with minimal resistance, staggered height side lugs for increased traction and a micro knurled sidewall patch for added protection and grip for street, park, and hard trails.

Eclat Control Tyre @ $38
The Eclat control tyre is their in between model, it uses certain elements of the command tire to create a perfect all round street and ramp edition. The offset sidewall contours create flawless traction when cornering while the wide directional tread in the middle helps give you incredible contact with the ground.
eclat control tire

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2014 Subrosa Complete Bikes are here!

Big day for Subrosa brand today! The first shipment of Subrosa 2014 complete bikes has arrived here at our store! Subrosa has always do things their way, but the key to its success is to use input from the people, customers, and riders that support it. They have continue to build complete bikes to the highest standard of quality to provide all of their customers with a product they can be proud to ride. Don’t forget to check out the Complete Bike: Subrosa page for larger images, and specs of the 2014 completes as well.

2014 Subrosa Altus Bike @ $450
The Subrosa altus bike is a top Bmx bike for starters an of course to show up the first time at skateparks or trails. The Subrosa atlus bike has been constructed for starters to try every Bmx discipline and get a wide sill into Bmx riding.
altus black green
altus silver red

2014 Subrosa Tiro Bike @ $500
Tiro means starter in art and science and the Subrosa tiro bike is the right Bmx bike to get into the art of Bmx riding. A lot of parts by the well known Bmx brand – Shadow Conspiracy had been built to the awesome Subrosa tiro bike.
tiro red
tiro navy
tiro silver

2014 Subrosa Salvador Bike @ $580
You’re a well prepared for the first skatepark or street sessions with the Subrosa salvador bike. A frame with a crmo downtube, and a fork with a crmo steerer tube last a lot. The Subrosa salvador bike has wide tires, and a pair of pegs therefore that you have good grip and can do your first grinds.
salvador green black
salvador black green
salvador silver navy

2014 Subrosa Arum Bike @ $650
The Subrosa arum bike was made for riding street but it also fits perfectly for dirt, or skatepark riding. To get a street look, this bike has a top load stem and a saddle which is a little bit thicker. The Subrosa arum bike is available in black, or gun metal gray now.
arum black silver
arum silver red
arum green silver

2014 Subrosa Arum XL Bike @ $650
The Subrosa arum XL features the same spec and detail as the arum. Subrosa has just added a longer 21″TT for taller riders, or riders who like a longer bike.
arum xl navy silver

2014 Subrosa Letum Bike @ $730
The Subrosa letum Bmx bike is the perfect bike for emerging young riders. This time the guys from Subrosa came up with a really bad name. Letum. Death! But you will only die when you have a look at the price of the Subrosa letum bike in combination with its parts. With the perfect working street geometry there will be no obstacle in your way and from now on you’ll show the reaper who’s the chief in town!
letum silver navy
letum trans green black

2014 Subrosa Malum Bike @ $850
Translated into English, malum implies something like evil. I’m quite sure that the Subrosa malum Bmx bike is only very evil for your friends when you shooting out bangers one at a time. Equipped with lots of nice parts and an unbeatable look the Subrosa malum bike is a real eye candy. The classy Subrosa Shadow parts cause that the bike is super light but solid the same time.
malum red chrome
malum navy silver

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Primo Products are here!

BB Kit (Mid): Primo Mid BB, 19mm, or 22mm in Black, or Red
BB Kit (Spanish): Primo Spanish BB, 19mm in Black, or Red
Front Hub: Primo Pro N4 Flangeless V2 Front Hub in Black
Grip: Primo New Logo Grip in Black, Red, or Purple, Primo Boy Grip in Black, Red, Blue, or Purple
Headset: Primo Headset in Black, or Red
Hub Accessories: Primo DSG Hub Guard in Black, Primo DSG Plastic Hub Guard in Black, or Red
Pedal (Plastic): Primo Stance PC Pedal in Black, Clear Red, or Clear Purple
Rear Hub: Primo Re-Mix Cassette Hub, LHD, or RHD in Black (Regular/Female), White, Red, or Blue
Rim: Primo Balance 7005 Rim in Black, White, Red, Blue, or Chrome, Primo VS 7005 Rim in Black, or Chrome
Seat (Pivotal / Mid): Primo Fat Pivotal Seat in Black/Black, or Black/White
Softgood (Sticker Pack): Primo Sticker Pack
Spoke: Primo Forged Coloured Spokes, 186mm in Black, White, or Blue
Spoke Nipples: Primo Alloy Nipples Pack in Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, or Green
Sprocket: Primo Analog Light Sprocket, 25T in Black, Red, Purple, or Polished
Stem (Top Load): Primo Aneyerlator V2 TL Stem in Black, Red, or Blue


primo pro n4 flangeless front hub

primo new logo grip

primo headset

primo dsg hub guard plastic black

primo stance pedal blk

primo re-mix

primo remix


primo fat pivotal seat black white


analog sprocket red

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